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A Spring Day At The Lake...

Last weekend we went down to the lake to put the docks in (that's a neighbor's dock to the left, above), but it ended up being rainy and windy and we ended up doing yard and indoor work instead.  Thought I'd share some of the signs of spring there!  The daffodils look cheery despite the drizzle...

And trees were beginning to blossom...

So gray...

Fishing poles are ready...

and the dock sections are piled high, ready to go in...

a firepit is ready to go...another is on the beach.

Perennials are emerging...

Finally the sun came out in the afternoon...

and the winds whipped up!

But we always seem to have a lovely sunset!

Our family has a great time there...can't wait to go back and start spending time on the water!

Until next time...


  1. So lovely! Nice tosee those spring blooms!

  2. Linda- We live on the Bay and absolutely love it. It reminds me a lot of your place. We quit putting our dock in about 3 years ago and gave it to our son (who boats now) and lives about 3 miles down the bay from us. I love this time of year...even the rainy days. xo Diana

  3. What a lovely environment! And spring looks like it has arrived. Hopefully the next time you visit the weather will be more cooperative!

  4. How wonderful! Love seeing spring in bloom, and by the water is even more perfect!

    Have a fabulous day!


  5. Linda, this looks like a wonderful place to relax and enjoy in the summer. I hope we get the warm temps back soon.

  6. I loved your photos.... I love this time of year when everything is coming alive again and is so fresh.... oh and it all looks so much better with the sun!!!

  7. Any day is a good day at the beach! What a great place to enjoy the family... t.xoxox

  8. That sunset is splendid. I would never leave if I could help it.

  9. That looks so relaxing. I wouldn't have any idea how to put a dock in though. Do you have to get wet to do it?

  10. It looks like a lovely place to spend the summer months! I can hardly wait to get our kayaks out on the water, myself. Can you believe they're going to move up the fishing opener? It will be a longer lake season this year, and that's always a good thing. :@

  11. That sunset is amazing! All of your flowers are beautiful! Looks like a fun summer!


  12. I don't know anything about putting docks in the water but is sound like a lot work. Silly me I thought they stayed out all year. But I am land locked so what do I know. It looked gorgeous and like a lot of fun.

  13. It sure looks pretty there. Hopefully, it gets warm again soon so you can enjoy it. Oh, and what's with the wind lately? Isn't it awful?

  14. Is that a weeping cherry tree, Linda? It's just gorgeous! Looks like pretty rough water there, but such a pretty sunset. Even though I will dearly miss it out here on the Puget Sound, we are looking forward to life back on our lake in the midwest! Have a great night!

  15. Looking good Linda! I bet you are excited to be spending more time there.

  16. DeaR Linda, it looks so wonderful there by the seaside, and all so ready for your long beautiful dayes there,- your tree is amazingly beautiful, in bloom- and I would love to sit on that deck of yours.

  17. We have been SO
    spoiled this year...
    I was actually a bit
    put out these last
    few days because I
    needed a jacket!!!
    This is early April
    in MN, so I am being
    completely ridiculous : )
    You are sure ready and
    your lake looks great.
    I love lakes in all weather,
    maybe even more so
    when it's inclement,
    as it's so darn cozy!

    See you soon...

    xx Suzanne

  18. You have beach and sunset view. Never sell! I would love to see interiors!

    Lovely. Is it windy there? Very windy in Oklahoma.


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