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A Place to Gather and the Giveaway Winner...

You might remember this vintage table I found for $30 at a garage sale recently!  I was very happy as I was looking for a table for our porch, to use as a family gathering place.  It had a lot of scratching and was distressed, but I liked the dark stain...

 So I used a finish restorer (I just happened to use this one...not an advertisement) that goes on over the old finish and covers scratches beautifully.  I used dark walnut, you just wipe it on with the grain and then remove the excess.  It dries in a half hour and then is topped with the Feed and Wax, that you let dry and polish.  I was happy with the look, a nice finish, but still having character!

I had 10 vintage chairs that I had collected for $3-$4 each...

some with seats to recover...

I am using dropcloth material to recover the seat and topping them with Ikea cushions in the same color for longer use...

A new light fixture gives the room a romantic glow in the evening!  The room is still a work in progress, with wall finishing in the next month, and floors after that, but we can use the room in the meantime!

I topped the table with a natural runner and my favorite basket filled with seaside goodies, aqua jars, old map pieces, and natural elements...

This will be a wonderful place to gather!

Isn't this a cute sign?  Found it at Cracker Barrel restaurant...

Also tonight I am announcing the winner of my 200th Post Giveaway!  Thank you so much for all your entries and good wishes...I wish I could give each of you the prize!  The winner is...

#51 Donna ~ My Shabby Chateau!

I am joining Savvy Southern Style's Wow Us Wednesday

Until next time...


  1. I love the look with different chairs.

  2. OH MY GOSH--it all looks SO great, Linda!!! AND big congratulations to Donna--I'm so excited for her! I love your sign on the porch and those chairs--wow!!
    And what an amazing centerpiece.

  3. Wow, love it and will be doing the same to my porch with a table down in my basement! Congrats to Donna too!

  4. Thank you SO much, Linda! I am super excited, and you made my day! I can hardly wait:)! Your gathering place is awesome! What a deal on the chairs and tables. I just used Howard's on two benches that I painted, and love it!!

  5. What a great table. I just found the Howards Refinishing/wax and was very interested to read about how you used it. Timely for me. Thanks.
    - Joy

  6. Linda your table is gorgeous!! It gives your whole space such a great feel. I really like your centerpiece also. All the different elements makes it very interesting.

  7. What a wonderful table and the different chairs are just great with it. Thanks for the info on the refinish product. And, Congrats! to Donna!

  8. Linda, it looks beautiful, I love different chairs, and do have that around my table,too :)
    Your center piece is so summerly and lovely.
    Donna congratulations-how lucky you are.

  9. You really do inspire me :)

    I love your mismatched chairs.

    We have a dark wood table (that we had as a wedding present from my parents - 24 years this year!)

    The chairs need recovering you've inspired me to get on with it and love my table again!!!!

    ps I also LOVE the sign


  10. Wow! Your table is so gorgeous! I adore that display too! X

  11. That table is gorgeous! What a great find.

  12. I'll be over for a glass of lemonade later, okay? I'll just sit and look at your beautiful new space!

    Congrats to the winner (darn! it wasn't me!)!

  13. Love the sign at the door!!!
    Your table looks great!!
    Congrats to Donna
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  14. Oh I love the restored table and your placement is just perfect! Congratulations to Donna! Have a wonderful day!

  15. Your table setting could be in a magazine. It's just beautiful and so inviting. Wonderful job of restoring the pieces that you collected. And the centerpiece is drop-dead georgeous!

    Lovely post. I so enjoy stopping by to see what you've been up to!

  16. So charming! A perfect place tp gather family and friends. I almost bought thst exact sign at a little shop. Instead I bought one that says "The early bird gets the worm" since it's going outside. Mimi

  17. Linda I love your table and chairs, and your center piece is perfect!

  18. It turned out so nicely. I have some of that finish restorer and I need to try it on my dining room table that has a few water spots! I know you will use that table for many happy gatherings!!

    Congratulations to the winner!

    Kat :)

  19. Congratuations to the winner. Love the room. It looks great now and will be more lovely when completed. The table was perfect for the space.

  20. I love how your table came out, Linda. Looks great on your porch with the mis-matched chairs. Perfect for large gatherings on summer nights. The sign is perfect in your it all!

  21. What a great spot for family get-togethers. I am a new follower. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  22. Looks wonderful, Linda. I love all the textures in your center piece :)

  23. Oh wow, Linda! I love this huge table~
    I soOO wish I had a big table for family gatherings and EVEN a place for a big table.
    This looks so great, love the odd (mis-matched) chairs. That I have. Now if only I could fit 4 more people!


  24. NICE! I want something similar for my kitchen, although I don't have enough room for one this big.

    Congratulations, Donna!

    Be sure to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway.

    Have a great day! La

  25. Your "new" table and chairs look very inviting. I like the look of mix and match chairs - gives it a homey feel. Love the look of the maps in the jar.

  26. I love the table and the chairs are all so beautiful and unique, you have created a wonderful gathering place. Your light fixture looks fabulous! You must be so pleased with this wonderful room now.
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. Your beautiful new table looks wonderful with all your chairs around it. I love the look of a mix of chairs. I've got that too. You're going to have so many wonderful times here! Love your gathered centerpiece!

  28. Be still my heart! What a beautiful area you have created. I love the dark wood - so warm and rich. Did you say you were taking reservations to just sit and enjoy the surroundings???

  29. A wonderful place to gather, indeed! I love how you mixed the chairs, along with your electic and fun centerpiece!! *Becca* (your newest follower)

  30. Your table looks great and I love the collection of vintage chairs! I wish I had read this before I sanded my table...
    Love the sign from Cracker Barrel!
    And I just might be doing that center piece....I'm such a copy cat!
    Enjoy your day~xoxo~SueBee

  31. Wow! Your dining room really looks great! Thanks for stopping by astepinthejourney :)

  32. Oh poop, I did not win....OK I will be gracious and congratulate the winner! I think your table looks great. The antique store I am at sells that restorer, I have never used it, but it looks great and I will give it a try now, it sure bets refinishing the whole thing


  33. Oh me a seat!
    It looks beautiful!!!

  34. Wow! What a lovely place you have here!
    You have a new Follower.

  35. Lookin' good! Can I come over? Looks like a great place to chat over a cup of coffee with a good friend!
    Smiles & hugs,

  36. Hello again! And Thank You for your Follow!

  37. Oh, I would love to have a table that sat this many. Everything looks just great. The centerpiece is neat, too. Lezlee

  38. Yayyyyyyyyyyy....CONGRATULATIONS Donna....ENJOY....!

    Linda I LOVE your table....You had me DROOLING when you mentioned the Cracker Barrel restaurant....It is ABOVE & BEYOND my FAVE place to eat in the US....**sigh**....My last couple of visits though I've not seen hide nor hair of one....!! Never mind though....there's ALWAYS Septemeber.... :o) !!

    I hope you're having a BOUNTIFUL week....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  39. Love all of the stuff you are doing in this room. Love the sign. I may have to copy that!

  40. Linda how absolutely lovely. I have had great results with Restore a Finish myself so I am glad to see someone else has had success. I love all the different chairs and the open ambiance of the room. It will be the perfect gathering place. Ann

  41. Oh, Linda!! This is amazing. What a beautiful place to gather together. I can smell the coffee!
    I have to tell you, we stopped in Cumberland, Maryland for gas and there was a cute little antique store across the street. The next thing I knew, I was inside and had found a wonderful, old scale- similar to yours. It made thi whole trip worthwhile!!!!

  42. It looks gorgeous! There is something so inviting about mix and match chairs, it just make me want to sit down with a cup of tea.

  43. I've missed you!! I wish I had a large table for company. Looks like you are ready for the 4th. Great chairs. I'll have to ck. out those products. Thanks
    Happy 4th!!
    Xxx Liz

  44. Hi Linda
    That table is perfect!! What a wonderful spot to sit and chat with family and friends. I love the centerpiece with all of the natural elements!
    Have a wonderful 4th!!

  45. I think I should drop over for a visit in your porch:)It looks so inviting! Love the center piece and your new banner!
    Congrat's to the winner and thank you for having a giveaway!
    Too hot for this chick...going to the Trader's Market on Sunday..
    Happy 4th!
    deb :)

  46. Wow, what an awesome table and for a steal!!! You will make many great memories there, love your center piece too...great porch! Hope you have a Happy 4th & get to break in that table!!! :)

  47. Looks like an amazing place to hang out!! What a great table!!
    Enjoy your space!=)

  48. LOVE this...
    and you!
    Happy Fourth of July : )
    xx Suzanne

  49. Looks fantastic!
    What a find.
    Your shell tray collection and maps are marvelous too.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  50. You've been a busy girl! We've been in Maine so I am a bit behind on what everyone has been up to these days. I love the different chairs, and that Cracker Barrel sign is wonderful! Vicki

  51. Love this room Linda!!! This would be my favourite summertime room!
    Love the mismatched chairs too!

    Pamela xo

  52. Incredible Linda!!! Great job! What a find...and the chairs are perfect...I love the different styles...such character! What an enjoyable room! Love the sign!!! So relaxing...what time is dinner? HA!!! ;0) Hugs...Brenda

  53. WOW, I can't believe I missed this. it looks so awesome Linda!

  54. I love the Crackle Barrel Store! I don't care too much for the food but the store always has such great things in it!

    Love table!!! What a fantastic find for $30 - it's huge. Love the light fixture over the table too - it all looks wonderful!

  55. Anybody can make a beautiful room with an unlimited budget but it takes TRUE TALENT LIKE YOU to create a beautiful gathering space (a table and 10 chairs!!!) for less than a hundred bucks!!!

    The room is beautiful the way it is, and you want to do more, can't wait!

    I've used that Howard's as well, great stuff, hides a multitude of sins.

  56. I'm drooling! It's sooooo beautiful. Love the table. Love the mismatched chairs. Love the whole space!


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