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A Front Entry for Fall...

This week I re-did the front entry to our home for fall!  I brought out the wonderful old Handy Hauler that we found curbside last year...

I love this rusty chippy old thing...and filled it with colorful mums!

A chippy old twig stand doesn't mind the weather, and holds one of some vintage folk art wood crows I have...

along with a great warty pumpkin!

The old picket fence comes in handy all year...

We are having the most wonderful fall weather this year, and all of these leaves (and we have a LOT of them!) are falling everywhere...

as nature adds the best decoration of all...a beautiful, deep carpet of leaves...

Until next time...I will be enjoying every minute I can...even with a rake in my hands! 



  1. Love the Handy Hauler! Love the chippy table..(who knew chippy would be so in) and love the warty pumpkin!!! Ahhh, love Fall!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Linda I love it. I am coming over and stealing that ole rusty thing,and that chippy table is awesome! Your front entry looks wonderful! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love all that rustic goodness. Looks great. Get a leaf blower!

  4. I Love this, Linda, the garden cart is great filled with mums, and all those gorgeous leaves. thanks so much for linking up to VIF! xoxo

  5. I am so jealous of your entry way!! lOl
    can you please send me some of your golden leaves for my front porch ;)
    This is just classic fall to me and makes me miss home more than ever.

  6. Love this entry decor! The fence caught my eye and the rest just goes so well together. Chippy, rusty and gorgeous!

  7. Your photos show the most beautiful fall colors. That handy hauler is THE BEST. You were so lucky to find such a neat old piece.

  8. Oh my goodness, Linda, I love the Handy Hauler! It looks soooo good with those mums. Wasn't the wind crazy today? I think most of the leaves are on the ground now. Yours look so pretty all nestled up on your front entry.

  9. So charming! Needless to say, I've done nothing.

  10. Hi Linda,
    You have a great fall entry! Love the old chippy pieces and fun pumpkin.
    I hope you are enjoying these awesome fall days!
    Did you go to the "Gathering"? Not sure if I will..

  11. Linda, I love that old handy hauler and the old chippy table. The whole entry looks great. I have been enjoying this great fall weather too. The wind the last couple of days has blown most of the leaves from my trees onto the lawn. It looks like your front entry. Keep enjoying fall.

  12. Hey your front porch decor. and REALLY love your cute little handy hauler! What a sweet find, and curbside no less!! Makes it all that much sweeter!
    Hugs an Junkin luv...Cathy aka GGJ

  13. Linda- What a cute porch! I love the Handy is much more fun to use it for decorating than actually hauling, isn't it?;>) Lovely-it looks like Fall has arrived at your house! Diana

  14. I love that little handy hauler especially filled with mums. I'm off to buy some this weekend and finally get to decorating my front porch. Have a wonderful weekend, Patty

  15. Oh Linda! I love this! Please send some leaves my way! Lol

  16. Linda, how beautiful- and all those leaves already fallen,wow!
    I love your decor, the blooms in the sweet hauler, and your old crows-are so sweet.Your table-is GREAT-
    beautiful fall decoration.

  17. Hi Linda, your front entry for fall looks great! I love that old chippy table and the handy hauler. Makes for a grand entry.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  18. Your photographs are stunning! I love the simplicity...everything looks great! Thank You for sharing.

  19. I love it Linda. Just gorgeous. The handy hauler is my favorite and that warty pumpkin is so fun.

  20. there is that amazing hauler again. i just love that piece. the porch looks great. i need to get my behind in gear and do some decorating. have a wonderful day.

  21. What a welcome!

    I love your porch and the handy hauler is so cute. I love, love love it all.

    I was wondering, before I got to the end of your post whether you picked up the leaves elsewhere and placed them on your porch - they look so perfect!

    Have a lovely weekend


  22. I have to say when I first saw your picture I thought it was from Pinterest or a magazine! I didn't know it was right in front of your front door! The yellow leaves are the perfect accent. I thought you may have purposely scattered them there until I saw the next pic with all the leaves. Amazing! You must live further north because we're not getting anything like that yet. What a very nice country Fall entrance you've created.

  23. Oh, my. Linda that find is so darn cute!!! I like how you decorated for Fall. I need to get a move on.
    xxx Liz

  24. Love the warty has so much character! Your photography is amazing. You've caught my attention - I'll be following!

  25. Oh, wow! Love the chippy twig stand. I can't get enough of those warty pumpkins. It seems to be a great year for bumpy ones.

  26. Your fall photos are lovely. I love your mums at the front door and the little wagon is wonderful! What a great find. We are also getting some great fall weather, so warm and no rain yet.
    hugs, Cindy

  27. Linda, this is such a lovely way to welcome Autumn! Love the fence and crows along with pumpkins, so perfectly arranged! Have a fabulous weekend!

  28. I am in love with that Handy Hauler! Love your front porch.


  29. Linda, your entry looks adorable. I love that old chippy stand. The fence is a great touch. I wish we had some of those pretty golden leaves. You must get some great Fall color!

  30. Your crows
    are as great
    as you said
    they were!
    You must have
    the cutest decor
    on the block.
    Lucky trick-or-
    treaters : )
    xx Suzanne

  31. Oh Linda, inspiring, I will not show you the empty sad pots on my front porch. I better feet with it...

  32. Everything looks perfect! I love it all! t. xxooxoxo


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