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Summer Sun and Shade...

Last weekend, when we visited the lake, the sunny perennial beds were in full bloom!  I thought I'd share some of the beauty with you!  It's been so hot and humid this can see the humidity on my camera lens in the pic below...

The backyard of the house is very shady, with lush hostas and ferns... it's amazing to see the difference in plants...

I am joining Fishtail Cottage's Cottage Flora Thursday 
Until next time....hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Everything looks so lush and beautiful! I love the coneflowers. Are the one with the yellow and brown petals a version of Black-eyed Susans?

    Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Florida just doesn't have the flowers you have up north. So beautiful Linda.
    The flowers in Montana are amazing.
    Hope you are enjoying your week~SueBee

  3. Beautiful shotsof our plants! Love them all- we have lots of hostas too. Do I see water in the background? We live on the Bay too...and I do think plants tend to be more lush by the water- xo Diana

  4. Beautiful flowers!

  5. How gorgeous! I love all of the color! A weekend at the lake sounds wonderful!!

  6. Lovely Linda!
    I love the purple coneflower and black eye susans. Are the other ones Indian blankets? I used to have all these flowers at my old home back in Niagara Falls. Miss it.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden!

    Pamela ox

  7. Just gorgeous, front and back! I love an all green landscape as much as the color, but I come from a very brown state! Haha

  8. So beautiful! The hostas are amazing. Your lake house is beautiful. I've been collecting some vintage games to hang on our playroom wall. Mimi

  9. Oooo, Linda!! These are stunning. The color and variety is great! MUCH better than our dry, brown hills!

  10. What loveliness! Love the mass planting of all that colour.

    Much as I love colour I have a big soft spot for GREENS .... hostas and ferns so calming.

    I spy a lovely swing seat - how nice that must be facing out on to the lake.

  11. wow. gorgeous flowers. i need to to come be my gardener. lovely.

  12. It all looks so lovely. Flowers always cheer me up. These are especially beautiful and you captured them so well in your photography.

  13. Linda, what beautiful flowers and plants you have at your lake house. I know that doesn't just happen without a lot of planning and work. Ann

  14. What beautiful flowers, Linda! I really miss my hostas, day lilies, purple cone flower and black eyed Susan, so I'm extra glad that you shared yours with us!!!

  15. OH MY GOSH, Linda--how totally beautiful these flowers are!!! WOW! I think that they are so gorgeous!
    Happy Weekend to you, my friend--(((hugs))), Cindy

  16. Just gorgeous Linda. My flowers are just wilted. I removed most of the ones in my baskets, etc. Just waiting on Fall flowers and cool weather at this point. Thanks for sharing your lovelies with us,they are spectacular.

  17. So very pretty...I need some serious help in the flower dept...not my gift that's for sure :) Enjoy! Laurel

  18. Oh such colorful beauty! I see a cobalt blue something in the background of a couple of that a bird bath? That blue color really looks lovely and stands out with all the colorful flowers.

  19. So lush and beautiful! Lovely flowers. Black-eyed-susans are a favorite of mine.

  20. Your flowers are lovely, I love the Black Eyed Susans.
    It hasn't been very humid here, your weather sounds a lot like what Ontario gets.

  21. Oh it is gorgeous! I think it is just to hot here in Orlando for fields of lush flowers


  22. Lovin' the purple coneflower and pink summer-ey!
    also, all of the vintage sports stuff at your lakehouse...especially the baseballs in the stuff!

  23. Thanks Linda! I'm so glad you liked my doors! :) I can't believe the difference a piece of wood and some crown molding added to each door! It took a few days, but it has added SO much!
    The perennials at the lake are so lovely...most of my flowers are looking pretty puny from all this heat!

  24. Sending you
    cool thoughts
    from Washington,
    Linda! I miss
    my gardens but
    am loving the
    temps and being
    with my extended
    family. Off to
    see a college,
    tomorrow. Hope
    your week is off
    to a great start!
    xx Suzanne

  25. Linda,
    Your flowers are sooooooooooo pretty! The colors so bright & cheerful. Things here are so stressed as we are on day 43 tomorrow of over 100 degrees... And no rain!!! I LOVE the collie figurine on the corner shelf in the post before this one. Reminds me of my sweet Reba. Your lake house looks charming. HUGS!

  26. Such a wonderful flower bed and then, the hostas. Such a treat to see.

  27. Linda,
    Those are so lovely. I wish I were headed to a cabin with beds of such fresh and beautiful flowers instead pf awaiting my visit to Eden Prairie for a root canal...Ugh!!!
    Big hugs,

  28. I miss hostas. Just too hot and sunny her in FL. Gorgeous flowers.

  29. Well, what beautiful flowers and plants you have at your lake house, I know that doesn't just happen without a lot of planning and work.
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