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A Simple Little Re-Do...

You might remember this sign from my recent entryway reveal post!  It is a newly made piece I purchased, and has a crisp finish.  I recently saw a similar sign on Pinterest which had a distressed finish, and I liked it so much better that way!  So out came a sanding block to take the paint down, and a wash of watered down taupe/grey paint...

 You can see the finish is much less solid now.  I washed the paint over the surface...

 and removed as much excess paint as I wanted, while taking the white color down.

 I repeated the process in some areas, for even more of an aged look.


 I love how it turned out...more in keeping with our home!

 I'm joining Debra over at Common Ground for 
Monday Marketplace!  Hope you'll stop by and join us!

Until next time...


  1. Hi dear Linda, that was a great idea,now it fits much more into the colours and look in your home.I love the faded tones, and the distressed look so much.
    Wish you a very happy week to come,Linda.

  2. Aged to perfection! It looks so nice with your toile lampshade, too.

  3. Much better. As soon as I saw the first photo of the 'before' I thought "somethings not right". You did a great job of antiquing it!

  4. I like the distressed look of your sign better, looks better this way.
    Wanted to thank you for stopping by my pincushion blog post.
    Have a sunshine week.

  5. I like it- It looks like it has had a bit of "life" you might have found it in some old building. xo Diana

  6. i like it distressed. looks like it has been well loved for years. have a great day.

  7. Oh I like the distressed version too. Definitely has the 'i belong here' look now!


  8. Lovely sign with a wonderful thought. All goes so well together and with the lamp.

  9. Love the sign, Linda! It's a sweet message for your family and guests in your home! I agree with you...A little distress and age is much more charming than shiny and new!

  10. I love that. I especially love the words!!!

  11. Hi Linda...I share your name. I am your newest follower and I also followed you via Linky.
    You did a great job distressing the sign. It turned out beautiful. I hope you come by for a visit. Linda+-

  12. Linda
    Beautiful aging that you did on this piece. Looks perfect in your vignette. Have a wonderful week


  13. Ah ha! Thanks for the tip. Looks great.

  14. You did such a beautiful job on your sign. What a lovely addiction to your home. Connie :)

  15. Much better and what a lovely thought.

  16. Love it. You did a terrific job!!

  17. Oh my sure added vintage charm!

  18. That looks wonderful, Linda, I will keep that in mind. I've seen those but not been interested, they look all wrong when so black and white and clean looking.

  19. Looks great - I like it better with the aged charm!

  20. Girlie, you are the
    master at these little
    projects; I'm bowing
    to you, right now....

    Love how you made
    your sign seem like
    it's been on your walls
    for decades. Beautiful!

    xo Suzanne

  21. Hey sweet girl! :) I like your distressed look better, but the sign is just cute no matter which way it is. ;-)
    We had an amazing time at the tea party at good to enjoy some fun time with lovely ladies and yummy food!
    Speaking of food, I LOVE that old cake stand you found at the yard sale. You found some great stuff! (but you always do) :) I have my great grandfathers shaving mug and brush...I treasure them. He used them for years and years. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day my sweet friend :)

  22. I loved it before.... but I love it even better now. Well done :)

  23. Love it! I really never think to change the "new" things, this looks great! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm now a follower here.

  24. What a great idea! That really made the sign have some age to it. I love those black and white signs too.

  25. That looks perfect Linda. What a great idea.

  26. Adding a distressed finish gives so much more life to the sign. Instead of wondering where you bought it, guests will wonder where its been.Like adding a mysterious back story. Fun!


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