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Apple Days...

I love this time of year!  We picked the first of our early apples today!  There's nothing like apples just off the tree!  I guess fall must really be on its way!

"When the apple is ripe, it will fall."
~Irish Proverb

Until next time...hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying the last lazy days of summer...


  1. Too hot for apples here, my friend!!!
    I'm all caught up on your comings and goings and I have to say, I LOVE. LOVE. the vintage stamps and holder!!! If you don't sell it at junk bonanza, will you let me know???

  2. I guess it's official! Things are changing. Summer is first place for me. But Fall is a very close second. I just don't like COLD. We'll have hot weather through September tho. Those apples look so crisp!

  3. How Lovely Linda! Altho in the sweltering heat of Las Vegas it is hard to imagine there will be a fall. It is so interesting how different parts of the country are, just that, different. We have heat in Orlando, but it is accompanied by great humidity. Here it is dry like an oven. Beautiful structures/harsh living conditions for those not lucky enough to afford such things. Life is an education. Having fun tho. Ann

  4. Hi Linda, also here-autumn ,kind of love it , but this year it is so wet!!
    Love the wall paper from the post below Linda, how beautiful, and your apples looks yummy- mine are still small and sauer ,:)

  5. I love having an apple tree in our new garden..... my husband bless him washed, peeled and cooked about 50 apples last weekend!!!!

    Autumn feels like it is well and truly on its way here. Not a problem for me... I LOVE Autumn... it's just that we haven't really had a summer :(

    Enjoy your pickings!!!!


  6. I live the seasons through blogging. We have 2 here in Florida, a long hot summer and a short cool winter....

  7. Yes maam! Can't wait for apple season. I don't bake pies, however I can make a simple cobbler. Have a great day Linda!

  8. My favorite time of year is just around the corner! Sweaters, wellies, apple orchards, cooler weather, no is good. Have a great weekend! t.xoxooxo

  9. Yea for Fall, and yea for apples!!!

  10. Hi Linda,
    I love apples, too! One of my very favorite desserts to make in the fall is apple crisp. Yum! Nothing like it hot out of the oven with a dollop of whipped cream:) Have a great day!!

  11. Lovin' a perfect summer day here and not quite ready for fall!
    See you soon at JB!


  12. Ya, I guess it (fall) really is coming...yummmm....*fresh* apples!

  13. Still in the 90s in Central Florida. I think my friend SueB is wrong about the weather here though. We get a great fall and cold winter. It's only hot four months. I cannot wait. Those apples look delicious.

  14. Those are such beautiful apples.

    I like them apples! Enjoy!

  15. My very favourite food of all time are apples!!!! I eat them all winter long!
    Did you know apples provide the same pick me up as a cup of coffee?
    Better for you. That's probably why i always eat mine at 3pm just when i am feeling drained!

  16. Beautiful! Oh how I would love to see some signs of fall around here! It's still 110 during the day!

  17. Loved the apple photo, it's a reminder that the seasons are changing and soon the leaves will appear on our own apple trees. There is nothing better than home grown, juicy apples, straight off the tree. Yum!

  18. Apples do remind me of fall. So happy it's soon here!

  19. REALLY?
    There is
    nothing like
    fruit fresh
    from the vine,
    bush, tree, etc.
    We gorged on
    my dad's blueberries
    while in Washington.
    Yum. I'm SO ready
    for apples!
    xx Suzanne

  20. Yes!! I just love apples! And I love the fall!! My favorite time of year! *winks*

    Linda thank you so much for the HU on the wallpaper! I think my drapes ARE Raymond Waites. I did find a very similar piece on ebay although in a different color way.
    It's been driving me plum crazy trying to find out! So thank you thank you! Vanna

  21. Oh gosh, how wonderful that it is apple season there!
    I hope all is well with you and that you're having fun with the renovation!



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