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The Entryway Reveal...

The photo above is of our entryway last fall.  It was a pretty and cozy room, and I know many of you loved that wallpaper...but we had this paper up for 10 years and I was MORE than ready for a change! (I did save most of the paper for projects!)  The paper came down easily and after scrubbing down the walls and priming, we painted the walls with Benjamin Moore's White Sand in an eggshell finish.  It was not an easy choice...we kept the existing wainscoting color (Benjamin Moore's Bennington Gray) and finding the right shade to go with it was a challenge.  As you can see from the photo, the room is naturally dark and the even the paint on the same chip card, did not go well in our lighting.  It took 9 samples to find what we were looking for!  I had decided to paint the coat rack bench black to go with the mantle in the space, but felt it was still going to be too dark.  That's when I made the decision to paint out the coat rack and the mantle in the wall opened up the whole space and filled it with light... 

I switched the mirror to a vertical position and added 2 prints of vintage French botanicals.  I re-did the light wood frames with a paint treatment (I'll do a tutorial on it soon).  The sconces are vintage...

You can see how much brighter and cleaner this space feels! ( If you missed my last post, I showed how we made the coat rack bench area there.)  The back door goes out into our sunporch area, which is still a work in progress...

I kept the existing inspiration for the colors in the space...

and the petite chandy...

Years back, my daughter had taken photos of architectural elements of the letters in our name and framed them- I changed out the old mauve colored mat to an off white, for the new space...

You might remember the subway style piece that I had in the seems to go perfectly here.  The cabinet was my husband's grandmother's, and holds hats, gloves, dog leashes, etc.

This photo is looking from the mudroom space towards the front door area...

The vintage alabaster lamp has a toile shade...

I LOVE this little chalkware dogs figurine!

A couple of horse pieces decorate the opposite wall...

above my terrarium,

which holds a little wire cloched alabaster urn with nest.

The front entryway wall has a "Welcome" shelf with pegs for guest coats...

The charming shell box belonged to my husband's grandmother, too!

  A few old books,

a basket to hold keys,

and of course, my vintage umbrellas (and yes I use these), decorate the space!

We are loving the new space!

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Until next time...


  1. I love the new lighter colors. It sure opened the room up and made it look bigger. Great job!

  2. I love your entryway....everything works together so beautifully.
    The architectural letters picture is a great piece and I LOVE those umbrellas! Great space!!

  3. Removing the wallpaper really opened up the hallway space and made it look brighter and bigger! Your accessories are a big plus, as well. I especially like the architectural element photos as lettering for your name. ~Sue

  4. Perfection! I love every single bit of it!

    If I was a visitor it would take me ages to get through this bit - there are so many lovely things to take in.

    Love your daughters idea with the letters :)

    Have a good weekend

    ps thanks for visiting


  5. Dear Linda, it looks wonderful, I love your old dark furnichures, in the white lovely room,- and all your little collections, of old pieces- and yes, your daughters letter photoes are great.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. If this the mud room, I want to see the rest of your house, must be divine!

  7. O'Linda, what an amazing make-over! I love everything about this entryway from the color choice right down to elements/furniture pieces you have used. Enjoy your new space and the weekend, Gail

  8. Wowsa!
    It looks so more lighter and airier
    I really loved the cabbage roses, but after 10 yrs I can see why you wanted a change.
    I've been wanting to create a bench area too. Love yours!

  9. O my. What a difference. You have done an amazing job here!! It must feel like a whole new home when you walk in
    I love dark and cozy but this white really feels fresh and full of life. Perfect for an upcoming spring. Thanks for sharing this makeover

  10. Oh, Linda. I love it. I loved the wallpaper,as well, but we all need change, too! Great job. Where did you get the horse plaque? I would love to have one for my new room.

  11. Wonderful transformation! I had to go back and look at it all a second time!

  12. I love the changes you made, Linda! It looks so fresh and crisp, yet still filled with all sorts of wonderful treasures.


  13. It looks great, Linda! Love all your little touches too.

  14. I love it! Everything looks so put together. Paint colours are hard to pick out aren't they?

  15. Linda, I LOVE it! So light and pretty. I did love the wallpaper, but I am sure it will come to life again! And...change is always fun!

  16. Linda, what a fresh and pretty transformation. And I must say, I was a wee bit jealous to hear you say that the wallpaper came off easily!!!! What fun paper to have for projects!!! The new fresh paint and decor is perfect for the space!!! Such treasures...especially the one your daughter did of your name!!

  17. Wow Linda! Painting the area really opened and brightened it up. It looks gorgeous. I love the botanical it all

  18. Your room is beautiful. Wish I had my grandma's umbrella! And the architectural letter sign is fantastic!

  19. Linda I love the new look! So clean and fresh and it makes all you wonderful accessories pop! Your vintage umbrellas are so cute! hugs, Linda

  20. Beautiful, Linda! It looks like it sets a peaceful and relaxing feel to those who enter your home.

  21. Wow Linda, what a transformation! It all looks so much brighter and I love all of your accessories and wall art. That beautiful shell box caught my eye right away! Enjoy your beautiful new look!

    Kat :)

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! Your new space could be in Country Living Magazine! This project is truly one from your's welcoming and stylish!

    Pat yourself on the back, Linda. It's exceptional!!!


  23. I just love your style. The mix of vintage and new gets me very excited. You've decorated the both spaces to blend so nicely. Wonderful, wonderful job.

  24. I love it! Looks Great! I have the same terrarium except mine doesn't have any glass. I also like your dog statue, very cute!

  25. I LOVE your changes! I'm in a "change it all" mood now, too. :)

  26. Happy sigh! The lighter colours and your wonderful additions and decorations make such a great and useful space. Thanks for sharing.

  27. LINDA,
    Love the entry...your taste is awesome...enjoy your blog soooo much!!! It's all so beautiful to look at ...and I know you are enjoying it!!! ((( HUGS )))

    Brenda in Texas!

  28. Linda, so much goodness in one space. I have to admit I am lusting after that little greenhouse! This is such a wonderful transformation that holds so much family history - I love it. And I love the new light look. What a pleasure it must be to walk through there. Ann

  29. Wow, Linda! I see so many gorgeous things here that I don't know where to begin! Your coat rack is awesome, I would love to have one of those in my dream mud room (that does not exist, yet anyway!). And I adore your chandelier, the botanical prints, and how light and bright you've made it!!!

  30. Linda, it's so beautiful, fresh and welcoming. I think all that sampling was worth it in the end because the combination is so creamy and pretty. Love the subtle contrast.

    Well done. Of course, sweet friend.

  31. I LOVE it! :) I love the simplicity of the design; just a few very special pieces that look great together. Not cluttered or overly done. I'm finding that I'm sort of 'paring down' my decorating style, too. A few months ago I took all the things off the tops of my kitchen cabinets so I could decide in which direction I wanted to go in there. You know they're still bare? Not gonna leave them totally empty but I am definitely going to keep it simple. ;)

  32. The redo is wonderful. So bright and refreshing. Both the front entryway and the mudroom are so inviting with all the special touches. The Victorian gingerbread creates a totally unique look.

  33. ABSOLUTELY beautiful! You did a wonderful job. I loved the wallpaper but it does seem a lot bigger with the paint instead. xo Diana

  34. It's beautiful, Linda! I love the open feeling, it looks completely different from before. I'm sure you're loving it the light airy place that it is now!
    Hugs, Cindy

  35. Your entryway is beautiful, Linda! Thank you for sharing your wonderful project at Potpourri Friday!

  36. I love it. My fav's the Welcome shelf and the old books, oh and the way you changed up the bench/hook area. You love it too right? It certainly doesn't look dark.


  37. As much as I love cabbage roses, like you, I get tired of things and just want a change. Your changes are outstanding, Linda. I love the color combination and the simplicity of design. And I'm so glad the paper came off easily for you! I especially love the vintage umbrellas too! I've had a few over the years but found the fabric to be too fragile to really use. Your house looks so warm and inviting, just the way I think it should be. Happy to be following you on Linky Followers and I really appreciate you following Cottage and Creek since my "friends" will soon be going away. Have a nice weekend.

  38. Your new space is lovely. Love the architectural letters. What a talented daughter you have.

  39. Your entryway is so pretty! I love the new look! I saw this pinned and I didn't know it was your entryway! LOL!


  40. Even though I was one who loved that wallpaper I really love what you've done with your entry. It really looks updated and bright. Very nicely done! Mimi

  41. This is beautiful! What a change.

  42. I loved the old wallpaper, but I love the new lighter look. You have been one busy lady. I hope to get as much done this year :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  43. I really love the lighter and brighter look. So glad you saved the wall paper for projects.

  44. So vintage-inspired....
    So beautiful....
    So charming....
    SO LINDA!!!

    I did love the wallpaper,
    but as I am also at a
    point in my life where
    calm and simplicity want
    to reign, I totally get the
    cleaner feel you were going
    for ~ and attained.

    Love it!

    xx Suzanne

  45. LOVE that alabaster lamp with the toile shade! Everything looks so welcoming.

  46. LOVE that alabaster lamp with the toile shade! Everything looks so welcoming.

  47. OK, I have to admit I'm liking the lighter, brighter entryway. I really like the Welcome shelf. It looks so architectural!

  48. linda,
    i love what you did in the entryway. the colors really brightened that area up and gave it new life. i love the neutral pallet and all the architectural & vintage elements you included to personalize it.

  49. Linda, I wanted to thank you for commenting on my FrenchKissed "Souvien-Toi" blog post ....Needless to say, I've gotten quite lost on your blog and enjoyed every minute of it:) I love your French prints, of course (!) and your tutorial on the frames make it seem so easy. I'm checking out a vintage skirt hanger to use to display some of my postcards after seeing your pant hanger photo displays. Merci BEAUCOUP for all the inspiration and eye candy!

  50. Hi there, I just discovered your lovely blog via a pin on Pinterest. I love your home. Your decorating skills are amazing. I wish I could hire you to decorate my home for me! :-) I just signed up to follow your blog posts via e-mail. I look forward to reading future posts :-)


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