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Acorns, Acorns Everywhere...

Our last trip down to our family lake cottage was gray and rainy.  We need it is going to be a chore to get the boat off the lift for winter storage this year!  It definitely is feeling like fall now...our home, the entire lakeshore really, is surrounded by huge oak trees.  They are beautiful and provide wonderful shade in the hot summers...

But this time of year, everything is covered in acorns!  We've picked up 4 big landscape bags of them so far with more to go!

They are slippery and the dogs hate going outside, as I'm sure it hurts their feet to walk over these...

but they are pretty to look at in small amounts...

 The Chinese Lanterns have turned a bright orange now...

They remind me of little pumpkins...

The last of the flowers are blooming in the perennial beds...

and seed heads are setting...

And I know what comes next...all those oak leaves are coming DOWN...

Until next time...hope you are having a little bit of autumn at your home, too!


  1. Fall is definitely in the air in your neck of the woods, but not so much here. We don't usually feel it until around mid October. Love your pictures Linda.

  2. Linda,
    It will be 104 again today! I wanted to transport "me-self" to your neck of the woods. Just love your pictures! Good luck @ Junk Bonaza wish I could still come :-(. Maybe next year!
    Smiles, Alice
    Ps love your blog!

  3. Hi Linda
    No Autumn here yet in So Cal but it was sure wonderful to see your photos. Everything looks beautiful and crisp. Have a wonderful weekend


  4. Beautiful photos! Not so much fall showing up here yet but it will be soon!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Great photos! Our deck is covered in green acorns and the little itty bitty ones that feel like tacks if you step on them and I DO!! I love acorns though..we dont' get the really big ones though. Those Chinese lanterns look so pretty!

  6. I love all the "littles" of Fall...acorns and Chinese lanterns. We can't grow the lanterns here-well, at least I can't. Your Fall photos are wonderful- xo Diana

  7. Acorn necklaces perhaps? They are pretty cute, aren't they?

    The leaves are finally starting to turn, but I don't think it's going to be a very colorful autumn. So many leaves have already fallen due to the dry conditions here.

  8. Gosh this summer has flown by.... just think how much weeding of seedlings you would have to do if you didn't pick up the acorns!!!!

    I think the late summer blooms are so special....

    Dog wellingtons!!!!


  9. Thank you so much for your comment on my window seat, I appreciate it! :) It was SO much work, but I definitely thing it was worth it..I've already climbed up there with a book and it's been dreamy! :)
    I LOVE all your acorns!!! I live in town, so we don't get much in the way of nature, so I think they're lovely! (of course I don't have to walk on them or pick them up!) lol
    Love ya girl!

  10. I love acorns but not in my yard, LOL! I agree that it makes it hard to walk and messes up the yard. No sign of fall here yet, but the leaves are starting to get that tired look.

  11. I'm glad I don't have to be picking up all those acorns! I love Chinese Lanterns. I tried to grow some last year but they did grow.
    Good luck at Junk Bonanza. I wish I could come but don't think I can make it.

  12. I would consider gluing then painting some of the acorns silver and putting them in jars. Labor intensive but oh so pretty. The Chinese Lanterns are gorgeous.

  13. Well, seeing how it still officially to calendar dates... we are still having Summer temps here in Texas...104° today...

    but your place sounds and looks lovely, wouldn't mind some cooler is supposed to be about 88° tomorrow.We'll see!

  14. I LOVE acorns. I used to go out and collect them in the Mtns. when I lived in Utah. I love them especially with their little "caps" on them. And the leaves are such a fun shape.

    Raking leaves however is NOT the best part of fall. Watching the leaves turn colors and all the splendor that is AMAZING...but not the raking.

    I am hanging on to just a few pots of flowers left. The frost is starting to come, and they will be done. Kinda makes me sad.

  15. Many decades ago, I made flour from acorns. It was "okay" -smile- but not something I wanted to eat...every again.
    I bet those acorns do hurt the pups feet...ouch!

  16. That acorn collecting project does not sound fun...maybe you need a herd of deer or something to do it for you :) I love the Chinese lanterns! They're so pretty for decorating, don't you think?! By the way, I've been meaning to tell you, I got my wonderful package and I love everything that was in it to bits! I can't wait to use them in some photos. Hope you have a good weekend. xo

  17. Your fall weather is showing up sooner than mine (northern IL). Some of my flowers are withering, and the squirrels are running around with walnuts in their mouths, but that's about it. I love Chinese lanterns! I don't have any growing by my house, but several years ago a friend had given me some dried ones to use in decorating. Have you ever used them for that?

  18. love your lake place...105 in Texas today...we have sweet gum thingys everywhere...hard to walk on too.

  19. Dear Linda, your autumn photoes from your wonderful place , are so beautiful,all.
    The acorns looks from here very inviting to collect, but I can see what your mean ,about them being just maybe TOO many :-)
    The Chinese Lanterns I LOVE- especially when they fade away, like skeleton lanterns.
    Happy weekend Linda.

  20. Chinese Lanterns are amazing, aren't they? Love all your acorns. I find them on the roadside near my house at this time of year. Happy Fall!


  21. It even feels a little like Fall here in AZ today. We had rain and the temp is below 100. Love your photos of flowers and acorns. Sure looks like fall there.

    We have a few acorns in Ky but we have hickory nuts that fall everywhere and keep up awake at night when they fall on the roof. Locals call them "hickernuts".

  22. Today is the first day that it's felt like fall. No humidity and a high in the low 70's. I'm one happy girl! I, too,like acorns.. like the shape, love their sweet caps, and they always prod my imagination to think of what all I could do with them. However, I never thought about the dogs and how it must feel on their feet. Poor babies!! Glad you took time out to enjoy the lake home. You're very lucky!!

  23. It was a good year for acorns, they were waking me up at night. It felt like fall in MN but out here, not yet, I'm surprised. What do you do with your acorns? Gather them up to get rid of or do you have a use for them? I wish I could use ours some how.

  24. Our acorns and leaves always fell in the spring in FL. I wonder what will happen around here, the new place? Our rental comes with a weekly gardener which I feel is a huge luxury! But I don't know yet what the parameters of his duties are. I'm used to going out and tackling things on my own. I will not miss the acorns and leaf raking, but I sure miss those beautiful trees and my backyard. Lovely pictures, Linda. Ann

  25. Your lake cottage looks so peaceful in the fall. Makes me want to curl up in one of your adirondaks and read a good book. Have fun getting ready for the show. I think I'm going to the Country Living Fair this weekend. Not a junky, but hopefully it will be worth the steep admission fee.

  26. Hi Linda,
    Such beautiful hints of fall! We are just starting to get some cooler nights here. I am ready for cozy sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice latte's.
    ((HUGS) Heidi

  27. Yes, fall is around the corner. I started picking up acorns 2 weeks ago and my husband laid a guilt trip on me saying the squirrels will starve this winter. I figure the squirrels should just work faster instead of chasing the chipmunks around.

  28. Oh, you have those furry ones. Very pretty, especially the lanterns. Saw you at Kat's place ~


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