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The 2012 Bachman's Fall Ideas House Part 3...Upstairs..

Ready for some more inspiration from the 2012 Bachman's Fall Ideas House?  I really appreciate all of your nice comments on the last post! Today I'll share the rest of the upstairs!  
This space is the Dog Room!  It's a tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top area for the family dog!

Look at these dog dishes made into mirrors...

and this closet for the well-dressed pup!

 The room even had its own outdoor space with a bone-shaped pool!  I'll bet my spoiled pugs, Sophie and Bailey, would fit right in...

The last room in the upstairs is the office.  The desk is made of old doors...

with decorative fabric hung across the front.

The same fabric covered the closet door!

Miniature chalkboards serve as fun file folder labels.

The window coverings had a great industrial vibe...metal panels hung on rebar rods...

and the light fixture was created with yardstick pieces!

In the next post, I'll finish up the tour with the outdoor spaces!

Until next time...I'm enjoying spending time with my mother who is visiting from California


  1. Ha! The dog room is a hoot! I'm loving the yard stick light in the office, too.

  2. Super creative and super fun. Love the ideas.

  3. Thank you for sharing all of your photos. Such wonderful ideas!

    Ths dog room is my favorite!

    Hope you are doing well.

  4. I love the dog room! I'm amazed at how they can continually come up with new ideas.

  5. Oh I just love it when you do these posts!!!!
    So fun!
    XO Kris

  6. I love that dog room! You'd better get one of those for your babies Linda! LOL

  7. They really take it up a knotch. The desk is great.

  8. Can't decide on a favorite from this post. First I thought the desk, then maybe the fabric covered closet door, but I think I have to say the yard stick light.

    Thanks you so much for sharing and the doggie stuff was cute too but office is my fav so far.

  9. Oooo! over the top doggie room is right.
    I do love that office though. The desk is fantastic and so it the yard stick light shade!

    Love, love, love when you show us around the Bachman house, Linda.
    ...have fun with your mom! Pat

  10. {Cue the music, here....}
    Thanks, for the mem-or-ies.....

    FUN to see it all again.
    You do a great job of bringing
    this to your readers, Linda!

    Lucky me, I got to see it with
    you first hand : ) !!

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

  11. Thanks again for doing this, I love the dogs spaces, pretty ingenious of somebody.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. AWESOME...
    I can't wait to see the outdoor photos..

  13. Thank you again, I love the dogs decor!! I want a bone pool!


  14. How nice that your mother is visiting. Enjoy every second - at least the ones you are not spending putting together a dog room for Sophie and Bailey - come on! Do it! Ann

  15. The dog room is such fun.... I love the mirrors made from bowls .... and all the clothes hanging up SO cute!

    My favourite piece has to be the yard stick lamp shade.... I just LOVE it so much!

    It's all wonderful though and so inspiring.... thank you for sharing once again :)

    Have a lovely time with your mother



  16. That adorable doggie room has me just cracking up. Love the dog bone placemats ready to catch any spills at the table! After all, good table manners are always important! And the table turned upside down to create a space for resting after a heavy meal... genius! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you for sharing again! Nice to see a bit of the mom got to see you at Junk Bonanza..I was a bit jealous;)...Happy Fall!!!Hollie

  18. Have fun with your Mom!!! The desk idea is great and I love that yardstick lampshade.

  19. Well now I think I might need a dog room! I'm sure the mister will be thrilled with that idea! Give your mom a hug for me. I sure do miss mine! Mimi

  20. Oh my gosh that dog room is just too over the top cute! The dog bowls with mirrors is just genius!


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