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A Visit to the Bachman's 2012 Spring Ideas House...

Time for the Bachman's 2012 Spring Ideas House Tour!  If you have seen these tours in the past, you know they have lots of fun ideas!  For those joining for the first time, you can visit all of the previous Idea House tours here.  A little info first~ for those of you who have thought this is my home~ it's not (I wish!)  Bachman's is a commercial Garden, Florist, Landscape, and Home Store company in the Twin Cities, with several stores.  This house dates from the early 1920's and was a family home on the flagship property until 2001.  Nearly everything in each Ideas House is for sale, too (some things are available on their website)!  The theme of this house is~


You can click on the photos to enlarge them.  The porch looked like a great gardener's room...I'd love playing in the dirt here!

A vintage metal sink becomes a potting bench...

I love these great old theater seats...

In the entryway, radiator drip pans and doorknob plates make great wall art~ the plates had magnet backs...

this one was attached and had a hook for coats.

The dining room was light filled...

This wall of hand-carved Hungarian wooden dough bowls covered one the planter!

How about cute little envelopes as place cards?

These would be so pretty at a wedding...

The kitchen is always one of my favorite's a few ideas from that space!  They backed open shelving with vintage newspapers...

such fun window decorations...

A natural chandelier...

This display area was made from two old swinging doors...

baskets hold utensils...

and I love how an old drawer becomes a shelf, with a board added to the top!

That's it for the first time...the living room, sunporch, and bathrooms!  Remember, you can visit all of the previous Idea House tours here.

Until next time...


  1. My gosh- there is so much to see there. What a great place to visit. I would be oohing and aahing at every turn. Thanks for the lovely tour- xo Diana

  2. Every singe picture just blew me away. I love all the inventive (and so useful) displays. Big big WOW. Looking forward to seeing your other rooms.

  3. Went back to reread the post and read it wasn't your home but another wonderful home.

  4. Linda again thank you for sharing The Bachman House. I just love seeing these posts. Too many favorites to pick one. Ann

  5. Well, you know I'm jumping up and down about this post. I love that house! I like their seed packet display and may have to steal that for something I have been thinking of. And the white flowers by the windowsill (that I can't remember what they are called) look so cute in those bottles. Lots of terrific ideas.

  6. Linda, I had fun reliving that part of the tour. Look forward to the next session. Your pictures are so much better than mine!

  7. my goodness the work that goes into their amazing decor is unbelievable

    It must be so much fun to see in all in person.
    Thanks for always sharing the tours.

  8. Loved the tour and I can't wait to see more! I really love the wire baskets (with plants) mounted across the kitchen window, and that drawer turned shelf is awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I want it all. It is so over the top great. I had to go over the pictures a couple of times to make sure I didn't miss anything.

  10. Reliving the memories!
    That was a fun day. I'm
    glad you captured so much
    of its goodness : ) Can't
    wait for the next one!

    xo Suzanne

  11. Lots of imagination and talent there. Will be back. Thanks Linda.

  12. Such fun...I'll look forward to the rest!! I didn't make it this time :( Laurel

  13. I always enjoy seeing their homes when you post all the vintage touches! Can't wait for more!!

  14. So many great ideas! I'm gonna have to look at the pictures more than once. Thanks for sharing these.

  15. I love these posts, I always imagine how fun it must be to work on the house. Lots of ideas getting thrown around and trying things that are amazing! Thanks for sharing! t.xoxo

  16. I would go crazy! So many wonderful and creative ideas. I love those dough bowls and the doorknob plates.

  17. Wow, some really great ideas! I have an old drawer that I wanted to make into a shelf, and now I see how to do it. Thanks for taking the time to post all the amazing photos!

  18. Linda! This is one of my favorite segments that you do on your blog... I love your photos-- it's like I'm there!
    You capture the very essence of the Bachman House...when you tour, I tour!
    Thanks so much...Pat

  19. YeeHaw! I always love these posts you do, since I never seem to get there.

    So many great ideas. I love the potting porch, the drawer idea and the cabients lined with newspaper.

  20. thanks linda for part one of the tour...I always enjoy seeing these bachman ideas...too bad I don't live closer to see it in person!

  21. i always love these posts. such inspiration everywhere. they are so clever. love the garden porch. wow.

  22. Ooh.... I do love these tours SO much....

    I have to look at everything a couple of times to make sure I don't miss anything!

    My favourite thing has to be the drawer made into a shelf! What a brilliant idea.

    Thank you for sharing....


  23. OH what toi like best!!! I don?`t actually know, -as there are so many funny and sweet,and wonderful things- but the orchids in their bottles are truly beautiful.
    Thankyou again for showing dear Linda.

  24. Once again, it's perfectly delightful! Thank you for photographing it and letting us see it. If I lived closer I would make a seasonal pilgrimage to see it.
    I love the theater seats and the large clock in the kitchen, as well as the baskets in front of the window. Everything is lovely.
    Thanks again.
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. Do love every on of the ideas house posts. Sooo many good ideas. Thank you for sharing with us. Mimi

  26. Can't believe the spring house is here all ready!!! LOVE that you share it with us!

  27. LOVE when you share these tours Linda, so many great ideas!

  28. Oh my! I remember last year's too! What a bunch of wonderful Spring eye candy! That natural chandy had me swooning!!! I missed your previous post somehow too. Wow! You lucky duck, you!!
    XO Kris

  29. I see so many ideas. Again Linda, I love when you post this!! That potting bench is great.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xxx Liz

  30. THANKS my friend for this many great ideas! LOVE the dough bowls.


  31. What fun and creative ideas, Linda! I love the galvanized drip pans, and the baskets with utensils, too. So many neat things to see! Oh, and I adore the framed piece that is holding the seed packets, very cool!

  32. Oh my...I saw two things I could do, and would love to do. SO clever and so cute.

  33. I'm reading backwards I guess but I had fun touring the house from part 3 back to part 1. Thanks for all of the pictures!

  34. The dough bowl wall nearly made me swoon! LOVE!!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  35. The dough bowl wall nearly made me swoon! LOVE!!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage


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