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The Summer Garden...And an Update...

It is high summer in Minnesota...very hot, like much of the rest of the country.  Our gardens have moved into a summer phase, too...

the last of the lilies... such spectacular color...

There's not as much blooming this dry and hot.  Today I stopped in at the garden store and picked up a few color spots~ annuals and perennials~ to take the garden over into fall.  This yarrow is the most wonderful color...

This variety has an unusual greenish-yellow tone...

Here's a rudebeckia with large blossoms...

I always love to add zinnias into the garden~ they are my favorite flowers...

Signs of fall are seen now, too...the mum plants are huge...

and the apple trees are heavily laden with fruit.  I love how the gardens change with the seasons!

Before I go... a little update on this basket I shared on my last post.  You might recall I used it for TP in the bathroom...

Well, it brought out my husband's creative side, as every time I walked in the room...he had given me a new arrangement.  So glad to provide him with a little entertainment lol!

Hope you have an entertaining weekend, too!

Until next time...


  1. Signs of Fall already? Well, I do have leaves falling every day. We are hot, hot, hot!!! No end of that in sight.
    LOVE that your husband changed the toilet paper rolls!! So funny!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Now that is something MY husband would definitely do too! Very endearing, aren't they? :)

  3. Your gardens are looking lovely! Sad to say I will not get a bumper crop of apples this year. On the other hand, my fingers won't be black from peeling them!

    Your hubby has a great sense of humor and is quite the artist, too!

  4. Yup, a man would do that! Cute tho! Your flowers look beautiful, even with this unusual heat. We have been taken over by Japanese Beetles and I don't know what to do. We had only a few last year but this year they are devouring everything!

  5. Ever changing sculptures in the bathroom! What fun!!
    Your gardens look very nice despite the hot summer...I sure wish I could say the same. Everything is shriveling up around here. We've been on water restrictions for about a week due to the weather and a water main break. :(

  6. Love the red yarrow, don't think I've seen that before. Your husband is very creative! lol

  7. Funny guy!!!
    Your flowers look awesome compared to mine...this heat has taken tole on the flowers.
    I'm leaning towards the 29th for the MN gathering!!!I sure want you to come!!!
    Have a great weekend treasure hunting!

  8. Beautiful the photos...especially the apple tree! Lucky you! And that hubby..he's a keeper! Too funny!

  9. Those flowers look so pretty! I'm thinking of ripping out all the daylilies along my walkway and putting in mom has some and it looks so pretty! I had to laugh at the toilet paper creative :)

  10. Now that's just too funny...rearranging the toilet paper. Your creativity is rubbing off:-)
    Love all the pretty pictures of your garden. I haven't done much of anything in the yard this year, so I thank you for sharing yours.

  11. Following from Minnesota. I love your yarrow and zinnias.

  12. The apples are so pretty. Your hubs is funny.

  13. I see your hubby is a toilet paper artist....he's a natural! I love all of your garden photos. Thanks for sharing...great colours!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  14. LOL! Oh, first of all, that TP arranging by your hubby looks exactly like something mine would do! Too funny! Your photographs are lovely Linda! I especially enjoy the composition of the one with the wooden fence post...very nice!

  15. You made me laugh with the new arrangement. :0) You garden looks wonderful for all the heat we've had. Have you gotten rain. We haven't here. My hardy mum is already starting to bloom.
    Have a good weekend.

  16. your flowers are lovely. Your husband and mine must be related!

  17. Linda, your garden is so beautiful! Kinda like everything you do!! Your husband cracks me's exactly the same sort of thing mine would do! They just love to mess with us!

  18. Oh how funny! That's exactly something Alan would do if I gave him that inch of opportunity. Your garden is just beautiful Linda, I enjoy seeing the differences and similarities to what grows down here this time of year. Ann

  19. Linda the yarrows are stunning, have never seen them like that-in those colours- and every colour spot are apreciated here aswell, this summer, because of no sun here!
    Wonderful creative husbond :-)

  20. So funny about the tp, Linda! Love your pretty blooms. Everything is early here too. And looking a bit worse for wear. Thankfully we had a break from the heat, and a bit of much needed rain!

  21. I like your husbands arrangement, I can see your influence ;)

    Beautiful flowers Linda....

    I especially love the yarrow.

    Hot and dry.... i'm a little bit jealous, we've been stuck at cold and wet!

    I'm already thinking of slippers, fires and cosy blankets!!! Oh dear!

    Though thins are looking up and I think its meant to be nice for the next few weeks at least - so I won't go completely into autumnal mode just yet!


  22. Your garden is gorgeous!Great photos, too.
    But the best was the toilet paper, I had to laugh! Poor thing I guess he didn't want to upset the design when he removed one so he came up with a new one! You sure are having an influence on him. LOL

  23. It is that time of the summer to add...although I always find it so hard to take out the flowers that are done...sad.

    And your funny guy...made me chuckle so.

  24. That's hilarious. Sounds like something my husband would do. My husband prefers to have the tp stacked onto the wooden pole of the toilet plunger. No idea why he thinks the toilet plunger needs to be out in the plain view and not in a cabinet. I like your basket so much better.

  25. Hi Linda,
    Your garden flowers are many pretty blooms. One of my favorites is yarrow, a nice one to dry and bring inside.
    Your husband has a sense of humor I see!


  26. Hil arious! He could be one of those towel folder stewards on a cruise ship! I have one of those reddish yarrow plants and I love it. It is too hot this year for some of our blooms. Hopefully next year we'll get a better show. Mimi

  27. Funny on the tp holder Linda! your gardens look so pretty and vibrant.


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