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Greens for the Front Porch...and a Winner!

Thank you all for your get well wishes...they really brought a smile to my face...I am glad to be feeling much better now!  The weather has turned cold here, so I decided to start setting out greens in the front porch planter, before it is too cold and frozen to do so!  I am in a simple Northwoods frame of mind this year...and just used green, black, and white colors.  Our house is green and the front doors are black and white, so it is a natural looking entry!

Recently, I found these great outdoor custom vinyl numbers from santasgiftshoppe on etsy...under $10, including shipping!  I think they really dress up the door!

An old Rock Spring Beverages crate works well, with its chippy green paint...

It holds some snowshoes and a sign I made several years ago...

I love to decorate with vintage skates, and I love the laces on these...

I mixed greens, many of which I found at the compost site down at the lake.  Its fun to re-use the fresh clippings that others discard...I re-cut and soaked them in water, to make them last longer.  I also mixed in a few that I bought and added some roping around the front door.

I think its a great look for winter!  Tomorrow we are going to add some white lights and more greens to the front of the house.  We'll take advantage of the weather, as it will warm up tomorrow~ to 47 degrees~ but Saturday, snow is expected!  We want to finish before the snow flies!


And, on another note...thank you to all who entered the My Memories giveaway!  For those of you wanting to purchase this fun software program, I will leave the $10 discount code on my sidebar. The winner is~
the sweet and talented Dorthe of Den Lille Lade !

I am joining Debra at Common Ground Vintage Inspiration Friday


At The Picket Fence Doors And Porches Party

Until next time...stay warm!


  1. Linda, the greens and skates make a real winter statement at your door. I would like to see snow just once here. olive

  2. Everything looks great and I love your door numbers!

  3. Lovely, Linda! I love using greens during the holiday season. That is one thing I am really looking forward to getting this year ~ for inside and outside!

    Visiting from Vintage Inspiration Friday! : )

  4. Great decor! The numbers on the house are really nice. I'm going to check out that site. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well, if you put up the Let It Snow sign, the weather might take your seriously. I love your front door area. The twigs in the greenery is extra pretty.

  6. I love it Linda. You know I love your skates. I found a pair this year, and my Mom found ONE for me last year, so I will have fun decorating with them too. Sorry you were ill..hope you are on the mend.

  7. Your entryway looks great with all the green and white. I need to get out and redo my window boxes before it snows. I hope it doesn't on Saturday.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  8. I love looking at cold climate decorating, here in Orlando it is still balmy. I was shopping today and the store owners were outside sweating putting up Christmas decor. Yours looks so great! I love the skates!


  9. I love your front porch! The greens are so pretty and say holiday to me!

  10. I'm glad you are feeling better, and your holiday decor is so welcoming!! I love the skates and all of your beautiful greenery!

    Congrats to the winner too!

    Kat :)

  11. Linda
    I love this! I have all of the same elements handy. I hope you don't mind if I copycat you on your front porch display.
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I
    hope you get well soon.

  12. Everything looks so festive and homey!

    I hope you'll link this up at Knick of Time Tuesday! The party is still open.

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

  13. Darling front door;
    you definitely gave
    it the LINDA touch!

    xx Suzanne

  14. Looks the mix of greens! I'm ready to freshen up outside too...the mums are a sad, dry sight :( Laurel

  15. Linda - you did a beautiful job with your porch! I love the neutrals you used - and the repurposing you did! Great job! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Fabulous decorations!! Oh, and such a great Etsy find!

  17. Your front looks so festive and inviting. My front porch never gets any attention....I really need to do more out there for the holidays.
    Hope you don't get too much snow!!

  18. I love this beautiful natural look! You've done it so well. And it's perfect for your part of the country. I'd love visiting your snow, but then I'd have to get back where it's a little warmer! Enjoy it!

  19. Your greenery looks wonderful, Linda! Yes, simple is indeed better! Love that curly willow, and all of your unique touches, like the ice skates (I'm still kicking myself that I took some old skates to the GW!). Glad to hear that you are feeling better:)

  20. I love what you have done! Such a great inspiration for me. Thanks.

  21. Love the snowy woodsy feel of your beautiful display, it looks so warm and inviting!

  22. So love your greens.
    I love bringing the outdoors in, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. So pretty and welcoming Linda! I hope you NEVER get any snow to ruin it. (a girl can dream of no snow, can't she?)

  24. I'm sorry to hear you were under the weather. I am playing commenting catch up.

    Your entrance looks so warm and inviting. I enjoy your displays. I would never think of putting some of things that you do together.

  25. Linda, I just love when you decorate your front porch for winter! The skates are so cool, and I think I had those laces on a pair of roller skates! The lights will be such a pretty addition!

  26. Your outdoor setting is adorable. I passed up some skates the other day...darn!

  27. I love what you have done! I love fresh greens and skates. I used to have snow shoes, I wish I still did, they look so great like that.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs Cindy

  28. Hey sweet lady! :) I'm so sorry you've been sick, but glad you're on the mend.
    Your greenery, skates etc, look amazing! I've been decorating for three days now and just have the outside stuff left. :) We're having a big choir Christmas party at our house on the 3rd, so I wanted to get it all done before Thankgiving so I didn't have to worry about it anymore after that. :) I thought of you today as I was decorating my dining room table. ;-) I think of you every day and smile. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    love and hugs

  29. Oh my goodness Linda, that looks great, you are so on top of things! The pots outside my front door have dead geraniums in them. I pray that we do not get any snow tomorrow. Ughh...

  30. It's so easy to make a big impact with a basket of evergreens. the snowshoes and the whole vignette look perfect there. I've got to get busy on my porch!!thanks so much for joining in! xoxo

  31. Hi Linda! Your front porch looks wonderful! Great mix of greens and wintery items and the numbers are a great addition to the door!

  32. What a beautiful display!
    Your family and friends will be greeted in style!

  33. Hi There!
    What a great statement you made by the Door! Hey, Olive said that!! Ha, Ha. It looks very festive.I really love it. How's that? Ha, Ha. Can you come and do mine next? Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Family!
    xxx Liz

  34. What a gorgeous front porch vignette. You did a beautiful job!!!
    Mary Lou

  35. Linda, this is perfect! It's exactly the look I like only I never get around to decorating the front porch. I do like your taste! We did get our snow and it's too cold for me outside, I hope it warms up like they say for next week.

  36. LOVE it!!!!!!
    Awesome and as always.... you have
    inspired me.

  37. Glad to hear that you're feeling better just in time for Thanksgiving. Your porch is gorgeous with all the greens and adorable accessories. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

  38. Glad to hear you are feeling better Linda! I somehow missed the fact that you weren't feeling well. I love the look of your front porch and brings the spirit of this time of year (at least in your region) to welcome all who come to your home. Nice numbers! Ann

  39. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower, I am now following you! I love your blog and look forward to reading more!

  40. Dear Linda, it looks wonderful, I love your decoratede entry with the skates and greenery-I also uses much greenery for christmas decorations.
    Linda did you heár something from the compagny?
    Hugs and x Dorthe

  41. Love the snow shoes, they are fun to decorate with! I used to live in Minnesota and I know it sounds crazy but I miss the cold sunny winters. Will be a new follower, hope you will stop by, Laura - Cottage and Broome

  42. Absolutely beautiful! The vintage skates and snow shoes are such a fantastic touch and we are so glad you shared this with us at the Doors and Porches party!


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