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A Little Christmas Decorating...

 Thanks to everyone for all your nice comments on my last post about the craft fair!  We had a great time- attendance was down as snow moved in (which made for a fun take-down, too)... But, we had some sales, met a lot of fun vendors, and did some shopping!  And its always fun spending time with my daughter!  
With the last show of the year behind me, I've finally started doing a little decorating for Christmas.  Some years I want to decorate everything in sight, other years...I decorate very simply.  Are you like that?  This year with the sale, and not feeling my best (I'm battling bronchitis right now after having a cold for the last two weeks), I am definitely in a simple up north, almost Scandinavian decor.  Today I'll share the hutch!  Rather than unpacking a lot of Christmas decor, I am doing a lot with color this year...a fresh and cheery red and white!

I brought in pieces that I already had...

with a few sweet Christmas touches...

lovely old books...

a wonderful old teapot...

and this antique candy tin is filled with pepperberries!

A vintage chocolate covered cherry box looks cute on my latest scale find!  I've eaten many chocolate covered cherries in Christmases past...

This old Red Willow transferware platter is circa 1860...

of course I've added my sweet dog figurines...

and clocks...

and a charming old framed Christmas postcard...

The hutch makes me smile...hope you have enjoyed seeing it!

I am joining Kim at Wow Us Wednesday


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Until next time...


  1. I DID! The red and white theme is crisp and refreshing against the black of your hutch. I truly love all the different items you put together to make such a beautiful display.
    I hope, too, that you get to feeling better soon.
    Stay inside and take care!

  2. I'm doing simple this Christmas season. Small areas, adding to what is already in place.

    Take care of yourself now. Get better soon.

    - Joy

  3. Linda, I love the simplicity of the red and white. Love the old red books and the red transferware.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Blessings, Barb

  4. You have so many beautiful red and white serveware pieces!! I love how you decorated :)

  5. I don't know about simple but that is simply lovely and so festive. What a touch you have and it makes me glad to see the creativity in your arrangements. I'm afraid I've left the decorating to my husband this year. I just have to warch him at the stores though when it comes to Christmas decorations, that's where our tastes diverge, ha!
    best of the season to you,
    xoxo Kim

  6. I too have decided to "Keep It Simple" this year. I love the hutch. The items you added sure give it a Christmas look.

  7. What was I thinking about when I passed up great deals on red and white transferware over the years? I have one little bitty bowl, but it's a start. Your cupboard looks lovely with all your treasures.

  8. OH WOW, Linda--I adore this post--it is gorgeous!!!!

  9. YES!!
    I feel the same way this year, less is more.
    I have bright reds and cheery whites thru out. It feels perfect and next year it all may be decked out in turquoise...who knows LOL
    Wish I could have made it out to your show, it looked wonderful :)

  10. Looks great Linda. I'm in such a "simple" mood that I've yet to decorate anything! (But it's on my list for this weekend.)


  11. It's very charming and special Linda. As a young girl I always got a box of chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. I still love them.

  12. love it linda. lots of goodies tucked in that hutch. the red looks so beautiful and festive.

  13. Your hutch makes me smile too. You've given me lots of good ideas. As you know, I'm usually late to the party so I don't think I'll be having a lot of decorating going on here.

    I hope you get better soon!

  14. Your hutch makes me smile too! I love red and white for Christmas and you know how to do it right. I love the vintage bell, and the books. You've outdone yourself with this arrangement.

  15. Hi Linda.
    Love your Christmas theme of vintage red & white.
    Sounds like your show day was a fun one with your daughter.
    I'll be posting some photos on my blog this weekend. So please visit!
    Wishing you a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Sharon

  16. Hi dear Linda, it made me smile too- I love your red china, and the old lovely bell-the red books, and the pheffer berries, are fantastic-with the sweet little dogs sitting in between.A beautiful decorated hutc.Linda.

  17. Linda, the hutch looks beautiful, no wonder it makes you smile. All that red is so pretty and I like the idea of simplicity. And don't think I didn't see my shout out with the Boston figurine!! lol. Ann

  18. I went a little Christmas nuts this year, but yes, I am totally like that. Last year I only had one small tree. Sure hope you can rest and feel better. I love your red boxes and tins. I always do a bunch of red, but It has been popping all over blog land. Your displays are just perfect! Thanks for stopping by today!

  19. It is beautiful! I think it is amazing how a few seasonal touches can really put you in the Christmas spirit! Feel better soon!


  20. Your hutch is lovely! I love seeing all of the great red and white pieces that you have. Your "new to you" scale is fabulous, I love old scales. I also love old clocks, but they are not easy to come by.
    I love the way you have put it all together.
    Have a lovely day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Linda, I love when you do your hutch. SO many fun and gorgeous things to look at. Your really have quite the flair for pairing items together!
    Have fun tomorrow!

  22. Such beautiful eye candy you've put together here!
    I'm drooling over that vintage white-glittered bell. : )
    Take care,

  23. This is so pretty! I love your little doggy figurines. You have done such a lovely job decorating.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Come back again soon! I will be checking in on you regularly...I am following now.

    Merry Christmas! Kristine

  24. It makes me smile too Linda, it's wonderful! And I hope your feeling better soon! Vanna

  25. Hi Linda...I think this is one of my favorite holidays posts in blogland this year! Everything looks so beautiful!

  26. Oh my! I LOVE this hutch, along with everything in it! Just beautiful,

  27. Love the vintage bell and ribbon! And your styling of course=)! Hollie

  28. Great idea. I am trying to decorate with less also. I just don't feel like packing it back up in a month after Christmas is over. I guess I'm a little bah humbug this year. Love the little snowy bell hanging on the platter!

  29. I like it all especially that bon bon box! I just got an old cardboard choc. covered cherry box, never even thought of using it for a Christmas decoration...great idea! So sorry you have been under the weather I sure hope you feel better soon!

  30. Your chocolate covered cherries boxes reminded me of my mom -- she *loved* those!

    Wishing you all the best this holiday season. xo -amy

  31. Love your hutch! So Christmasy in a subtle way! I'm with you, some years I go all out, some years I leave a lot in the boxes. This year kind of in between for me. We have a lot of the same collections. Dogs, clocks, transferware. Mimi

  32. Very pretty, Linda. I like all the red, it feels very cheery. Sometimes I don't feel like doing a bunch of decorating either. A few times when we've had Christmas at our cabin, I just decorated the tree with lots and lots of red bows and a few gingerbread people. It was so simple, but so cute :)

  33. You should be
    a magazine stylist.
    I'm just say'in....
    you've got THE
    touch, girlie! Can't
    wait to see you this

    xx Suzanne

  34. Good morning! I missed your past couple of posts. That craft fair looked fabulous!!! Oh how I wish I was I could have been there! I love all of your beautiful treasures!!! So pretty!!

  35. Hi Linda,
    How are you? Nice to hear from you :) I am loving all your olden books and that great old chocolate cherry box. How neat!
    Merry Christmas!

  36. Oh, it makes me smile too. I love the pop of beautiful red treasures here and there. Such fun stuff. I'd never be able to put anything away after Christmas.

  37. I love all of your treasures in the hutch, I am sooo with you about not having a lot of Christmas decor. I am posting about it tomorrow, hope we don't get kicked out of blog land LOL!


  38. You have the coolest items! I love that candy tin!

  39. Linda, I am keeping my Christmas simple this year too. Just putting out things that I absolutely love. Your red and white is so lovely! I hope you feel better!

  40. I love how you decorate...all your vintage goodies sprinkled throughout your vignettes. :) That chocolate covered cherry box is adorable!
    Glad you liked my cookie cutter gifts....they were so yummy..I think I gained a pound just from the leftovers! lol
    Love ya much!

  41. HI Linda,
    I rushed over to see what you were up to after receiving an email from Cindy about us being featured in her magazine post!

    It is so wonderful to be included in on such talented women and all that we love doing and inspiring :)

    The holidays look so wonderful over here and I am taking a bit of your beauty with me!

    Merry Christmas
    Burlap Luxe

  42. Your hutch looks lovely Linda...I love all the vintage red touches. I was thinking simple too...but I just keep going. I guess that's part of the fun for me :) Chat soon, Laurel

  43. Hello,
    I'm your newest follower! I found you through Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings blog - and so happy I did! Your blog looks wonderful! When I saw your header (with the old books) but heart skipped a beat! lol Also, yes, I'm exactly that way with Christmas decorating - some years I feel like doing a lot, other times, not so much. Hope you're feeling better soon!
    Hugs, Cindy

  44. Wow, I took one look and immediately followed! I hope you will take a look at all my vintage items too over at Junkaholics Unanimous. I love new follwers and friends! I will be back soon to linger longer.


  45. What a beautiful hutch, Linda! The milk glass, greenery, and your red books are the perfect festive touches. And I love the bon bon tin, and how you've used what you already had, rather than hauling out (and unpacking!) all of your Christmas decor. Hope you're feeling better soon:)

  46. Lovely lovely lovely. Those dog figurines are so cute.


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