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FUN at Junk Bonanza!

Another Junk Bonanza has come and gone...and what a Bonanza it was!  So much fun- meeting many of you, seeing old friends and making new ones...laughter, tears, and our best sale ever!  Thank you to everyone who came to see us!  My daughter, Liana, and I share a large double space with our friend Kris of Cottage Dreams!  We always have such a fun time together! Thought I'd share some photos from our space- it is so busy I didn't get out for other photos, but many other bloggers are doing great posts!  

Below is our big Itsy Bits And Pieces roto-bin, full of all sorts of goodies!  It is always a popular shopping point for crafters, scrapbookers, and artists.

All of the assemblage projects I shared in my last post sold quickly!  THANK YOU for all your encouraging comments about makes me want to do more projects!!

We love to find interesting items- like this old hairnet display...

Old medical charts and goodies were popular this year- many of ours dated from 1889...

There were lots of vintage sewing goodies...seam binding and rick rack...and lots of notions!

Our space is large enough to do different color schemes...the other side of the space is more eclectic cabin...

Lots of suitcases...

 maps big and small...our partner Kris had 4 wonderful old school maps...they flew out the door...She always finds the BEST stuff!

We had lots of vintage jewelry parts for crafters...

I love this old dress form that Kris brought...

AND I got to meet so many wonderful bloggers!!  I was having a bad flare-up of my chronic dry eyes during the sale, so I'm looking pretty puffy, but I want to share the photos with you anyway!  They are such a GREAT group of women, it was a pleasure getting together with all of them!!

Hollie from Funky Junk Show

Faye from Wild Rose Vintage

Alison from The Polohouse and Suzanne from Privet and Holly 

Deb from Garage Sale Gal 

and Laurel from Chipping With Charm

I also met Jan of  Gracie's Cottage and Jeanne of Bees Knees Bungalow - I wish I had photos of those lovely ladies, too!  Everyone was so friendly and it was like I knew everyone forever!  Funny how blogging is like that!  Many of them have posted great Junk Bonanza posts with wonderful photos!  I hope you stop by and visit their great blogs, too! 
And here's my sweet daughter, Liana, who helped her mom make it through another year!  She's been my partner for the last 10 years...I couldn't do it without her, and wouldn't want to!

And if you are wondering what I bought?  I've been wanting a little old rusty toy truck to hold some of my bottle brush trees at Christmas...this one will do just fine!

We had the BEST time...and we're already signed up for next year...

Until next time...I'll be resting up and catching up!


  1. I would of LOVED to attend that show. Your space was packed full of such wonderful treasures.


  2. Hi dear Linda, I would so have loved being there- meeting you, and others I "know"- seing all yours wonderful items-and having fun.
    Your booths looks fantastic- so filled with beautiful-and funny treasures.

  3. What an 'over the top' time you must have had. Wish I could have been there. And your space looks amazing!

  4. oh i missed being there this year. hopefully i can make it again next year. your space looked amazing. i remember that bin filled with goodies. loved it. your daughter is beautiful.

  5. Linda-What a wonderful stage you set! I wish I could have been there. You know, I don't know most of those bloggers that you met so I am going to have fun checking them all out later today! You look great- puffy eyed, or not!;>) Hope you can rest and recover for a few days- I know how much work that is. Hugs- Diana

  6. So much fun...your booth looked amazing! And it was a treat to finally meet you in person :) Chat soon, Laurel

  7. Oh my Linda!! I wish so much I could be inspire me.
    Your booth looks amazing!
    Good job~SueBee

  8. Oh wow! It looks like the best time! You had wonderful things and your daughter is such a cutie and so are you.

  9. Hi Linda,
    It was great fun seeing you and finding treasures at your booth.
    Sweet red truck!!
    Thank you for the comment about Mack..
    Rest up! My computer is still having issues. Using hubby's laptop for now and I can't post pics at this time...

  10. What an awesome weekend you had ! I am happy for you and your charming daughter ! This old rusty toy truck is simply timeless...

  11. your booth looked amazing!!! a booth worth looking in and lingering!!! say Hi to Kris from me! take care, Gail

  12. Wow! What a show you had. The treasures in your booth are so drool-worthy! I'd be lost for days in there. You, your daughter, and all our fellow bloggers look great. It's exhausting, but so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. This event is on my top ten list to visit. What are the dates for next year?
    Congratulations on such a successful sale!!! It looks like it was a ton of fun, I'll have to stop by the other gal's blogs as well. I'll live vicariously this year!

  14. So....this is like my kind of porn....

    Wish I had been there!

  15. Linda! Linda!
    Have I told you lately....that I love you!

    that's also a song! lol
    Your blog is always the perfect companion to a good cup of makes me get the thrifty vibe going on..and hubby said he's taking me tomorrow to find some sewing patterns for some canvas work I have in mind to do!

    Off to catch up around here!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  16. I have a question. In your spin around looks like small tension you sell those? I could use a couple!! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  17. Look at how much fun!!! I'm going to go there someday! Mini vacation one day! So much eye candy Linda! I loved the scrabble pieces that said Halloween!

  18. Dear Linda thanks for stopping by my blog! My friend Karen Valentine that is in my Junk Bonanza post is the person who bought those victorian boots! I love those! Do you have any more?? I can't remember what I bought from whom! I put everything in a box and shipped it home. I can't wait to get it so I can play. It was a great show and all of the vendors had great prices! I just wish I lived closer! I'm going back to your site to see if you have an online store, I see many things I missed in your booth!! xo-cindy

  19. Linda, your space looks just gorgeous! How I wished I could have been there.

    You must be exhausted! Have a cup of tea or hot chocolate and put your feet up for a while.


  20. WOW! This looks like a great place to check out! I see you're from MN...did you go to scrap fest ?

  21. I loved your stuff and purchased a few smalls from you! Great booth!

  22. Hi Linda...nice post!
    Love that truck, glad you showed it, that will be perfect for bottle brush trees for sure! It's good to hear you'll be there next year, I'll stop by for sure. Next time I'll wait a bit, it's all so overwhelming that it takes me about an hour to come back to earth! And you did not have puffy eyes! Just like I can't stand my hair!!!

  23. You did meet a lot of blogging gals! Wow!
    I had such a fun time and I am so thrilled that I got to meet you and your sweet daughter Iliana.
    Your booth looked AMAZING and I always love your round green carousel stand! Such a perfect piece for you to own.

    Love that red truck! Came home with a similar one. Love to use them on picnic buffets to hold napkins or silverware bundles or ???

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Linda, what a fabulous booth and fun! I would love to do a show someday! thank you for all of the pictures


  25. I'm so upset I missed the show this year - first time ever! Looks like your booth was beautiful as always. Must have been loads of fun to meet so many people.

    The toy truck is adorable. Good buy.

  26. What fab goodies you had, and so many fun bloggers you met! Your daughter is so pretty and we have a little truck we are doing the same with at Christmas, darling! We bought our little truck at Round Top. Lezlee

  27. OK....I've decided....I'm not missing it next year!!
    You had some great stuff and how fun to meet all your blogging buddies!
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  28. Hi Linda,
    Sounds like a terrific show! Your booth looked amazing, I can see why it was so popular! And so glad that you were able to meet other bloggers, that is awesome! I love your big tiered bin, what a fun display piece! Now go get some much needed rest:)

  29. Your space looked amazing - I'm going to have make that show one of these days!

  30. Oh my! Look at all that cool stuff! I would have had so much fun! Glad you had a fun and successful time. Your daughter is so pretty, looks just like you.

  31. Oh how I wish I lived closer & could come to this looks so FABULOUS!!! And I see so many familiar faces from other blogs I follow!!! Your a sweetie & thannks for sharing & making me feel like I was there with you too!!!

  32. What a beautiful daughter you have! She has your smile.

  33. Your booth was so, so fav again!! Thanks for the sweet pic...I'm behind in bloggin=)...we had so much fun going through our ephemra we bought from your booth!! So happy to meet you; and ps...I love love that truck for bottle brush trees!!

  34. You had a great stash of stuff to sell it all loked so good

    i want to say hi to Baliey & Sophie , they are sooooo cute xoxo


  35. You are too sweet Mom-love you! This year was great fun...concussion and glad we are doing it next year. Photo's look great:)

  36. Wow! I see so much stuff in your booth. I adore those school maps. and your rusty truck isn't too bad either. I have baby pumpkins in mine right now so maybe I should go take a photo of it!

  37. Linda, that looks like you had the best time and had something for everyone - I must say I like those old school maps very much. Too hard to choose a favorite. I love that your rusty truck will be full of those trees. Can't wait to see it. Ann

  38. I just found your blog via Pinterest. Yours is my new favorite blog ever! So chock full of eye candy, even my 9 year old daughter was captivated. You have quite an eye for the goodies, that's for sure.

  39. Linda....your space looked great! Was nice to say a quick Hello....I am stilllllll sooo tired!! Are you??
    See you next year JB 2012!

  40. Oh Linda,
    Where to begin. You had me at the first picture :) I would give anything to shop there one day. I'd leave poor as a pauper. It all looks amazing.
    For some reason you were bumped off my blog roll. I think this happened before, not sure why. Anyway, it's fixed. Now I'm off to your shop to see if any of that goodness is still for sale.
    PS Love the rusty truck!

  41. Oh my goodness, Linda, your booth looks amazing! I love the maps and the roto-bin full of goodies. I really want to dig through all your sewing stuff. I've been looking for some little round spool things of embroidery thread. It looks like you had so much fun. I wish I would've came :)

  42. Hello,

    everything looks great.

    Bey, Sylvia

  43. OH MY GOSH--It's all so amazing and it's so awesome to see you with all your blogging friends!! I love everything--and adore those t-shirts on you and Liana--they're adorable!

    I have a blog friend named Diane and she was going so I asked to stop by and say "hi" to you while she was there! xo Cindy

  44. girlfriend I wish I lived close to have the best stuff! :)
    I too am a pinterest addict...oh and I pinned a picture of you to my board, "precious faces". :) (just so ya know!) lol
    Hugs lady
    Missy :)

  45. Hi sweet friend!!!
    JB is kind of a blur, but
    your pics brought it all
    back-- especially the time
    meeting you and your
    beautiful daughter : )
    You have such a flair for
    these sales! Can't wait
    until our next adventure!
    xx Suzanne

  46. So glad you had such a successful sale Linda! And how wonderful that you can share it with so many talented women, plus your beautiful daughter...she looks just like you! That truck will be amazing with bottle brush trees in it, I can't wait to see it during the holidays.

    Kat :)

  47. I so enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous things on this post..... it makes me want to go out hunting!!!!

    How nice that you get to work with your daughter.... she looks lovely:)


  48. how ironic I came upon your blog today. I bought a little yellow, 3-legged table from you at Junk Bonanza and I love it! Thanks!

  49. What is the wooden compartment box with the trains in it? i've been looking for something like that, and I'm wondering what it actually is. Thanks! :)

  50. @ Lisa White- the cabinet is called a cubby...


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