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The Bachman's 2011 Holiday Ideas House

Are you ready for a visit to the 2011 Bachman's Holiday Ideas House?   If you haven't seen this house before, it is a former family home on the flagship property of  Bachman's ~ a wonderful floral, garden, landscaping, and home decor store in Minnesota.  You can visit my posts on previous ideas houses by clicking on the link in the labels at the end of this post, or on my sidebar.  
I met my friend Suzanne, of  Privet and Holly ~ we shopped the store and shared a visit over a delicious coffee before touring the house!  Its so great to have made a sweet friend through blogging!  It was a gray and rainy day here in Minnesota and a fun girls' day out!
 Today I'll share the lower level of the house...

The charming front porch ...

whimsical bottle trees...

  The front entry...

Who wouldn't want to dine in this beautiful room?

Photo placecards are a fun idea...

I love the wall decorated with a giant wreath of silverplate trays and a wonderful old headboard and footboard turned into a planter...

Vintage punch cups make a striking garland on the windows...

The kitchen is bright and cheery...

I love the metal lawyer's cabinet re-purposed here...

This old crib end is used as a hat rack...

The living room/sunroom space has many fun ideas, too...

The tree was gorgeous...

my favorite...the flameless candles nestled in...

Isn't this old bed frame a creative coffee table?

Are you still with me?  A bit of a long post, but I hope you enjoyed it!  Next post, I'll share the upper floors!

Until next time...


  1. Wow! I'd heard about Bachman's Idea House (I work in the green industry) but had never seen it ... until now. Thanks so much for posting these photos. It's just amazing! I'm now a follower.

  2. I so look forward to these posts for each season! There are so many wonderful ideas. And I'm jealous that you and Suzanne got to meet up. I hope to meet up with both of you one of these years!

    Kat :)

  3. Linda, I loved seeing your pictures. Brought back memories of my visit and I saw some things that I don't remember.
    Look forward to the ones of the 2nd floor.

  4. I totally want to live in this house, Linda! So many fun and unique ideas here, from the address numbers on the wood slices, to the bed turned planter! The silver tray wreath is a fun idea, and I agree, I love the flameless candles on the tree, it's stunning! Can't wait for the rest of the tour:)

  5. Takes my breath away. What incredible reuses of items (like crib side, lawyer bookcase, silver plate trays ... it goes on and on.

  6. When can I move in? What a gorgeous home with so many amazing ideas. Love those punch bowl cups, the porch, and the ornaments with the milk glass. Love it all. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. I really must make this a destination for me and my daughters! Thanks for sharing!

  8. LOVE this house, you know that already....I think I tell you each time LOL. I get so much inspiration from these tours. Merry Christmas Linda. I remembered last years. I like how they change it up.

  9. Goodness, I wouldn't know where to start, it's all so wonderful!! Love the urns out front and the hanging silver teapots. Have a wonderful Christmas Week! xo

  10. They always seem to have the best idea's. I just love the bed frame coffee table.

  11. Oh my gosh--I've got my bags packed to move in there! LOL I love it all! I have those flameless candles...what a great idea! But, I didn't put up the big tree this year because it's really heavy getting it down from the attic...Not a good idea as Ralph is still healing and can't lift.

    I love that stack of books too--amazing!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!!!

  12. Sooo many adorable ideas! Thank you for sharing with us who live too far away to see it for ourselves. That tray wreath is fabulous. Mimi

  13. Hi Linda,
    You know that I love seeing the Bachman's house. It is very inspiring, sometimes I get even just the beginning of an idea from it and I carry it on in a new way. I live in a house built in the "20's so, and I love using vintage items in new ways and there is so much of that here! Thank you SO much for doing this. I look forward to seeing more of it!
    Hugs, cindy

  14. As usual GORGEOUS! So glad you post the pictures. Because I forget about the Bachman house... and then there you are sharing. I live it and love it vicariously through you!

    take care and Merry Christmas
    (will be back to view the uppers)

  15. Beautiful! No snow in Minnesota yet? Wow! Have a wonderful Christmas friend!

  16. I love how you share your visits to this wonderful house.

    There is so much to enjoy and inspire.

    I love the silver plate wreath, the table made out of a bedstead! and I was so glad to read those candles were flameless!!!! They looked amazing! It's all gorgeous.

    Looking forward to the next instalment!

    Happy Christmas to you and your family.


  17. Love this house! So many ideas! Thanks for sharing! 8^)

  18. a lot of creative ideas! thanks for sharing - I bet you had a great girl's day out!

  19. Oh, I always love seeing your pictures of the Bachman House!

  20. Thanks for the virtual tour! I regret not being able to get there in person! How cool to know all those pics floating around on Pinterest are from Bachman's!

  21. OMGosh, I have died and gone to heaven!! So many rich and enchanting ideas...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh how I wish I could have gone with you two gals! We need a reunion soon!

    The photos are amazing andf Bachman's always inspires me and pushes me to think of of the box with found objects.
    They are geniuses at that, aren't they?

    Went to Pinterest this morning and started seeing all of your recent pins and like bread crumbs that you leave for us, Linda.... I followed you back here!

    Love that stack of books with the saying broken up on each binding. Soo clever! ALWAYS love their fireplace stuffings.... over the top!

    Miss you!
    Merry Christmas.
    Will be back for a second (floor) helping... can't get enough!


  23. Wow Linda! So many Wonderful Idea's and Clever Uses for the Everyday! Love the Basket hung by the Kitchen Sink! You are so Lucky to have Bachman House for Fun and Inspiration! You Mid Westerner Gals are Always so Talented aside from being Amazing Cooks!!
    Have a Wonderful Christmas My Friend!

  24. I just LOVE your Bachman tours....wish I had that much imagination!! lol I LOVED those pillows on the entry porch, the wreath of platters and the old headboard/footboard planter...such wonderful ideas!
    Glad you liked my you can guess which part is my favorite! ;-) (and I really would love to meet you someday...this country is just too side sometimes! lol) :)
    Love ya!

  25. This place is always so amazing! Thanks for sharing again.

  26. Linda,dear-
    so many wonderful photoes, and beautiful ideas- I love this winter tour the most, with all the greenery, and all the white items.
    Love the hanging teapots.
    Wishing you a merry christmas Linda, and a happy new year.

  27. Can you see me jumping up and down? I have been waiting for this. Like an early Christmas present. i think the coolest thing is the large candles in the tree. I never thought to use the LED ones, but it is so ingenious. Plus the bed made into a planter is very cute.

  28. OH MY GOODNESS! What a treat for the eyes! I love it and I am so glad that you did this post. Each photo is more beautiful than the one before it. xo Diana

  29. I can't wait my Friend! I love when you post Bachman's Idea House. I'll be back..
    xxx Liz

  30. Oh, Linda. Stunning, absolutely stunning. It is simple and so elegant. You know I'm over here ooohhing and aahhhing, and I can't wait for the next installment.

  31. Always full of inspiration here, Linda!
    I love, love, love that silver wreath idea made of trays....brilliant! And those pillows on the bench make me want to sew!

    Hope you're keeping well.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  32. I always enjoy when you post from this the bed coffee table...your house is really cute, too!
    Merry Christmas!

  33. Years ago I lived in Mpls. & remember well Bachman's at Christmastime. Your pictures are amazing. Thanks for the tour. Jan

  34. Oh my goodness that is absolutely gorgeous!!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us :)


  35. Thank you so much! I feel like I got to go on the tour. I am bookmarking this post for all of the fabulous ideas! You have made my morning!

  36. What a lovely set of images! Love that coffee table.
    Also, a big Thank You for sharing your Leo Buscaglia quote, above. He was such a wonderful teacher!
    Happy Holidays to you from PPS!

  37. Oh I love when you let us tour with you! What fabulous ideas!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  38. Haven't spent much time in blogland lately so just now catching up on all your posts I missed.

    Love this house, thanks for all the pictures! Did you happen to notice how they put the silver tray wreath in the DR together, nails? glue? This is right up my alley, will have to hunt and gather some more pieces for a wreath next year.
    Thanks for your help,


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