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Garden Glimpses...

With all of the rain we've had lately, the gardens are lush and green and I've begun to do a little work out there!  I love to tuck some vintage into the yard...this chippy old whirligig makes me smile!  In the photo below, is the entrance to the area I call The Secret Garden.  The perennials are just getting going, but look at this spectacular bridal veil bush...

Heavily laden with blossoms, it weeps down to the ground...

So delicate...

This little cherub stands guard... I don't think he scares off too many squirrels or rabbits, though...

One of my favorite vintage pieces is this old garden sign out in the sun garden (well as much sun as any place in our shady yard gets)...

This year, I added a little yellow paint to a metal sun, to add a bit of color to the garden.

We have a later blooming variety of lilacs just beginning to flower...these are strongly scented, wafting into the house from the far back of the yard...

What is this guy doing in the garden?  Part of spring, too, I guess!

Moss grows along the stones...

I found this beautiful shady basket at the nursery...


 Don't you love an old chippy chair in the garden?  This one sits next to my potting bench...

I always pick up birdhouses when I find them out junking...they are tucked in everywhere...

I gave this one a wash of whimsical aqua paint...

Over the years, they get such a wonderful old patina, with lichens and mosses growing on the roofs.

The garden changes by the's always fun to see what's happening next...

I'll be joining Debra at Common Ground for

and Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Until next time...


  1. Just passed one of those bushes in my neighborhood and was wondering what it was called! Love your chippy chair too, of course!

  2. The bridal veil is breath taking. It takes me back to my dear aunts house and to sweet sweet memories. Lovely garden Linda.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful, Linda. I worked out in mine a little on Saturday. My peonies should be blooming soon. They have lots of buds.

  4. I love all the plants Linda, but even more, that chippy chair. It's a real heart-grabber!


  5. Your garden is looking so beautiful. Lucky you to have such pretty blooms to enjoy. Your birdhouses are sweet too (any renters?)


  6. Linda all of the elements in your garden make it a special place to linger in! I am working on my own version of a secret garden, and my mother's day presents are helping me edge closer to making it hopefully as lovely as yours!


  7. Your garden has bucket loads of charm! Even that dandelion makes a gorgeous photo! I have to get me one of those gorgeous bushes!

  8. it all looks so lovely...but that bird at the beginning of your post - heavenly!

  9. What a lovely setting you have....and these lovely days too--know you must have weather like we do in Wisconsin. I'm sitting on my own deck now, admiring your pictures while birds sing & goats graze.......thanks.

  10. My gosh- Everything is so lush and lovely. We are starting to green up here, too...finally. I love your little old weathered chair. Blessings- xo Diana

  11. Lovely garden. Your bridal veil bush is awesome. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Linda,
    your garden is so beautiful. I need some helpful hints :) Old black thumb herself! But, getting better.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    xxx Liz

  13. Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!
    Your garden looks so beautiful.
    Wishing you a great week.
    XO Sharon

  14. Your garden is looking beautiful, Linda. I especially love the bridal veil...gosh, that's pretty. I've been doing a few things out in my yard too. I'm focusing more on weeds than flowers right now though :)

  15. Love your garden photoes dear Linda, the white flowers looks so beautiful, and your chair :LOVE... also the birds houses, and all your plants.
    Thanks for showing, and hugs,

  16. Linda, such beautiful pictures of your garden. I had never heard of Birds Veil and it is indeed gorgeous - like a cascade of beauty. Love that chippy chair and how great that you have bird houses throughout the area. Ann

  17. Your bridal bushes are so pretty. Mine aren't doing well...the heavy snow 2 years ago may have killed some of them :(
    I WANT to come to your garage sale!!
    I hope we both have a sucessful garage sale!

  18. Your garden gate is so welcoming! Love the birdhouses!

  19. It's looks so pretty. You have lilacs! Ours froze. I sure miss them this year.

  20. So very beautiful!! Can't wait to get out to get some looks a little like a "junk yard" at my house...lots of empty junk containers sitting around :) Chat soon, laurel

  21. Your garden is so lush and cozy. The chippy chair is perfect and I can't believe all those birdhouses. BTW...your new profile picture is really cute!!

  22. your yard is so wonderful , I enjoyed seeing all your plants and old chair and cupid

    Does your babies like the garden also ? Sophie & Bailey, tell them I said Hi and I have my first cat now , it adopted me , a neighborhood stray

    I have my 1st giveaway and would like you to enter , it's from Savannah Georgia

  23. Your bridal veil bush is amazing. Love how's it's framed in the gate. I didn't know what lichens were so of course I had to Google it and lo and behold we have some on our trees. I always wondered what it was.

  24. The whirligig and bridal veil shrub are just beautiful, as is all of your garden! This looks like a wonderful place to sit and dream.

  25. We've been out in the garden too. After a long winter it just feels so good. Mimi

  26. Oh, your bridal veil spirea is just gorgeous! My neighbor used to trim hers square until I told her the name of the shrub and how it should look. Your gardens look like they're ready to take off!

  27. That bridal veil is fantastic! Mine is in the back yard and I haven't checked if it's even bloomed. And your coleus, they are big already - I'm behind.



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