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Early Signs of Fall at the Lake...

I'm just back from a long weekend with the family at the lake!  It was a time to work!  I hadn't been down for several weeks so the early fall changes in the garden were clear to see.  The Chinese Lanterns are in their glory now...

flowers are blooming in mass now...

lots of spider webs...

 changing colors and seedheads...

grasses waving in the breeze...

and berries setting...

 Many geese, ducks, and water birds are migrating in huge flocks now...

So many areas of the country are having too much water now, but we are very dry.  The water level is so low that we are unable to take the boat off the lift right now...You can see the lake looks empty as most everyone has the same problem...

Sophie and Bailey always enjoy relaxing...wherever we are...

even sitting on a chair on the deck!

The days were in the 70's and the sunsets were cool and beautiful...

But summer's not over yet...near 90 degrees is predicted for the first of September!

Until next time...


  1. It sure is starting to seem like fall isn't it? Look at all your Black-Eyed Susans! I had bunches of those at the lake, but mine didn' make it. Now I'm left with just daylilies.

  2. Everything is so pretty! A long weekend at the lake sounds fabulous. Love the pics of the dogs!!

  3. I love your photos! It must be beautiful to be there sitting by the lake. A great way to send out summer!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I'm really looking forward to fall, but out here we have until at least mid October before the cooler weather sets in. A long weekend is really sounding good right now:-)

  5. Linda, wonderful images, though no signs of fall here yet. I have bought some bright mums and they have virtually burnt in the sun, you cannot keep them moist enough!

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    Art by Karena

  6. Love the photographs - beautiful! Lucky you still having some warm weather - it is really cool here now.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Oh so beautiful Linda! I love the photo of the grasses. Your two pups really know what relaxing is all about!

  8. I love fall too, and it's hard to believe that it's just around the corner! Love the pictures of your pups:) It's very dry here too, believe it or not. Summer is dry season here in WA, and then comes all of the rain!!!!

  9. Gorgeous photos, I love them, your time at the lake sounds so wonderful, makes me homesick for a lake place again.
    Your pug is so sweet, he looked like a little human sitting on that chair at the table.:o)
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words the past few weeks.
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs, Sharon

  11. Oh so pretty! Makes me ready for baked apple crips and falling leaves! :) Summer has been hot and dry and I'm ready for a change. :)
    Oh and YES, Carson and I do have a great time together..he's such a hoot! :)
    Love ya lady

  12. Beautiful photos...the sunset is just so peaceful!

  13. Your dogs are so cute! It definitely looks fallish there.

  14. So pretty! I'm feeling cooler evenings these days. The bassets demand their walk every night after dinner. lol

  15. Hi Linda....great pictures! I love Fall, but am not ready to give up summer just yet.
    Have fun at the lake over the holiday weekend.

  16. Hey sweet girl! :)
    You're a patient girl if you've been waiting 25 years to do your mirrors! :) lol It only took me two hours from start to finish..including painting, to get it done. I thought that was pretty good! :)
    So how much of an accent do I have? I truly can't tell. I had some people say they didn't hear an accent and others say they did. I guess it depends on what part of the country you're in. Rhoda (from Southern Hospitality) said she didn't notice an accent...but she's from the south! lol :) That video made me look funny, but I wasn't about to do it again. I figure people aren't going to care how funny I look anyway as long as I teach them something! lol
    It sure is gonna get hot this week...I'm over it and ready for fall! :)
    love ya

  17. So very pretty...glad you were able to relax and enjoy :) Laurel

  18. Yes, you can
    really feel that
    change is a comin'....
    Not sure I'm ready
    for winter, but I
    do LOVE our great
    falls here in MN!!
    xx Suzanne

  19. Sophie and Bailey say it all! A pretty beginning to the fall season - it seems like we just entered spring! Love those black-eyed Susans! Ann

  20. Oh Linda, what incredible pics! Glad to hear you had R&R time at the lake, thanks for sharing! I love the four legged kids as well...just adorable! Thanks for your visits and kind comments on my blog as well! So happy to be blog friends! ;0) Happy Days! XOXO Brenda in Texas

  21. Loved the photos - memories stirred. Thanks for sharing.
    - Joy

  22. Hi Linda! So great to hear from you. I've been a bit absent of late. Love these photos, especially the pups, and I have always been fascinated with Chinese lanterns, something I've never seen around here. Also saw your past few posts...must say I covet that "Notions" box! Amazing! Thank you for your kind words. It's great to blog again. ~ Angela

  23. I love Fall! It's my favorite Season and looks like yours also :)
    Lovely pics
    xxx Liz

  24. Love the Chinese Lanterns...I can't seem to grow them. Beautiful garden and are very blessed!


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