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Fun Finds...Junk Bonanza Goodies...

Well, if you follow my blog, you know this time of year is busy getting ready for Junk Bonanza!  Thought I'd share a few of my finds and what I worked on today!  This great cubby is a recent garage sale find!  I like the curved legs!  Look at all of these wonderful zinc jar lids...they wash up so pretty...

love the white glass interiors...

Today I found this old aqua green industrial beauty at a garage sale!  It's a commercial mangle ironer.

Great chippiness, rustiness...and OH that color!  I haven't cleaned it up yet, but should be pretty!  Lots of makeover possibilities on this piece, too!

I found this big old tool tote and vintage gameboards at an antique store last weekend...the tote has the best chippy white and green paint...

Don't you love the galvanized banding?

Tomorrow's another work day...lots more pieces to get ready!

I am joining Debra over at Common Ground for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday

Until next time...hope you have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Your finds are them!
    You always have such luck in your search.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Sharon

  2. You always find the best stuff!!! I just LOVE zinc lids...they make the best pincushion bottoms for me ~ everything is wonderful, hope you have a great holiday weekend!! hugs and love, Dawn

  3. This looks familiar. I collect chinese checkerboards and some of them are displayed in a rustic toolbox.

  4. Love the cubby cabinet! You found some great things!

  5. I love your blog and I signed up to receive your posts by email. It worked for a while, but now has stopped. I am unable to re-resign as blogger says I am already registered. I don't want to miss your posts! Any help?

  6. OH, these are fabulous finds, I know it is so crazy getting ready for a show...The big question, Do I have enough stuff to sell???


  7. To kathyr~ thanks so much! I'm unable to reply to you by email, as your email is not enabled on your profile. I'm not sure why you aren't receiving the email feed anymore, but maybe try signing up on the "subscribe" button on my sidebar under my followers gadget. Hope it helps!

  8. Linda,
    What is a mangle ironer? It looks really cool, but what was it used for??!!!
    Love the color on it.

  9. Those game boards are a real find, LOVE them, and I never met a carrier i didn't love! thanks for coming to the party!

  10. Love your finds!
    I must say, I'm enamored of
    the piece with the cubbies ~
    perfect for a mud room with
    a lot of shoes coming in the

    Hope you are at your lake house
    and having a blast. I so enjoyed
    our play date, yesterday : )

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  11. That cubby is awesome. I want one just like that!!


  12. Hi Linda!

    love all the photos of your junk! That cubby is so cool and the zinc lids DO look strangely beautiful, washed up in a dish pan and displayed all together.
    My mom had an iron right in the garage of her house when she died. It had belonged to her mother...Dad gave it away when we cleaned out this house 6 years ago...I saw one last week at Bargain Land...and now seeing yours...these were white. I like the turquoise color on this one!

    I can't wait to see what you do with it! Pat

  13. Wow, you find the best stuff!! Good luck with your JB projects...can't wait to see your booth :) Laurel

  14. I can hardly wait to see all the goodies you have at the sale. The pieces you highlighted today are wonderful!!

  15. Amazing! I could use that little cubby in my craft room. Love it. Mimi

  16. Linda,

    You are so lucky!!!! I love all your finds....but that cubby and those zinc lids are amazing!

    Have blessed and wonderful blessed day.


  17. have always wanted a mangle...and one that is aqua...oh, such wonderfulness...someone is going to be screeching with joy when they see that in your booth!

  18. Hope Junk Bonanza goes just fantastic this year, Linda. Suebee and I have vowed to make it there one year. We would meet up, obviously. LOL. Love those lids! I just got out of a movie, "Lawless" which dealt with prohibition and moonshine. They drank from Ball jars with those lids, but they were all clear Ball jars which I'm not sure was authentic. I always thought the older Ball jars from the 20s and 30s were blue. Anyway, I wondered where they got all the lids from! BTW good movie, but very, very violent! Don't work too hard. Ann

  19. I really love sharing all your finds :)


  20. Linda, you find such great and wonderful stuff,-the lids are wonderful, and the cubby looks fantastic-
    I hope you will have a great show Bonanza and wishes you best of luck! dear .
    Hugs and love -Dorthe

  21. You always find the most amazing treasures, Linda! Love the cubby! And that wooden box is so neat, too! Hope you are going to keep some of these goodies for yourself:)


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