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The Valentine Hutch...and Pugs...

With Valentines Day fast approaching, it was time for a few changes to my hutch!  I kept the red and white I used over the holidays, adding some pink and some vintage valentines...

I added some pretty pink glass pieces...

and another one of my chocolate covered cherry boxes...

and some sweet dried roses.

This lovely old teapot was my mother-in-law's...

I added some milk glass pieces in, too!

And look at Bailey and Sophie, all dressed up for Valentines Day!

These sweet little fleece ponchos are handmade by volunteers for K9 Rescue of Faribault County !  This organization is selling these as a fundraiser!  This organization is strictly foster based as they seek forever homes for dogs.  They have many fleece patterns available, and are only $10 - $15 each, depending on size.  If you would like to help them raise funds, and receive a cute coat for your dog,  you can click on the link above for more info!  My dogs love theirs!

Until next time...


  1. Linda, your hutch looks as festive as ever! And as for Bailey and Sophie, well...sooo cute!

  2. Hi Linda, a wonderful collection, which all together sayes Valentine,
    I love your cherry boxes,and beautiful teapots,and the red transfareware- and your doggies loooks prepared for the cold outside weather-so sweet-
    Wish you a great week-end, dear.

  3. Perfect.... it all looks gorgeous as do your sweet dogs!


  4. Hi Linda, I love your hutch with all your pretties and I love those vintage cherry boxes. Your little pugs are adorable. Have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  5. Wow! What a lovely mix of items with just the right amount of white to keep it serene.

  6. How pretty is your hutch Linda. I love the vintage cards too. The pugs stole the show in their ponchos..I just love them! Have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely . . . I adore your collection of "valentine" items. The linens, the scales, the clocks--all work so well together.

  8. the teapot on the old books and the vintage clocks captured my heart on this cold day....

  9. Hi Linda, Your hutch is beautiful and your pugs are sooo cute.
    Happy Valentines Day

  10. It looks like you're all set for Valentine's. I love the cherry boxes and the red and white linens. Your little doggies look sooo cute decked out in their festive outerwear :)

  11. So pretty Linda, not to mention Bailey and Sophie! Adorable and all ready for the big day. Ann

  12. Those little valentine doggies are the best! So cute.

  13. Loving your hutch! I have a collection of milk glass and so you cake plate caught my eye especially! Love how you added the pink and vintage valentines. Perfect! Hugs, Linda

  14. Linda- It looks very pretty all dressed for Valentine's Day. Love that old card and I so remember those boxes of chocolate covered cherries. They were my mother's favorite. Cute little doggies dressed for the occassion. xo Diana

  15. Zooming over to take
    a peek at those coats.
    Love your V-Day decor.
    You must have a HUGE
    storage room for all of
    your lovely goodies! I
    could go crazy with each
    holiday, but thankfully,
    our limited storage keeps
    me in check : ) Hope your
    weekend is off to a great
    start.....Can't wait to see
    you next week ~ woo-hoo!

    xx Suzanne

  16. Am I the only one who thinks it's ironic you put the box of candy on a scale?


  17. Hi Linda, Everything in your hutch looks wonderful. The red, pink and white together are fabulous! And I love seeing all of your fun vintage pieces.
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. So very pretty...and those dogs in the ponchos??? Too cute! Laurel

  19. It all looks great! If you get a chance, stop by and see my Valentine goodies :)


  20. You've once again created a delightful mood with your collections. I love the old candy boxes.
    We were admiring the map we got from you as the centennial for Arizona Statehood is on Valentine's Day.
    xoxo Kim

  21. Your hutch looks so festive with the red, white, and pink. I have been searching for redwork linens for a bedroom, and spied some lovely pieces tucked in among your treasures!

    Your dogs look quite fetching in their coats. Do they wear the polar fleece boots, too? I was forever backtracking in the snow to find those missing boots!

  22. I would love to have 2 little sweet pugs again, both Sophie & Bailey are so cute they remind me of my Ollie & Sissy my past little pugs. I have been going to contact pug rescue in my area.
    I have 2 little fleece coats already I just need the pugs.
    Happy valentines to you all

    Your hutch is wonderful as always

  23. Love your hutch and the chocolate covered cherry boxes, my dad's favorite! But I'm wondering if they have the coats that would fit me!! LOL!! xoxo

    Just found your lovely blog...and am your newest follower!

  25. Love all of this vintage goodness. Reminds me of my hutch shelf too. I just love your blog. I would like to maybe swap with you sometime if you like to do that kind of thing. I host swaps during the year sometimes, and just feel like we have lots in common. I am your newest follower! Thanks for visiting my blog an becoming a follower there.

  26. Linda,
    Your hutch looks great! My fave is the cherry box. I had one years ago and gave it to a friend. Wouldn't it be great if they made repros of them again? Thank you for your support on FB. It's a learning curve for me! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.
    xxx Liz

  27. What a feastive Valentine hutch. I'm a fan of milkglass. Doggies are very "festive" also.

    Have a wonderful week.

  28. Perfect for Valentine's Day! I love the new hutch and I followed you on linky followers!


  29. Your pugs are just so adorable! Love the hutch and the vintage milk glass and Valentines!

  30. Your hutch is very,very charming. I love that you have added your cherry boxes and the teapot, etc. It all makes for a perfect Valentine display. So very charming.
    Now moving on to the subject of love...your heart is going pitter patter. So sweet!
    Happy Valentine's Day, Linda!

  31. Your hutch is fabulous, I love the old chocolate boxes!!



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