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Outdoors at the Bachman Fall Ideas House 2011...

I hope you've been enjoying the Bachman's  2011 Fall Ideas House tour!  Today I'll finish up with all the outdoor jewelry!  So much prettiness...just enjoy...

How about this huge broom made from tree branches tied to a larger branch?

One of my favorite things about this Ideas House was the shed decorated as a haunted house!

Vintage Christmas tree stands hold dried up tree branch cuttings and fun crows...

and a rake is a great perch...

Take a look at all the spooky fun inside...

Hanging Spanish moss, spiderwebs, and old chain add to the creepiness...

Love the spooky ghosts...


and creepy fun bottles...

and lots of fun treats, too!

Well, that's it from the fall house!  As I write this the Holiday Ideas House is being is open from November 10th - December 18th!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda, I always love coming on the tour, the garden shed is wonderful!!

  2. Thanks again Linda for posting these pictures. I always get so much inspiration from the Idea House.

  3. Amazing fall colors and decor! The haunted shed is pretty cool!

  4. Oh my gosh -- such great inspiration for my someday house!

  5. Oo such pretty fall colors! I especially love the singer sewing machine in the garden.

  6. SUCH great ideas! I could absolutely kick myself in the hiney for getting rid of my antique sewing machine!!! And my hoosier, and my pie safe!!! I am sick!!!

  7. Oh, my. Love the color.

  8. I just love this Linda! Thank you for doing this for little old us...
    Enjoy your day sweetie~SueBee

  9. Love when you post these! That broom is amazing. Love the shed and all the gorgeous fall foliage too

  10. Those are all fabulous ideas, I love them. Thanks again so much for doing this, it is so wonderful to see everyday items and wonderful little treasures being used in unusual ways.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Linda, the shed is fantastic- I so love all the webs, and spiders, and the sweet ghosts, lol.

  12. I'm in love with the shed. Wouldn't it be fun to have something like at your house for Halloween? You know, I was thinking, I don't even need to go to the Idea House...all I have to do is look at your great photos!

  13. Amazing photos. I LOVE that shed..and the crow perch...and the Singer in the garden. LOVE it all! xo Diana

  14. Oh, Linda thanks for sharing once again. So, many interesting spots to see.
    xxx Liz

  15. love the window boxes with all that color!

  16. I didn't know that flowers came in so many colors and the black birds are great!


  17. This has been so fun to tour with you. Holiday house!! These people never rest - can't wait to see it (if you are going, of course) Ann

  18. Love all of these ideas! That little boys room is a gem! The outdoor jewelry makes me miss Indiana - we just don't get enough fall crisp air here in Texas! Have a great weekend - can't wait to see the next idea house!

  19. You make a great tour guide!

    What seasonal fun..... those ghosts are really scary.


  20. What fun!!!
    I haven't done any fall decorating at all this year. I was hoping to be in the new little house this fall... but it's not going to happen . I have everything packed away. fingers crossed for next year!
    Have a pretty day!

  21. Love it, Linda! My favorites...the crow and the rake and The Bluebird of Unhappiness.

  22. Those ghosts in the garden are to die for (hee hee). I pinned that black bird on the rake head. I have a broken rake that would be perfect for that.

  23. I love everything about your place , where did you get the little lanterns that I see here and there?


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