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Bottles and A New Collection...

I stopped by a garage sale the other day and found a few few goodies!  Don't you love these aqua bottles?  The wire closure tops are fun, too!

And I found two lovely old plates!  I don't have any like these, but fell in love with them...I think it is the start of a collection!

Love the faded lettering and florals...

So pretty!

Have you ever spotted something and knew immediately you wanted to collect it?

I am joining Debra of Common Ground's Monday Marketplace with some of my etsy goodies...

and Linda of Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Until next time...


  1. Great find on those bottles. Unique stoppers. I just bought some tulips today and I can see a tulip in each bottle lined up on my table.

  2. I love the bottles and their tops are so neat! I remember my mom having one of those plates:)

  3. Oh Linda, you know I love bottles!! That would have made my day, the plates too!


  4. Your basket looks like it was packed for a picnic a hundred years ago in a simpler time. Very pretty.

  5. What a great find! It seems that I "collect" everything!

  6. Great finds, Linda! Love the bottles!

  7. I've always loved vintage bottles, and yours were a lucky find! So were your pretty dishes! I can't wait to start garage saling:)

  8. I love vintage bottles.
    I love vintage plates.

    You found some wonderful finds this weekend.
    XO Sharon

  9. I love the bottles and the especially the wonderfully faded plates.

    I love the old bottles that were used for medicines, like lung tonic!

    I saw a collection of hat pins a few years ago and they all looked so lovely together - I bought one and now I have eleven.

    I only buy ones I really really love now - and don't spend lots on them either. Now I am looking for the perfect holder for them.

  10. I have been collecting bottles to alter. Your collection is very nice. Love the old plates!

  11. Beautiful!!! Love the bottles and the perfectly aged plates :) Laurel

  12. That's my problem Linda. Everything I spot is something I want to collect! Those bottles are something I would have picked up in a nanosecond too!

  13. i LOVE those bottles. i would have grabbed them too.

  14. Great finds, Linda. I love those bottles. I wonder what they were used for?

  15. I love your new finds, especially the bottles! And yes, I have done that very same thing, only I find things that are very hard to continue to collect it seems!


  16. I love those bottles. The closer/cap is the clincher on those beauties. What pretty china, too. Good job finding!!! xo Diana

  17. Dear Linda, the plates are so very beautiful, I so love the soft lovely colours, -and the bottles are great finds also.
    Wish you a happy easter, dear.

  18. Those bottles are fantastic! I can't wait to see your growing collection of pretty plates!


  19. Those bottles are awesome...and I've always had a soft spot for plates like that, reminds me of my grandmother.

  20. The bottles are neat Linda. Joe and I went garage salen in the rain Saturday. We are garage sale freaks.

  21. Yes, I have found things unexpectedly and started a collection! My current collection is clear glass bottles (not big ones like yours); mainly vintage ones. :-)

  22. Two months ago I thought I had too many collections and I was thinning them out. I have learned since blogging that i just needed to learn how to display things. Heaven help me when I start hitting the garage sales!


  23. So beautiful! I just came across your blog, love it! you def have a new follower!

  24. Old bottles are so pretty to line up with flowers. Love yours!


  25. Those are great finds! My problem is reading posts like yours and thinking, "hey, that IS a good idea for a collection"!

  26. The bottles are great!! I can see some homemade lemonade in them for a party or shower.
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I'm on Easter break, thank goodness!
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    xxx Liz

  27. My newest obsession are vintage flower frogs. LOVE them. Although, I think I could learn to LOVE those cool bottles!

  28. I love those bottles! I came late to the Ball jar craze, but they have become my obsession since the wedding. Now I must find bottles like those... Ann

  29. Yes, it's fun when
    something sings
    to you, isn't it? I
    have even collected
    things for a while,
    then decided I was
    all done with them,
    and I think that's okay.

    Both these collections
    are so YOU, my friend!

    Finally catching up with
    my blogs. You've been
    a busy girl!

    xx Suzanne


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