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Something Accomplished!

We recently finished a major part of our entryway re-do...the coat rack/bench!  It is a very functional part of our house.  In Minnesota, shoes are kicked off when you enter the house...sand, snow, mud, salt...its all dragged in.  And there are always coats, gloves, hats, etc.  The photo below is what the mudroom section looked like in stage one after I removed the old wallpaper, primed, and painted...

 We had this shoe storage bench from Ikea that provided a place to sit down, and some peg racks on the wall.  But I have always felt it was unbalanced in the room...keepin' it real here...

We had nice existing wainscoting...

We decided to make it feel like a built in coat rack/ bench unit!  My husband built a basic shelf with nice pine boards and a couple of  pre-made shelf brackets.  It is nearly 7 feet long... we made it to extend several inches beyond the bench on each side.

It would be fine like that, but we decided to dress it up with crown molding on top, and later on the interior...

We screwed it into the studs for strength, choosing a height we thought looked right...the top would be used for displaying decorative items so we kept that in mind...

Flat decorative moldings were added to each side as a border edge.  The shelf brackets were set to just over the length of the bench, so the molding edge would line up with the bench. 

Then it was time to prime and paint!  We really liked the wall color we had chosen and I used the same color on the shelf unit- Benjamin Moore's White Sand in an eggshell finish.

I painted it out all the way to the floor.  You can't see it here, but I painted a pale drop shadow on the line where it crosses the wainscoting for a little more realism there.  The paint brings it together like a single piece!

Then the jewelry...the beautiful black hooks!  We spent about $50 on these, the most expensive part of the project...but OH SO pretty...

Finally, the black shoe bench was put back in place... This project cost around $100, mostly due to the hooks and crown molding, but could be done in a simpler way, for much less money!  In the photo below, you can see the interior moldings, too!  We are really happy with this addition to the entryway!  Next post, I will be showing the entire entryway reveal...before and after!  It has taken awhile, but was well worth the effort!

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Until next time...


  1. Wow, that looks great Linda! Your husband did a wonderful job on the shelf, it really helps tie the whole area together :)

  2. Oh Linda, it is gorgeous! I would be so happy to kick my shoes/boots off there.

  3. Linda! This came out sooo great! Nice job with the shelf - I LOVE the hanging skates, just a beautiful space. Thanks so much for the nice comment, I am now your newest follower!

  4. Good Morning Linda!
    What a Great Project and a perfect Space for it! You must Love having this for Organization. With three kids going to school my front hall becomes the catch all. It would be nice to have a space like this.
    Have a Wonderful Day My Friend!

  5. Yeah for you. Looks terrific. Useful AND pretty is a home run. Enjoy.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Congratulations for meeting the challenge! Your entry way is looking gorgeous! I love the bench and the shelf with the beautiful hooks, it looks like it belongs there.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. This is great! I think something very similar will work behind my front door...thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. I'm really loving this. What an awesome idea. I so need one of these, but haven't come up with a plan yet on how to go about it. Your husband did an awesome job. Love the hooks. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautifully done!
    The hooks may have been expensive but they pull the whole thing together really well.

  10. Not only beautiful but practical too. It invites one to hang up their coat and bag and put their shoes/boots under the bench. Great colour choice and I love the decorations you added.

  11. LOVE this project!
    Girlie, you've been busy!
    The molding and hooks
    were worth the splurge;
    really made it look sturdy ~
    AND expensive : )


    xx Suzanne

  12. excellent! it looks fantastic, like it was perfectly made for that spot!! All those shoes and snow and dirt uffda I know the feeling. Since our kids both moved out the shoe situation has improved but that snow/snirt is still here!

  13. How cool is that! Great job of using what you have!

  14. Hi Linda, thank you for all your kind words. I'm finding my way back to blog-land, slowly but surely.
    Your entry way is stunning-you have such a knack for putting things together!!

  15. Linda, that was clever the way you tied the two pieces together with the molding. The project turned out beautiful!

  16. I LOVE this! And envy the great way to deal with coats and shoes. You had great vision to think of extending that part by sectioning off the wainscoting and painting it a different color. Inspired and inspiring!

  17. It really looks gorgeous Linda. Your idea translated into a beautiful new entry.

  18. That looks excellent! You built it to look like a big ol piece of hall furniture - very very clever. Do your kids put all their stuff in the cubbies? I gotta know.....


  19. Wow! Love the whole transformation! The addition of the crown molding really gave it furniture-like appearance.

  20. Linda, it is looking fantastic- and elegant with the white/black together,-what a great entry.
    I`m home again, after taking Mathilde to mom and dad- kind of emphty here...

  21. This is indeed a piece of art! The hooks are gorgeous! Too bad you actually have to cover them with coats and such!

  22. Very cool- looks straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog. You did awesome!

  23. That really looks like a built in unit. Great job. Love that you painted a drop shadow for realism.

  24. Looks great!!! I've been dreaming about a spot like that by our back door...lucky you :) Laurel

  25. Girlie you guys out did yourselves on that looks great! :) I LOVE the hooks and think they were worth every cent of the $50.00!
    Oh..and my dental work isn't completely behind me...I still have two fillings that need replacing and they have to seat my crown. :-/ I guess it'll be over one day! lol
    Love ya!

  26. That is awesome Linda. I could really use one of those in our home. My boys throw their stuff all over the place.

  27. Very clever with the 'fool-the-eye' paint and trim placement.
    I think it looks great!

    I especially am like that chandy,girl!

  28. What a beautiful reveal! I love how it turned out! Congratulations! You conquered your "impossible." Thanks for linking up to our party!


  29. omy gosh, this is just great Linda, you and hubby did a wonderful job...I wish I had a bigger entryway!

  30. Beautiful and so functional!! Looks like something out of a magazine :)

  31. Love this built in project. I am so impressed, it looks so professional.

  32. Linda your mudroom looks awesome! I remember a time when I didn't know what a mud room was! Ha! We didn't really need them in this ol' dry desert! Now, looking at houses in Seattle, I've seen a lot of them...I want one like yours!

  33. That is fabulous!! I wish I had it here in Florida!! I hear you are not having much snow and it is a fabulous warm winter!! Yea, you deserve it! Looking forward to the full reveal!


  34. Linda, this turned out so well! I like the way you painted it to make it look like all one piece. The hooks were worth the price, for sure. Yay for you and hubby! Ann

  35. I love what you have done....

    What a gorgeous colour and I adore those hooks.

    What a very pleasant welcome.


  36. Nice!!!! NO, I didn't know that they were doing a movie of Diana Gabaldon's books!! How on earth can they? It will have to be a mini series? Claire..hmmm, who would I pick? I don't know? Who would you pick? And what about Jamie????

  37. WOW!!! It's perfect and your hubby can come over and make one for me!!
    Love the color choices too! We take our shoes off also..saves on the floors and cleaning!

  38. Oh My! you two have outdone yourselves. It's so pretty and functional and I love, love, love it. Can't wait to see for tomorrows post to see the whole room.

    btw, the hooks was money well spent - amazing!

  39. Love your entry way!!!!

  40. Great job! I would love to have that mudroom!

  41. Hi Linda,
    You guys did an awesome job! It is just gorgeous!!

  42. Love the black bench and the cute shelf - it's a fab makeover! Thanks so much for joining our challenge and a new follower!

  43. I really like this. Love how you tied the black color in a little here and there. Looks like something from a magazine. YOu did a great job.

  44. Your new mushroom looks great. The hook are really looks built-in and the hooks are so pretty. Can't wait to see the complete entry!

  45. It looks so amazing!! I'm wishing that was my entryway!!!

  46. Linda,

    I'm just loving this idea. So clever! Oh, and I finally did pick a blue for my bedroom ... thank you for all your help there.

    So glad you've joined our challenge and linked up! I'll be pinning you too!


  47. I have the same shoe bench, but it sure doesn't look at wonderful as yours does now! What a great project, and a fabulous addition to your mudroom area. I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open, saying, "Wow!!" Great job.

  48. Linda, this looks great. I love how you made it look built in. thanks for sharing at Wow.

  49. Aaaaaaahhh! Beautiful and so cozy. What a talented team you two make. Pretty colors too.

  50. LOve It!! You and your husband did a great job!!
    It totally comes together beautifully. thanks for the ideas !
    and a fellow etsyian!

  51. Looks great! LOVE The hooks!

    Found you at the cottage market blog.


  52. This is GREAT. I love it. The whole project is lovely. I am so envious of this space. Wish I had one. It's wonderful!!

  53. You did a great job! Your entryway looks fantastic and is going to keep you so organized! Stopping by from Debbiedoo's and I pinned you!

  54. I've just popped over from Debbie's Linky party! I love your entry! We just did a similar re-do in our home! I love that extra hook by the door, I may have to add another one!

    I'm going to pin, Follow, and continue exploring your blog! Have a wonderful weekend!


  55. Love what you did. Amazing how a few changes to what you have can make such an improvement! Great job.
    Blessings, Ginger

    I am pinning.

  56. Ha ha, I see I found this post in January of last year! Right about this time I am sick of wet shoes and boots in the entry way but I am so far behind I don't think I moved sandals out of the way. Thanks for linking up.



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