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Fun Finds and a Winner...

I have a few fun thrift store finds to share this week...don't you love the colors of this embossed Dutch tin?

I found a couple of dainty linens for spring, too.

I love this quilted pillow sham~ the pale gray pattern on soft white... not sure if I'll use it as a sham or just for the pretty fabric...

This old cash book is so decorative~ from the impressed cover...

To the interior...

and page headings...

This BIG twig basket will be great holding pots in the garden or out in the porch this spring!

My favorite find this week is this great vintage lamp!  I love the combination of wood and woven, and with the right shade will add to the rustic farmhouse style I am adding to my decor!

I am always amazed at the goodies found in a thrift store...

Also today...I want to thank everyone who entered my Vintage Valentine giveaway over at Knick of Time!  Thanks so much, Angie!  You did a wonderful job of hosting!

The winner is Linda at Coastal Charm  and I am joining her this week at her Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Until next time...


  1. Great finds. The lamp base was my favorite also. Love to see it with the shade you select. I too love old linens. I need to get to the thrift store this week.

  2. Oh wow, you really did find some wonderful stuff. I love that lamp, but my favorite is the cash book...awesome!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Linda,
    So happy to have you at the party with all your thrifty the colors on the tin and that's a great lamp! I have sent Angie my info...having trouble finding your e-mail...mine is Thanks so much for all the SWEET goodies...can't wait to get them.


  4. I agree with Linda....I Love the old cash book with its interesting typography!!! You made some great finds!!!

  5. Love the tin, the pattern is gorgeous! Wouldn't it make for beautiful paper? The cash book is great, love the vintage typography! You must have better thrift stores than me! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn

  6. Lovely new finds! I like a day where you can find great stuff!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. What wonderful treasures you found! My favorite is the tin.

  8. That tin jar!! I had that on my blog a while back because I found one on Etsy. I didn't buy it and kick myself all the time for it. It's just so pretty!

  9. Linda,
    You have some lovely finds! Very pretty!


  10. Congratulations to Linda, she will have so much fun with all of the little treasures that she won.
    You found some great little things, once again. I especially love that lamp!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. So many great finds, I love, love, love the lamp and that embossed tin, the colors are amazing! And congrats to Linda, she will put those treasures to good use!

    Kat :)

  12. OK, You talked me into it!! I'm participating in Nifty Tuesday :)
    I would have commented anyway. Love that lamp. I bought one too, but didn't post. Are you leaving it as is? I'm a sucker for paper.. I see you too. Have a great week!
    xxx Liz

    PS. Are you going to Country Living Fair? Hmm?

  13. Great finds! I love the lamp too.

  14. The lamp is a splendid thrifty find. Congrats to Linda:)

  15. Good finds Linda! Love that cash book. Guess I'll be making a trip to the thrift store tomorrow morning after all!

  16. I love the cash book. Any paper related item is always a winner with me. That Linda at Coastal Charm is one lucky lady.

  17. great finds.
    love the linens :D

  18. Congrats to Linda @ Coastal Charm! Love the finds...I'm a sucker for old tins!

  19. What great finds, Linda! My favorite is that gorgeous tin! And the lamp is so cool, lucky you!

  20. I love your finds. I found a beautiful tin today too. I'll have to take some pictures and post them--just for you. I'll send ya a link.

  21. I do love tins! I haven't been out "shopping" for awhile...hubby's car had to get fixed...Fun finds for sure!

  22. Congrats to the winner. She will love it, I'm sure. I love your little tin, too. xo Diana AND the cash book!

  23. Gorgeous tin and that cash book is pretty sweet too. I love the font and the beautiful handwriting. Great finds!

  24. Great lamp! Every room needs a little wicker and I'm curious to see what kind of shade you add to it.

  25. Love the little tin - the colours are beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  26. Gorgeous Cash Book!! So love vintage ephemra and script!!

  27. Great finds, Linda. I would've bought that lamp in a minute! It's fabulous. And the cash book is great too. I have a similar one and am thinking about making it into a journal. I added your blog to my "Love These Blogs" list on my sidebar. I'm enjoying my visits :)

  28. I love those old embossed tinns, Linda, and yours is very beautiful- love the cash book, too-you lucky girl finding such goodies alwayes :)

  29. Oh my gosh, Linda,
    Do you really live in the same area I do? I never see things like that at thrift stores here! Yummy things!

  30. Congrats to Linda!
    Love that old cash book!!

  31. Love these finds Linda!! I had a warning pop up while on your blog about "Malware" and a virus. Has anyone else said anything to you? It was connected to another site that was connected to yours. Sorry didn't get the info as I tried to get it off screen pronto! Ann

  32. Love the tea tin,
    especially! You
    were born with the
    eye for spotting

    xx Suzanne

  33. You sure have a keen eye, Linda, those are some great finds. I'm in love with quilted pillow sham. It looks like it was block printed :)

  34. Wow ! what a beautiful dutch tin... Love the lid especially... !! And I love tht twig basket... Gorgeous finds ;-)

  35. Wonderful finds. That cash book is especially neat!

  36. Fabulous finds!!! I always enjoy seeing what others have found - love that ledger book!xo

    -pamela :)


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