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A Little Bit Creepy and Spooky Mantel...

I don't usually do much spooky Halloween decorating, but decided my grandkids might enjoy visiting Grandma's Mad Scientist mantel!  I happened to have found some scary goodies at garage and estate sales this year!  Lab glass and old bottles are perfect- I added an Arsenic Poison label from The Graphics Fairy, which I distressed with some Walnut Spray Ink.

Lots of old books were added...

Look at this wonderful old 1918 dental poster that I found at an estate sale...perfectly creepy and gross...

Two skulls are perfect for the mad scientist lab!

I bought two paper mache craft skulls at Michaels for a dollar each, painted them off-white, antiqued with burnt umber, and topped with satin sealer.

I put one in an old lantern and set the other on a little alabaster urn...

I found two rats at the thrift store and put one in a lab jar and the other under a bulb cage...

I think it looks wonderfully creepy...maybe I'll have to add some spiderwebs and spiders, too!

I think the kids will love it!

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Until next time...


  1. Your grand kids are going to LOVE it! I know I do! Great display.

  2. You did a great job- I am officially creeped out! Not sure if it was the rats or the skulls that put me over the edge! xo Diana

  3. That looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the combination everything creates.

  4. Love your spooky mantel and I know the G-kids will be so thrilled! Very creative for sure! Have a great week!

  5. Yes, they will love it, Linda! Those skulls looks amazingly real! You have done a spooktacular job!!

  6. Whoa Linda! The hair on the back of my neck is standing up. I think it was the rats that got to me! Too cool!


  7. Hi Linda,
    Your mantle looks great.
    DId some catching up on your blog...your front door looks beautiful.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Sharon

  8. Hi LInda, your display is absolutely fantastic ... all of the elements you've used work perfectly together. Tis a thing of spooky beauty! penny

  9. I KNOW your grandchildren will love it!!!

    I especially love the old bottle with the arsenic label and the rats!!!

    I am going to the garden centre tomorrow to get some autumn plants to brighten up my 'porch' ...... your last post inspired me!!!!

    I DO love your blog :)


  10. Oh my!! I love it. x fantastic display. Looks so old and creepy:)

  11. Great mantle! Everything looks so real! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Just love everything! We're all going to be decorating like crazy for the next 2 months with all these holidays upon us now. Your Halloween decorations are really creative.

  13. Yikes!!! They will either love it or be scared to death of it! But then that's what it's all about, hee hee, hee!
    You are so creative!
    Have a lovely day, Cindy

  14. love it! your grandkids will adore your creepy mantle decor! ha - funny how they'll probably expect you to do it every year (if you don't already)!!!! xoxo

  15. OH Linda. looks really creepy and a bit scarry :) wonderful collection of Halloween creeps-the bottle is fantastic.
    HUGS from far away--thats also more safe ,lol).

  16. Great old bottle re-do.

    Your mantle is a success in being creepy and spooky. The skull and rat...eeeckkk!

  17. Oh Grandma! What great ideas you have! They will love it. The old dental chart is amazing and I'm glad those rats are contained... Ann

  18. The kids are totally going to love did a great job and such good ideas.

  19. Love it?
    They are going
    to flip! Hope
    they don't scare
    easily : ) I
    think I might have
    a hard time falling
    asleep with this
    vignette nearby!
    xx Suzanne

  20. A little bit creepy and a whole lotta fun! Love the lab glass and the rats (never thought I'd say that!) Perfect Halloween fun!

    XO Julie

  21. It's just the perfect amount of creepy! Great job transforming the skulls. The rats are my favorite, especially the way you contained them!

  22. Oh, how spookilious!!! Great fun for Halloween, Linda!!


  23. The grandkids are going to love it. Now will you please come over and decorate a corner of the house for my kids. I just can't get my "spook" on this year.

  24. Linda, that's my kind of spooky decorating! I don't usually do that type of decorating either, but the medical type stuff is great for me since I'm in the biz! That poster is awesome, and kind of gibes me the creeps since I have to go to the dentist Thursday!

  25. FAB-U-LOUS arrangement!!!!!! Your grandkids are bound to love every creepy angle.
    Love it!

  26. Linda...GOOD JOB...your little "spooks" will love it...I really like the rats you found..I'm not a scary stuff kind of gal either..but your display is great...
    blessings...Karena @ A Loblolly Life

  27. Nice and eerie Halloween set up indeed! Makes me think I need to step up my game :D


  28. Love your ideas! You're right, that poster is creepy!

  29. I think it looks plain wonderful! That dental poster is the bomb!! What a fabulous find! I know your grands are gonna love this! Vanna

  30. I love all of this for Halloween! It's such fun- with just a little horror. LOL I have a rat I need to post about. He is ugly! Glad I found your blog. :-)

  31. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talk'n about! Awesome and not cute!



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