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Vintage Watering Cans...

Don't you love the look of galvanized watering cans in the garden?  I was lucky to find a couple at a garage sale last year!  The garden isn't needing much watering with all the rain and storms we've had of late.  Everything is lush and the first of my Asiatic lilies are blooming... a deep red orange color that lights up the whole garden!

The watering cans each have a little different styling...this one has a wide handle...

and a painted spout.

The second can is more worn...

with a rusty spout,

and a chippy blue painted handle.

I brought out a few goodies to play with in the photos!  I always pick up old quilt pieces to use as runners and charming! The patterns and colors are perfect here.

I placed the cans on this great old crate I found at a garage sale recently- it was used to hold a window! I've not had one like this before.  I love the patina and plan to use it in a industrial style table project...

Look at the great bold graphics...

Do you have any old watering cans for your garden?

I am joining Debra at Common Ground for Monday Marketplace

Until next time...


  1. Your vintage watering cans are great! I found one at a yard sale last week. They're getting to be rare in this area.

  2. Love your vintage watering cans! Something new on my look for list! hugs, Linda

  3. Yes, I have a thing for them too. Yours are nice and I love that crate! Also, love the lilies...they are one of my favorites in my garden too. Looks like more rain is on the way, the skies are really black to the west right now...hope we don't get any severe weather out of this. Thanks for the comment tonight, I had way too much fun at that sale!

  4. Your lillies are so colorful! Mine are blooming too but don't seem as bright as yours. Yes,I use my watering cans for the potted flowers. I have a couple...LOL! One isn't enough!

  5. Love your lily. Like old watering cans too. I don't have any but I would love to find one of those with the extra long spout.

  6. Hi Linda;
    Love those watering cans. Rarely do I find 'real' ones like yours, mostly the semi-decorator ones, painted and with flower decoration. The red/green old paint on one of the spouts would be very tough to duplicate. Great vignette with crate and quilt pieces. Thanks for visiting too.

  7. Awesome watering cans Linda. I was looking for one of those...I wound up with something else I am not sure what it is and will be posting soon. Love yours.

  8. I have one old one, Linda. I love them but the old ones now are sooo expensive if you can find them at all. Blessings - xo Diana

  9. I love old gardening things. Your watering cans are wonderful. The old stuff just has charm and character that the new stuff doesn't have. Your lilies are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful color.


  10. Hi

    I do have an old watering can in my garden! It doesn't have a rose on the end though.... and I have an old galvanised bucket and coal scuttle!

    Yours are such unusual styles... really sweet. I love the spout shape.

    I love the lettering on the crate and your lillies.

    Hope you have some sunshine today :)


  11. I love vintage watering cans but they can be a bit pricey around here! I love yours!!

  12. I do have one vintage watering can and I keep it on the porch. I should actually use it, but I use the big old plastic one to water. Yours are lovely and that crate is really cool.


  13. a girl after my own heart. love, love vintage watering cans. my son thinks i am CRAZY!!!

  14. Very sweet photos and watering cans. You've styled them so nicely. Yes, I do have one old galvanized watering can. I love it. It was a curb-side find.

  15. I have always lusted after Suebee's watering cans (shhh, it's a secret), so yes, I love them. I have been in a "don't buy anything until after the move" mode, but if I saw one of these for the right price - snap! It would be going with us. Love that crate too. The display is beautiful, Linda. Ann

  16. Perfect for the summer garden. Great crate too :)
    I planted some lavender. On to hydrangeas and some mint..Let's see if they last. LOL!!
    Have a great week,
    xxx Liz

  17. Those are great but I can't take my eyes off the lillies. Gorgeous!

  18. I love vintage watering cans, too, Linda! Yours are wonderful! I've got two, one of which was my Grandma's, and I still enjoy using it:)

  19. Your garden is very lush. Love that crate with the writing very cool. I'm afraid no watering can here I have had them in the past but never keep one for myself.

  20. I have quite a few watering cans in my garden too. I have one exactly like yours with the red painted spout. LOVE to find them at yard sales for a great price. Mimi

  21. Vintage watering cans are on my must find list this summer ~ yours are great!

  22. Your lilies are so pretty! I have a few watering cans but could always use another. Yours are in great condition. Love the quilt piece, too!

  23. Oh I love your vintage watering cans Linda, I just was gifted with one from my mother-and love it.
    And your lillies are so stunning in the colour- must be so beautiful in your garden.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  24. Love your watering cans...I have some, but not as cool as yours!! And that window crate?? I'm in love :) Laurel


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