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The Pugs Love Spring, Too...

I am joining Debbiedoos Pet Partay this week and thought I'd share some photos I took of our pugs, Bailey and Sophie, last spring.  They so enjoy wandering around the yard, exploring the gardens, and playing in the grass...

Love their little curled tails...

They are waiting for warm days in the yard, was 65 degrees hopefully this is what we'll be seeing SOON...
This is the end of May last year...

Until next time...


  1. The pugs are adorable!! I just love those faces. Glad you are having some warmer weather!

  2. Bailey and Sophie are so sweet!

  3. Linda, me ,like Jane-love their faces, and wrinkles-they looks so sweet.
    Hope your day will be sunny.

  4. Definately cute! I love their sweet curly tails and adorable faces.

    Have a lovely day!


  5. They are a couple of characters Linda...I love the fawn colored pugs too, they are just the best breed for our family! I love how they follow each other around, Thanks so much for joining Lucy!

  6. Those dogs are adorable. My daughter and blogging partner is picking up their new puppy next week-end. Its' a German short-haired pointer. I am sure we will have lots of blog entries about the little girl.

  7. Your babies are so cute, Linda. We are all waiting for that warm weather!

  8. Your babies are adorable, Linda!


  9. Linda, the pugs, with those curly tails, are just darling. ♥O

  10. The pugs are so cute. They certainly seem to be enjoying play time outside during spring.
    I loved your tour of the Bachman house. Very interesting. And, your daughter is beautiful.
    We have had a couple of days in the 90's so as it's making its way east I hope you will benefit from the warm spring temps too.

  11. They are so cute, those tails are adorable.

  12. Everyone I know who's ever had a pug just loves them to pieces. They sure are cute. Mimi

  13. Everyone I know who's ever had a pug just loves them to pieces. They sure are cute. Mimi

  14. Everyone I know who's ever had a pug just loves them to pieces. They sure are cute. Mimi

  15. Oh how I love those faces and tails! I hope they soon can enjoy a warm and green spring in your pretty yard. Ann

  16. Who couldn't love a face like that?

  17. I love the pugs Bailey & Sophie I know they are loving being outside

    pugs are so cute in pairs but I loved my sissy buy herself for 12 years

    Did I tell you sissy passed away of cancer April 10? We only knew for 2 weeks she had cancer.

    I can just now talk about it

  18. Pugs!!! I had to come and see! Very cute. I love the way they wander around in the yard. :)

  19. Your pugs are so precious! We have 3 pugs that live next door and my Golden loves to run up and down the fence with them! I love yours!

  20. I love those two. Your yard is rebounding quickly! Are those hostas? I think I spelled that right. We had those when I grew up in MD everywhere. Love them, but they don't grow in hot and sticky FL :(

  21. OOOOOH. You are killing me with that full face shot!
    p.s. love the hutch right now!

  22. OH Linda what sweet babies!!
    My German Shepherd Pilot was going on hikes with her trainer. She would go with ten other dogs (just like Ceasar Milan) and anyways the one dog on the hike was a pug!!! So cute to see this little guy with all these big dogs!! He had no problem keeping up with them on the 2hr hike!! Priceless!
    Pamela xo

  23. Linda,
    I have never known a pug. They have the funniest little faces and bodies. Are they nice dogs? We have little white doggies...two of them. I never thought I would have little white doggies!!! I adore them though. One is mellow and easy (the birth child...we had her from birth...haha) and then there is the rescue dog who is quirk and a little wily. Our first dog is Sophie (!!!) and the other is Harvey. How odd is that...we both have a Sophie!
    Sleep well!

  24. I love your Puggies!! :)

    I have a black Pug, Lucy (yes, just like Debbiedoo's, LOL)....they are so much fun! I would have never dreamed of owning a pug, but she is just the funniest little cuddle bug! :)

  25. Your pugs are truly adorable. I don't have any pets, but I really enjoy seeing other peoples.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. Too cute for words! I want one!
    xxx Liz

  27. Don't you feel like
    the trees, etc. are
    behind compared to
    this time last year?
    It's amazing to look
    at the nearly bare
    lilacs and think that
    in a few short weeks
    they will be bursting
    with flowers and a
    lovely scent!!! Wish
    our yard was fenced
    in for our Gracie, as
    she'd love to wander : )
    That said, we have to
    watch out for birds of
    prey in our area and
    things like foxes. I
    hope you have a great
    weekend and Happy Mom's
    Day, Linda!
    xx Suzanne

  28. Aww, how adorable!!! I came over to wish you a Happy Mother's Day and believe it or not, I was just over at a friend's house and was talking about you! The reason? I was telling her about your gorgeous dress that you wore to the wedding...She's got to find one for a wedding and was telling her how awesome yours was!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  29. Look at those adorable faces, they are so precios. I'm sure they're looking forward to warmer days. I think my Buddy needs a friend, these two look so happy together.

  30. I think spring might actually be here now! But since this is Michigan, I won't be planting any flowers in pots for a couple of weeks yet. your little pugs are too cute! OH and love the clocks on the scale in the last post. Gorgeous! xoxo

  31. Your pugs are precious! :) I don't have any animals (unless you count my three boys! ha!), but love everyone elses! :)
    Thanks for your comment on Traci's party..we had a BLAST! She is SO down to earth and lovely..what a treasure she is! :)
    I am very tiny..but only in stature...I'm a chunky monkey! I've gained almost 20 lbs since my surgery..ugh! I'm hoping to get some energy back with the sun and warmer temps...if they ever decide to stick around for long enough! We've had sun for two days in a row and it's been wonderful. I'm so sick of rain. :-/
    Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day..I love you lots!

  32. Awww! Who could resist those faces? Looks like they are best buddies, too! I missed Debbie's partay, I'll have to hook up next time. Oh, and your yard looks so pretty and lush!!

  33. Linda, your babies are sooooooo pretty!!!! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! Thank you for the compliment too!

  34. Linda, your sweet pugs are too cute! I love how darling pugs are, and their great stubborn personalities and curly tails make them even sweeter!

    Kat :)

  35. Your little pugs are just the cutest!!!! Your grass looks fab!!!


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