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Hidden Treasure...

How many times have you found old books at thrift stores or garage sales and passed them by because they were old library books?  Maybe the condition was rough, or it wasn't about a subject you were interested in...

Maybe you didn't like the numbers or labels on the spines...  Often, though, they are loaded in great graphics or pages for projects...

but if you are really lucky... they contain treasure...they still have the great old library pockets and check-out cards!  I peel them off the page very carefully...they are decorative just as they are...or are wonderful for collage and artwork, too!

I remember signing my name to check out library books when I was a you?

Look at all these beautiful old cards and pockets...

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  1. I remember those days. What a good idea to use the cards and pockets...

  2. Now that is a blast from the past. I remember patiently waiting for the card to get stamped too.

  3. I remember those cards well, they still had them even when my kids were little but they didn't have to sign their names like we did growing up. It was always fun to read the card and see if you knew the other people who had checked the book out before you...small town living at its best!

    Enjoy your week!


  4. I never thought to look for the check out cards in old library books, but I will now. Oh yes I remember having to sign my name to check out books. I loved reading (still do) and used the library a lot! hugs, Linda

  5. How fun...I remember the library I went to had a machine that would stamp them and I always wanted to stick the card in the slot and push the button. Funny the things we remember!


  6. Oh my, you just took me straight back to my youth. I love books. I love all books. Great finds!

  7. Great idea, Linda! Now I have one more thing to be looking for at the thrift stores!

  8. I remember these cards and the rubber stamps they would use for the due date. Thanks for the memories:-)

  9. FUN FINDS! I love the ephemera to use on paper craft projects!


  10. Oh, yes, I remember those cards. It was fun to see who else had read the book.
    Thanks for bringing back a memory I had forgotten about.

  11. Oh I do remember those cards - I was a 'library junkie' when I was a kid, (probably cause my parents wouldn't let us have a tv when we were young...!



  12. Another brilliant find.

    Our books just get scanned in at the library now :(

    I loved looking at all the dates the book had been checked out and wondering where it had gone.

    I don't ever remember signing for a book though....


  13. Oh- Don't you love them all? I DO remember signing out library books. I even loved the smell of books that I brought home. xo Diana

  14. I have never met an old book I didn't like. Thank you for the beautiful memory of writing my name on a library card. I have the best memories EVER from our local library. My big sister would take me for the summer reading program so I could get the polar bear to the ice cap by reading books. It is the sweetest memory I carry.

  15. Cool find Linda! I remember checking out books with those cards too! Uh oh, I am showing my age now for sure!

  16. Oh yes, I remember signing my name on Library cards. I loved reading and books, so I worked in the library, it was my favorite thing in the world.
    I still love all books.
    Hugs, cindy

  17. I agree, Linda, they
    make the books MORE
    desirable, for me : )

    And YES, I do remember
    those yesterday.
    I'm really dating myself!

    Missing you and we need
    to get a date on the calendar,

    xo Suzanne

  18. I often buy old books just for decoration, or to use the pages in art projects- but just last week I found my first library card. And just like you said, it brought back memories - and you bet, I pulled it out of the book to use in a project.

  19. I had forgotten about signing the library check out cards. I also remember my library card has a metal strip in it and they would run it through a machine when you checked something out too. Maybe that was later on when they went all high tech. I have to admit that I do pass up the books that have the numbers written on the spines though. I will have to take a closer look at them from now on.

  20. I have some library books that I found from my high school library. I love the patina and age they have. These books look amazing.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  21. You have hit on something great. I have never even thought about the check out card. I like any thing that has hand written script on it. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh yes, library books the good old fashioned way!

  23. Yes, I remember those days well! I've hoarded old library books for years. Whenever I get a chance at a library sale I come home with too many old books. The last time I had about 5 grocery bags full! Even though they are subjects I have no interest in I still take them. I like reading the names on the old cards too!

  24. I miss those days!!! I loved the library and writing my name on the card.
    I hadn't thought about saving the card and pocket.

  25. Oh yes, I remember filling out those cards! Also the little date stamps they would use - when they went high tech! Great post Linda. Ann

  26. I love those cards Linda, and the ones in their "envelope" are so wonderful-looking beautiful just like that!

  27. I do remember signing my name to the library card...
    I will be looking at more of the library books, I love the cards and pockets.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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