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More From The Bachman's Summer 2011 Ideas House...

Ready for more from the Bachman's 2011 Summer Ideas House?  If you missed part one, just check out my previous post!  Thank you SO much for all your nice comments about these posts- the house really is full of inspiration!  Today, I'll share the living room/sunroom area, and the two bathrooms!  There are many more natural elements in the decorating!

I love how these benches were stacked as shelves...

These wonderful paintings on old baking sheets were done by Minnesota artist Suzanne Thiesfeld !  I love the old yardstick faced shelves...

An old file cabinet is re-purposed as a plant stand...

This shutter wall is one of my favorite ideas...I plan to do this in my sunporch!

The wall above the fireplace is covered with round placemats and the sunburst mirror is made with wood shims!

The coffee table is made with salvage and scrap wood...

Lots of plants...

More chicken feeders with succulent gardens...

a vintage hospital tray is used as a side table...

The sunroom has another twig fencing light fixture...

and look at the great pipe and wood display shelves!

There are two bathrooms in the house~ a small powder room off the kitchen and a full bath upstairs.  The powder room wall is decorated with wood basket lids used as display backings...

and an old galvanized bin serves as storage.

The cheery flowers look so great in re-used bottles...

and I love the sweet curtain...

and the cute clothesline style towel hanger!

The upstairs bath has lots of whimsy!  Look at these cute towel hook displays...

and the graphic toilet paper holder!

 Old metal window trim is wonderfully re-purposed as a wall shelf over the sink!

I love this charming old trellis used to display photos on ceiling tin pieces!

Magnetic clothespins add a fun touch!

Finally, a piece of vintage garden fencing becomes a rack above the shower, with the addition of hooks!

Next time we'll visit the three bedrooms and the fun media room!  Hope you are enjoying the tour!

Until next time...


  1. So unique...I love the TP holder the best you think the men could figure out how to put the TP on that one????

  2. Oh, Linda. I love everything about this summer house. It is spectacular. What do you think they do when they change everything out for the next season????

  3. I love this place---I want to move in!!! LOL

  4. You are so lucky to live close enough to visit. They always have such great ideas. Love that shutter wall too. I might have to copy it for our patio. Mimi

  5. I just love this place! Thanks for doing this for us linda...
    Enjoy your day today.

  6. I don't know what to like best! What amazing ideas! I love the test in the frames! So many things I want to try! X

  7. They never disappoint. I loved the TP graphic! Loved it all.

  8. Oh wow. I love the shutter wall and the mirror. Thanks for sharing, Linda.

    I hope all is well with you. La

  9. i always love it when you show the ideas in this house. such inspiration. now if i would only follow through on some of these ideas.

  10. I will say the trellis in the bathroom is my favorite. So hard to pick favorites in this house though, because it is so full of great ideas.

  11. SO MANY great ideas...I love the shutters in the porch too idea...
    Thanks for showing the Bachman house!

  12. There is so much to like here! It's ALL my favorite. The is a fabulous tour and I'm so happy you took us along!

  13. Linda, the shutter wall, and trellis are both so beautiful-- I alwayes falls in love with worn out old wood things- they looks so soft, and "warm" I should maybe say cosy...
    Wonderful photoes, dear.

  14. Linda I just love these posts. The shutter wall and trellis are my two favorite ideas from this one. That TP hold is a riot.

  15. Every room and or area is unique. Think one of my favorite things is the tp holder.

  16. Love it all Linda!
    What a fun place! I can just imagine the owners' home!
    Thanks for another great tour!!
    Pamela ox

  17. This is great, Linda, thanks so much for the chance to see all of these very creative ideas! I loved the tp holder, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. They always have the most interesting ideas in that house! I LOVE the old window top turned shelf and I also like the shelving made from pipes. My hubbies been wanting a shelving system in our garage for a dvd player, etc out there. We've turned part of our garage into a movie theater and he wants some shelving on that side, and that pipe shelving system would work just great. I'm going to show him your blog when he gets home. :) Always enjoy seeing the ideas from that house....thanks!
    Love ya lady

  19. I don't even know where to begin Linda! There are so many cool repurposed ideas here! I went through the last post too and now I want a shopping cart in my kitchen! not that I have room for one, but how cool is that? I love the trellis in the bath, the cookie sheet art, the lights, oh man the wooden spoon light, so cute! Thanks for sharing, this is a treasure trove of ideas. xoxooxoxo

  20. So many neat ideas...always makes me want to tear my house apart and start over! LOL

  21. My favorite ideas are the baking sheets with the beautiful paintings and the towel holders-I am definitely going to have to borrow these lovely ideas!! Thank you so much for always sharing!!


  22. Wow!1 what a tour. I agree, the shutter idea is great. Yes, and great for a porch. Thank you for always leaving kind msgs. on my Blog. They mean alot!!
    xxx Liz

  23. One of these times I have got to get my fanny to this Open House. I don't live very far away. I'd such a dork! I just have to see it in person. So many fabulous ideas!

  24. Finally catching up. Hard to pick a favorite from this one, but I have to say I LOVE those paintings on the old cookie trays with the shelves accented with the yardsticks. Such creativity. I've been knocked of track by life and got nothing accomplished the past week, maybe this will be the week... thanks again Linda. Ann

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