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Harvest Time...

It was a beautiful fall day here today, cloudy and in the upper 60s- perfect for harvesting the rest of our apples and for picking the hydrangea blooms before frost.  This variety is Haralson, a sweet tart perfect for pies...

The hydrangea is beautifully marked and looks gorgeous drying in a yellowware pitcher...

Aren't they lovely?

 The trees are really beginning to turn color here and will be peaking over the next few weeks!  I am trying to spend some time outdoors enjoying it each day!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda,
    Your apples look wonderful and the hydrangeas are so lovely! I adore hydrangeas, I have two small hydrangea bushes that I planted just last fall and they are growing beautifully. One had four large blossoms on it, but when I brought them in to dry, they just turned brown and ugly. Do you know if the plant needs to be more mature in order to be able to dry the blossoms?
    My apple tree did not do well this year, either. The apples all fell off in July, nice and big, but only a few. But, they were nearly rotten when they fell. Then, funnily enough, the squirrels took them all away. I'm wondering if they know something about the coming winter that I don't know!?
    I always enjoy your blog, sorry for such a long comment.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Sounds like perfect fall weather. I love your hydrangeas. I have got to plant some new ones next year. I will be getting apples soon, too, but will have to go buy them.

  3. I'm glad to hear your enjoying the beautiful weather. The family and I all have colds so were cuddled up inside.

    Your photos are beautiful and remind me to get outside and see if any of my hydrangea's are worth picking still.

  4. Gorgeous pictures.... those apples and the yellow ware pitcher.... I have the matching bowl!

    Love your vignette.

  5. Upper 60's??? Brrr! But everything does look lovely! Beautiful apples!

  6. What pretty photos, Linda! I love hydrangeas, but sadly have never had luck growing them! And you are so fortunate to have your own apples!!

  7. I love hydrangeas! They are so beautiful. I have 3 bushes of Annabells and they produced some very large blooms. I have several bunches drying in the garage and a large basket in the house.
    Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors.

  8. Hi Linda!
    Love your POST!!! I want an apple tree! The hydrangea's are beautiful! You displayed everything so nicely! Loved your previous post as well!!! Thanks for sharing!


  9. You reminded me to clip some hydrangea blossoms before it is too late. My apples stayed very small and mostly green with a small bit of rouge on a few. I am not going to pick them now, I think they will fall off in time.
    - Joy

  10. Lovely! We've had a great amount of apples from our small tree this year. Mmm .. love apple crumble!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Hi Linda,

    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous - I love their color! The apples look delicious. Fall is a beautiful time.


    God Bless,

  12. Hi Linda! What a pretty post this is with red crisp apples and pretty green hydrangeas. Starting to cool off here too.

  13. Beautiful pictures Linda...we just planted a couple of apple trees and some hydrangeas here. (The hydrangeas look pretty sad...I hope they make it!) Can't wait to enjoy them in the years to come :) Chat soon, Laurel

  14. Such a harsh summer in Mo. that I had very few hydrangeas. Yours are beautiful. Fall is here for sure & it's a welcome relief. Jan

  15. Lovely, beautiful pictures, Linda! Hydrangeas are my favorite, but I too have trouble drying them. Hope you will post some pictures of the leaves turning for us Southern folk who don't get such gorgeousness! Ann

  16. Fall is looking beautiful at your place. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. It's still hot and muggy here, in the 80s but cool weather for the weekend. Enjoy your Fall!

  17. You really captured some gorgeous photos.
    The hydrangeas are just beautiful, I love the look of them in the pitcher. I don't have a hydrangea plant but my neighbor does and I need to go ask her if I can cut some of the blooms.
    Have a great day.

  18. The apples and hydrangeas look wonderful in the same photo. I miss the colors of fall. The desert just doesn't do much in the fall but I have to admit our springs are lovely.

    Enjoy the harvest time! Fall is a wonderful time of year.

  19. Those hydrangeas look so pretty. What variety are they? I have an Annabelle hydrangea tree, it's been done blooming for awhile. Those apples look so delicious. I've been buying lots of the Honeycrisps lately...yummy :)

  20. Yes it is lovely isen`t it?
    Sems the weather looks almost the same- here, too- and the beautiful red apples, are starting falling from the trees in our garden, also--Only the wonderful hydrangea I don`t have.... so I will enjoy it`s beauty, here :)

  21. Linda- What a beautiful post- Love hydrangeas and apples this time of year. We are on the same weather wave as you are (in WI here). Loved this post- xo Diana

  22. You have apple trees? No. Hydrangeas, okay but not both!

    Gorgeous.everything got do burned up here in Oklahoma. Enjoy, I know you have been so busy with junk bonanza, put your feet up and get your enjoy on.

  23. It is the that time of year already isn't it?

  24. Oh wow, Linda--this post is purely beautiful, my friend! Those flowers and apples are delightful!!!

  25. Hi Linda! :) Thanks for your comment on my mantle...almost every piece on there has some kind of sweet meaning to me...I think that's why I like it so much!
    Your hydrangeas are so pretty! I have a hydrangea plant, but it needs to be moved, because it's not done squat where it's at...not one bloom! :-/ I think I need. lol
    Have a great week!
    Love you loads!

  26. Those apples look delicious! We had apple trees growing up, and we hope to plant some here in the future. Enjoy these beautiful autumn days!

    Kat :)

  27. Ahh, your weather sounds gorgeous! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  28. Hi there Linda,
    Your hydrangeas are fantastic. I hope mine look like yours next year! My black thumb.. is Black as we speak.Hee, Hee! Oh, the junk bonanza photos are way interesting. Do you live close by? Hollie is a doll. I'm sure you brought home some goodies.
    xxx Liz

  29. Beautiful, I love the hydrangeas in the pitcher. I am so glad that your weather is better. We are expecting some 70's this weekend. Ginger

  30. Linda - What perfect fall pictures! The hydrangea's the apples... lovely!
    I agree- a fall day , in the 60's. ahhhhhhh - love it !!!
    Thank you for sharing ,
    Have a pretty day!

  31. Linda, your photography is just beautiful! You have a good eye! Your post makes me want to run outside, pick a few hydrangeas and make a pretty arrangement.
    Have a great Sunday...

  32. Beautiful photos. I just love this time of year.

  33. Linda, I love these pictures! How wonderful you get hydrangeas, they are my favorite flower! We're supposed to finally cool off this week!


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