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More From the Bachman's Fall Ideas House 2011...

Today I'm going to share the office and bedrooms from the Bachman's Fall Ideas House!  You can check out my earlier posts, if you are just getting started, and you can also click on the link in my labels at the end of the post to see posts from past houses!  The office/family room space is one of my favorites!  The workspace above is a tabletop on old wooden beehives. and vintage ballot boxes serve as storage...

Look at this decorative wall of clipboards...

and bicycle wheels hold cards and photos!

Herb drying racks are used as newspaper/magazine holders.

In the master bedroom, a fence gate is used as a headboard...

and a cabinet is handcrafted from scrap wood...

The teenage girl's bedroom has a modern, trendy feel!  How about using magazines as wall art?

A decorative fabric shower curtain serves as a headboard...

and some old metal building trim is used as a valance!

Vintage suitcases work as decorative storage...

as do great looking shadowboxes!

Another of my favorite spaces is the pre-school boy's room!  Lots of graphic elements come into play here!  Love the wall of letters!

Vintage flashcards are used in shelves...

and drawer fronts!  The toy wood block handles are fun, too!

A lamp with a stacked book base is very decorative...and the yarn wrapped lampshade is simple and colorful!

The valance in this room is denim with pants pockets!

I love these vintage scooter shelves...

and the fun salvage furniture!

But how many people have an old store checkout light turned into a fun lamp in their room?  And the toy storage buckets, with license plate letters, are so fun!

Next time I'll wrap it up with all of the fun seasonal outdoor decorating...especially the shed (haunted house)!

Until next time...


  1. I love it when you share your trips! I've been looking for something cute for my daughter... we are getting ready to move and I want to give her a hip and oh-so-cool bedroom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the ideas! The lamp with the kids books is fantastic for a kids room.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for taking us on this amazing excursion!!! I love that house and all the ideas.

    I have to tell you something funny...Last year when I was on your blog and we had just met, I thought it was YOUR house!

    I think I'll post it on my blog and tell people I live there! LOL

    Thank you so much for your sweet note--I am so exhausted that I thought it had already been a week and it's only been 3 days since the surgery!!! Hard to believe, but true.

  4. What wonderful inspiration. I need to live to be 100 years old to accomplish all my dreams and goals. : )
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I always love seeing all the clever ideas at the Bachman House. Even better that it's through your eyes. Thanks!
    xoxo Kim

  6. I can only imagine how fun it is to work on that house, so many amazing ideas getting passed around! The table and stools in the little boys room are awesome and that check out light... how cool. i love the ballot boxes and those clipboards hung on the wall too, o.k. it's all amazing!
    t. xoxooxoxo

  7. They just have the most fantastic ideas. I love that bedroom!

  8. Oh my goodness, so many fabulous and creative idea!!!! As usual, I could look at these photos for hours, gleaning everything that I can from them.
    Thanks so much again.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. I still have never made it there. I wish they carried more of that stuff in their store. I love the boy's room. I was just at Bachmans yesterday and they are getting rid of sooo much of the vintage items, opting instead for gifty things. Makes me sad, that was my favorite part.

  10. This is inspiration at its finest! I love those drying racks and ballot boxes. I'd go crazy in this place:-)

  11. The work station is my favorite. It's filled with divine rustic goodness. I wouldn't want to get up from the chair!

  12. I too love that office/study!!! This is truly a masterpiece of ingenuity and clever planning, all with a mind to please the eye.
    Very fun reading with breakfast!

  13. So much fun...the office was my favorite room. Loved the bike rims...I did something similar for JMUG, but individual, I loved them all hanging in a group like that! Very clever :) Thanks, Laurel

  14. Linda, I love that you share your visits to this house. It's like taking my own little field trip to the creative side of town! The inspiration never ends. I love the teenage daughters room! The magazine wall art and the shower curtain easy, so genius!

  15. Linda, I love all your pictures from the Bachmann house. Mine didn't turn out very well, especially the inside ones. I think my batter was going dead.
    Anyway it is fun seeing it through your eyes.

  16. Hi Linda,
    Just getting caught up on your Bachman posts!! You know how I love these. Really fabulous ideas this fall. There were quite a few things that I am so going to try! Thanks, as always, for sharing these great photos.

  17. Rooms full of great ideas!
    LOVE the wall of letters!

  18. I've missed a few posts and am playing catch-up now. I love that you share the house since I can't see it myself. Thanks Linda!


  19. Oh how I wish there was a house around here to tour like the Bachman house, it's always so fun has ingenious ideas! :)
    Hey, that curtain they used as a headboard, looks almost identical to the one that I used in my laundry room to hide my made me smile really big! :-D
    Oh, glad you liked my fall decor too...thanks for your sweet comment! :)
    Love ya much

  20. I want to buy that whole little boys room and ship it to my house. The table and chairs in the room are so cute. Thanks for the tour, like I've said before, the Bachman posts are some of my favorite posts.

  21. Great ideas, make me want to start a few projects!

  22. Thank you that was so fun and filled with such great ideas!


  23. Oh that office! Those lights!

    I bet you have the stuff to make any of those projects with stuff out of your garage!

  24. OMGOSH[- Can you believe all those ideas? I love so many of the different things you showed here...and isn't that little dresser with the blocks for knobs cute? xo Diana

  25. I love how creative these folks are, I have no idea how they keep coming up with fresh and innovative ideas! And thanks so much for sharing them with us!

    Kat :)

  26. Love love love!

    I adore the book lamp and the stools in the boys room. So many wonderful and inspiring ideas.

    Thank you for sharing again :)


  27. Thanks Linda. It is such a great experience to tour this house with you. I have to say, my fav is the teen room. It's usually not my style, but somehow they hit all the right notes. Ann


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