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Fun Finds...Despite the Weather...

Last weekend the first of the big neighborhood sales started here...often there are more than 150 homes participating!  Wouldn't you know we had RAIN...and even a little ice and snow?  Well, we bundled up warm and the rain was light at first, so we braved the weather.  After about an hour, it was downpouring, freezing, and so crowded with people that we were having to walk a block at a time.  Now, I love going to garage sales, but not THAT much!
But, I did find a few goodies to share with you before we went and warmed up!
I love the look of this old table...and the dentil molding on the edge...

Isn't this a pretty urn?  A newer piece, but so decorative and useful...

I'm always happy to find a vintage shopping cart...very popular at Junk Bonanza (if it makes it there)!

This big glass cloche went right onto my hutch...

And these two newer carved wood pieces will add architectural interest somewhere in the house.

 One sale had some pretty jewelry...a vintage gold charm bracelet...

and this charming basket piece...

I guess it was worth getting a little wet!  And when we left the sales, we grabbed a HOT coffee and headed off to our favorite DRY thrift store, so we had a great day anyway!

Until next's in the 70's and 80's now...crazy Minnesota weather!


  1. I am nuts for vintage charm bracelets,
    what a find!!!!

    the weather seems to be crazy every where huh?

    Just can't make up its mind anymore.


  2. Lousy weather, great finds. Wish our town would have such an event.

  3. Gosh you did well!

    I bet that hot coffee went down a treat!!!!

    I love all your bits and pieces, especially the table and the wire trolley/shopper. I bet you will do something really clever with that!!!


  4. You found some great things! I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and hit a few garage sales. I don't think we have quite the quality at the sales here, but you just never know, right? Have a great weekend and let's hope for good weather!

  5. A true garage sale-er is braving the weather and it looks as though it paid off for you. Pretty table with the details. Love the cart too.


  6. Will you be heading down toward Pepin for the 100 mile garage sale this weekend? I've never done it and wonder if it's worth the gas these days...


  7. great finds , I thought about going yard saleing this week end but I would like to clear out some more of the clutter in my garage

    are you far away LOL

  8. You found some great things, Linda. I love the table. I have a thing about tables. I think there are a couple of garage sales this weekend, but they don't amount to much. We are having a City-Wide garage sale in June. But I am going to have one myself to get rid of some things.

  9. What a pretty cloche! I haven't happened upon any good sales this year.

  10. You found some really good things...bad weather or not. Love the cloche and the basket pin is very unique. xo Diana

  11. The charm bracelet is so charming an dis probably worth a good bit in it's weight in gold alone. Love the cloche too. Joe and I garage sale in the rain-we are freaks.

  12. Great that shopping cart. I have one but am thinking I should collect a couple more to use in my laundry room...lucky you :) Crazy MN weather...for sure! Laurel

  13. You found some great treasures in spite of this weird weather. Love that shopping cart! I was wondering about that 100 mile sale this weekend too...I've never gone to it. But I don't need more stuff!

  14. Hi Linda!
    Thought maybe I would see you at the Junk Jubilee last weekend?!!

    We went thinking it was going to be like the JB, but it was not. Had lots of fun though!

    Hope this finds you well!
    Think of you often....when I am on Pinterest repinning your pins!


  15. Oh the shopping cart is WONderful!!!!

  16. Oh, I love that charm bracelet! Wasn't the weather wonderful today? I was so happy to finally be warm :)

  17. Wow, Linda! Sounds like a day for die hard thrifters! I love the urn, what a great find! And the basket pin is so pretty. I'm with you, getting cold and wet does not sound at all appealing!!

  18. thank you for visiting my blog. What great finds. I particularly love the detail on the table, the urn, and the shopping cart. Have a great weekend

  19. Linda, that was all beautiful finds- I LOVE the cloche , the table,and the charm bracelet -the urn is wonderful too, even newer.
    You have great luck dear friend!
    Hugs from me.

  20. What a trooper! Wish we had neighborhood garage sales here. Mimi

  21. I love everything - but that shopping cart really caught my attention!!
    What a great day!
    Lucky you!
    Have a pretty day! Kristin

  22. The weather kept down the crowds I'm sure Linda! Love that shopping cart - I'm on the lookout for one of those, Suebee has some inspired ones that I must copy! LOL. Ann

  23. Again you found some wonderful pieces (even in the rain). I think my favorite is the charm bracelet. Such cute charms. The pin is also lovely.

  24. Oh I'm so jealous of that gorgeous urn you found. It's the PERFECT shape! I would spray it white. I'd love to find one like that. Love your little wire cart too. What a useful item that would be! You definitely scored going shopping that day.

  25. Wow, what bargains....Love the cloche, bracelets, table and urn. In fact, I love it all. I wish we had something like this here. I shall just be happy for you. It's supposed to be 90 here today. Linda

  26. Who the HECK is
    selling a glass cloche
    at a garage sale? Crazy!
    Love the sweet table, too.
    And the charm bracelet!

    Gorgeous today, right?
    Wish the lilacs could last
    another month : )


  27. as always, the queen of bargoons! Lovely stuff Linda. Happy Mothers day to you.


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