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A Quick and Simple Paint Tutorial...

Recently I shared our entryway reveal and I wanted to share one of the projects I did for the room!  At a thrift store, I found this pair of reproduction prints of antique French botanicals.  Love the prints, but the frames...not so much...they don't fit my decor.  I used a simple paint technique which I have used on light and dark stained wood pieces in the past.  Using a little standard acrylic craft paint 
(a dollar or less a bottle at the craft store),  I use a small amount in a container with a little added water to thin it down, so it won't dry as quickly.   You can't mess this are painting on a wash.  I do the treatment on one side at a time to avoid the paint drying too quickly while I work.

Then using a plastic bag or balled up plastic wrap, just start dabbing and removing paint to get a look you like. 

Once you've finished with the whole piece, it takes just minutes to dry.  It will feel very chalky.  Then I take a slightly dampened paper towel and go over the paint surface to distress it even further in spots, if I want.  I let it dry again and then top coat it with acrylic sealer or decoupage medium (which is a sealer, too).  I actually used a matte decoupage medium on these and they turned out beautifully.  The sealer brings out the color really well...

You can see you can get many different looks with this process and it is a quick and very inexpensive technique!  I have used it on furniture and other accessories in the past, as well!

These prints made a nice addition to the entryway!

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  1. Lovin' those prints and the frames look much better. Great job, Linda!

  2. Thanks for showing your technique for texture/remake on the frames.

  3. Such an awesome transformation and so easy too. They have the look of old barn wood. Great job Linda.

  4. Linda, what a great easy make-over. They turnout really well and go quite nicely in your new entryway! Ann

  5. That's amazing Linda! How do you ever think of these things? I would be so worried I'd mess it up. Looks great in your entryway, and I love the botanical prints!

  6. Sheer genius. Can't wait to try it. Thank for sharing. These look terrific!

  7. Super job on the frames. they look great. Thanks for showing how you did it.

  8. Linda,
    These are VERY NIFTY THRIFTY...easy and fast is my way to go with DIY projects...they look wonderful in your home.


  9. Looking so good Linda, a wonderful finish,- and it looks not too difficult to do.I love the prints, and they look so much better now , dear.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial on the frames. They look great on the botanicals.

  11. Love that treatment on the frame. I have a pic frame I hate the color of so this will be tried for sure! Hugs, Linda

  12. I love the paint job on the prints. What really caught my eye looking at your blog was the dogs. How cute. Please come and join my blog to hear about my Farm Dog Jake. I posted about him a couple of weeks ago and nobody made a comment about him. His feelings are hurt!! My blog is brand NEW.

  13. Wow! I love how your frames look now.... thanks for sharing the tutorial.


  14. Now they really pop against the lighter walls!

  15. The frames turned out your technique too! Very pretty :o)

  16. Hi Linda,
    I love the botanical prints and you made them perfect with the frame update. They really work in your new entry.

  17. These are amazing Linda!! They look like you bought these at a swanky little shop. Good work!
    xxx Liz
    PS. we should go in business together. I'll make shades, you make frames. OK? Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

  18. That is a really great technique, I have never seen that one before.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Simply fabulous frames!

  20. Thanks for showing us your technique. The frames turned out great and they do make a nice addition to your entryway - which, btw, looks stunning :) I just love a thrifty project!
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  21. I had forgotten all about this technique. I love, love, love how you've used it with black. This is getting pinned :)

  22. First off, I can't believe you found such nice prints at the thrift store, secondly, I'm not sure if I've seen this technique done small-scale before. It is certainly perfect for the pieces, a little bid "aged" w/o being overly rustic.

  23. Those are really pretty Linda. Love the prints, and they do make a great addition! Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. That looks so good, Linda! What a nice makeover. Did you sand the frames a little bit first to make the paint stick better? Hope you have a good weekend :)

  25. I can personally
    attest to how
    BEAUTIFUL these
    frames look in
    person, since I
    got to see them ~
    and YOU ~ on Thursday!
    I can't wait to try
    this technique. Going
    to Pin it, now.

    So much fun spending
    the day with you and
    looking forward to our
    next adventure!

    xx Suzanne

  26. What a difference your paint treatment works, Linda! The botanical are a perfect fit for your transformed room!!


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