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The Dawn of Love...

Thought I'd take a break from Junk Bonanza preparations to share an art assemblage I created last month!  I love to tell a story with my pieces and this is one of young love!  I started with a fun old sewing accessories tin~ I loved the color...

 I altered the lid with an old dance ticket and photo corners...

and added a lovely old velvet millinery flower, great aqua seam binding, and a sheet music title...which also became the title of my piece!

Vintage maps cover the interior...

and I was inspired by a charming old photograph of a young woman.  A tiny bouquet of millinery flowers held with an old earring...lace, sheet music, a lotto number for sweet sixteen, and a French floral card for Myosotis...Forget-Me-Not...completes the inner lid.

The lower section holds old jewelry and buttons, another dance ticket, and three old spools wrapped in lace, thread, and seam binding.   I was inspired by the wonderful aqua color...

A little sweet nothing tops a spool ...

To me, it is like looking into a memory box of lovely souvenirs from days gone by...

I am joining Kim over at Savvy Southern Style for
 Wow Us Wednesday

Until next time...I'll be back to cleaning, tagging, and packing...


  1. Thats so pretty Linda...

    Everything fits together so perfectly. I love it.


  2. I love the creativity you put into this project! What a cute little box.

  3. That is so sweet Linda! Great little find.

  4. Very cute! I love all the details, anyone getting this would be very happy

  5. Wonderfully sweet and romantic vignette, Linda.

  6. Oh my goodness, I love this, Linda! How pretty!

  7. Linda what a creative and charming box you have made. Sweet!

  8. I love it, Linda! The colors are amazing, and all of the lovely details you've added make it "sew" special:)! Oh, and those vintage millinery flowers are gorgeous!

  9. Yummy colors and a box full of dreams Looks like you had fun putting this one together. Plenty of treasures to feast on.

  10. Dear Linda, this is so very lovely, and beautiful.
    A beautiful story ,-hidden in this wonderful box, and so gorgeouesly altered and decorated. I love your romantic piece.

  11. How wonderfully creative Linda. The soft blues and the map are wonderful to me. xoxo, Olive

  12. How very, very cute, Linda. You do such a nice job on your creations! xo Diana

  13. that turned out absolutely lovely

  14. a darling assemblage art tin...
    Lol, I was showing off like a big shot today, showing some friends your blog siting in Romantic Homes...bragging about you being my friend! Hoping you have fun and good sales at the Bonanza!

  15. What a sweet piece of art. Good things always come in small packages. Happy creating!


  16. What a charming little memory box you've created! I love the old tickets and the vintage flowers!

  17. Hi Linda. It makes my heart go pitter pat! The color....oh swoon!!! I love tins!!! So cute. So clever!
    XO Kris

  18. how absolutely charming! and you use all my favorites - the color teal, old sewing supplies, faded maps and the number 16! what will you do with it? will it be for sale?

  19. very beautiful ... something classical nuanced and natural


  20. Oh I love that and you can just mail it right over to my house

    I have enough items to make me one but would rather have yours LOL

  21. Oh, that is adorable, I love that color too. I can't wait for all the pictures from you Min. girls of junk bonanza, it would be fun to go "Home" one year to attend. I forgot that you won my paper doll giveaway, seems forever ago!


  22. You created such a beautiful piece of art Linda. I love your attention to detail. So pretty!!

  23. Hi Linda - I loved your tin so much, it inspired me to create one for an anniversary card for my good friends. You can see it here on my blog
    Thanks so much.

  24. I almost wondered as
    I read if this was going
    to be the story of how
    your parents met? It's
    SO pretty and I can tell
    that you had fun letting
    your creative side go wild!
    Happy that you are going
    to take a break and come
    and play with me, today!
    See you soon : )

    xo Suzanne

  25. I'm glad to see you took some time out for creating, Linda. I know our thrifting and shops are creative, but there's something so soothing about actually taking bits and bobs of "stuff," and telling a story with them that tugs at your heart. Your accomplished that and more. Lovely!
    Have a nice Labor Day ... don't work too hard :)
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  26. It's so much fun to create! Darling little altered tin! Love all the little bits & bobs you used.
    Looking forward to JB! I know it's ALOT of work for you!
    Enjoy the long weekend.

  27. My word, this is too sweet. Love the maps and the old photo.
    Wishing I could be at Junk Bonanza!!


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