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Fun Finds for Fall...

I'm getting some items ready to bring over to my antique booth, and thought I'd share some of my latest fun finds!  Isn't this a beautiful old cup?  The color combination is unusual and perfect for fall.  

And I love the little old wood jewelry box!  The inside is covered in soft old velvet and lace edging...

A lovely old platter and two vintage souvenirs go nicely with some books I found earlier this year...

The pattern on the platter is so delicate...

A vintage birdcage is always a fun find...

and how about these wonderful old wool throws and blanket?  The top one is a Pendleton...

I love the rich fall colors and textures...don't you?

Until next time...


  1. Oh, that is a pretty little cup and your vignettes are just darling.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Such great finds...I love the platter and the cup both look old!

  3. Nice finds. Love the tea-cup. So unusual.

  4. Score! I love it all but the blankets...over the top beautiful! And those lovely books, great Fall colors.

  5. You know I have a penchant for little boxes. I love that one, especially the inside. Do you have a trick for getting the musty smell out of them?

    That platter has a little delicate orange going on too. Off to see the Bachman house tour (last post) ...I must have missed that one. Pat

  6. The wool blankets are lovely just as you have them stacked Linda.

  7. The New York souvenirs are so fun. Or maybe the building is Chicago. Who knows, they are fun though. I'd be keeping one of those wool blankets for yourself. I imagine it will be getting cold there soon!


  8. I have 2 wool Pendleton throws my daughter got me
    from Oregon and I love them.

    also like the old cup and I am always picking up odd vintage cups

    I had to come over and check on Sophie & Bailey

  9. Great finds Linda! Love the colors of those wool blankets. I still want to get to your booth in Mankato someday.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  10. Hi Linda,
    Perfect fall vignette for your booth! We'll need those blankets next week!
    Sure enjoyed your Bachman house computer takes 4-ever when I visit your blog,so I don't always leave you a comment..bad friend!

  11. Everything is wonderful! I love your vignettes! Those blankets are very special! Hugs, Linda

  12. Beautiful blankets!
    I just can never have enough autumn and winter blankets :)

  13. Nice finds...especially the wool blankets! Love those!

  14. Love your beautiful throws and blankets, dear Linda- and that jewelry box, is so beautiful-
    evrything shown here, reminds me of autumn and winter cosyness-candlelight and warm cup of tea in my hands. It will very soon be here too, the heavy jacket is out from the cupboard :-)

  15. Isn't it funny how you find things at different times but they seem to go together?!!
    I love the old throws. I have a few but in Florida you don't get to use them much, they just look good..haha
    What is it about old boxes? I'm always drawn to them. The problem is with no booth I have to be VERY selective, that's OK!! Enjoy your day my friend.

  16. I am interested in knowing the price of the Pendleton throw! Thanks

    1. I don't have your email address, you can email me through the link on my sidebar, thanks!

  17. Love all of your fun finds, Linda! Especially the birdcage and the statue of Liberty! You have a great eye!!

  18. Such great finds Linda, and I love the unusual handle on that cup! I hope things are going well at your shop!


  19. That little cup's handle is so charming! Love the textures and colors of the blankets too. Certainly feeling like fall everywhere I look. Mimi

  20. What lovely treasures.... the cup has such an unusual handle and perfect autumn colours.

    Love the NY souvenirs and the blankets look so cosy and snuggly.


  21. Lovely finds! Those wool blankets are amazing! Perfect for fall.

    Have a great week!


  22. Those throws and books go so perfectly together. Aren't you a little tempted to keep them for yourself, especially those throws since it's getting sooo cold outside?! xo

  23. I don't think I could bear to part with any of those treasures!

  24. Wow, love those goodies, especially the blankets!!

  25. You have captured the colors of fall in all your treasured finds, Linda. I have been looking and looking for an old birdcage... one day I will find it! Those blankets make me feel cozy and sleepy. Ann

  26. What great finds. Great fall colors. Wonderful blankets for a cool evening by the fire.

  27. I love the old wool throws, they are all lovely little things, though.

  28. Wonderful...I bet they look lovely in your booth :) Laurel


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