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Bachman's 2012 Ideas House Part 2...Upstairs...

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about part one of the Bachman's 2012 Fall Ideas House tour!  In this post, I'll share some of the upstairs ideas!  As you go up the stairs, the wall were decorated with layered cabinet doors and window art...

They were simply screwed together...

They were embellished with vintage spools, used as vases!

I love this simple photo display around the windows...

The bathroom was decorated with natural elements...

bark panel wallpaper...

How about cute burlap flowers embellishing the shower curtain?

There were other display ideas in the upstairs, for photos and jewelry...

My favorite room in this Ideas House is the Nursery!  Lots of fun ideas here!

A buffet becomes a changing table!

I thought this door sign was so sweet ...

Next post, I'll finish the upstairs tour!  Remember, you can visit posts from all of the previous Ideas Houses by clicking on the link under my header!

Until next time...enjoy the weekend!


  1. The Bachman house continues to inspire me season after season. LOVE those mirrors.

  2. Lots of great ideas in the Bachmsn house. The cabinet doors screwed together as wall art, how clever.

  3. This place is loaded with fun ideas! I love, love the bark cool! Thanks for the tour, Linda!

  4. Wonderful ideas,so much fun.Love the tour :)Thank you Denise

  5. Linda
    The nursery is my favorite room too.
    I'm amazed at how real that bathroom wall paper looks.

  6. I like the nursery. I don't remember them having one before.
    Thanks for sharing all your pics.

  7. Thanks again for the tour Linda! I'm loving all of it! Ann

  8. Such lovely things....

    I bet your head is buzzing with ideas when you leave!

    I especially love those cute painted mirrors and the baby adele hanger SO cute!

    I think I would have to be restrained if I visited the Bachman House!


  9. That house is amazing!
    I love that changing table idea. It looks like a spare drawer on top for the changing pad? That little hanger mobile sign...sweet,too.
    I noticed lots of things I liked here. The windows and doors, the burlap roses, the cookie sheet! All of them wonderful ideas!!!! I think I missed part 1...I'm going to check it out.
    ..thanks as always for sharing this tour with us! Pat

  10. I like the hand mirrors. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the bathroom, dear Linda,
    the zinc piece with little rooms, the burlap rose, and the zinc jewelry hanger- also the bathroom looks so cosy I think!
    Thankyou for sweet ideas, and happy friday to you.

  12. This one was great, too, thanks so much for all of the creative ideas. I always enjoy the Bachman House tours.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Oh wow... so much goodness in one place! Love those hand mirrors! :) TFS!

  14. thank you for the second installment of the house tour. My favorite is the mirrors in the baby room. I also found it interesting that they just "taped" photos to the glass door. Cute and simple.

  15. Ok, I have a list of must haves going on here in my brain!
    Thanks for sharing again and again!
    Have a great weekend,
    xxx Liz

  16. I am in LOVE with that burlap flower! How cute is that? :)

  17. Bark wall paper? WOW, that's unique. Thanks for the great pictures!

  18. Thanks once again for the tour Linda. :)

  19. Sooo many fun ideas! Inspiring! Mimi

  20. I would go crazy in this house, really. So many wonderful ideas, my head would be spinning. Love the door with the pictures so simply taped on.

  21. Wow!!! so many cool ideas. I love the collage of cabinet doors.
    Very creative!
    Have a sweet day, Connie :)

  22. I am a 4th generation Bachman and just love what u did.
    Hattie and Henry Bachman are my great grandparents and I have been to the bachmans florist and taken the tour there but have not seen the house renovated like this. It is soooo much history for me. Brought back many memories. Thanks so much .

    1. How wonderful, Debbie! It IS a place with a lot of great that you have such a personal connection with the house! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!

  23. I love the little mirrors! How cute!

  24. So many awesome ideas in one place - my head is swimming. I really do want that bathroom in my house. Love the hexagonal floor and the sink is great. And the rusty basket with towels in amazing. I just need to figure out how to plan a trip up there and then convince them to sell the house with all the furnishings in it to me.


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