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A Winter's Day...

I am a winter lover...for most of it anyway...when spring approaches though, I am usually quite ready!  I love the snow, and the fresh look it brings to everything.  After a recent snowfall, I ventured outdoors to photograph some of the beauty...

Looks like this feeder is ready for a refill...

See the little chickadee peeking around the suet cake?

We get a lot of birds after a snowfall...looking for food, I suppose.  Cardinals, in particular, seem to love the seed blend we use...they are so beautiful against the white snow and love to perch in our cherry tree.

Are you a snow lover, too?
Wishing you a safe and happy New Year's Eve 
and a wonderful 2013!

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the beauty a snowfall brings. And the cardinals. We get a lot of those in the winter, too. What seed blend do you feed them? We just use Black Oil Sunflower see. And I work from home, so I don't have to drive in the snow.I am sure I would feel different about it if I had to.

    1. Thanks, Rose...we use a blend made from a local grain elevator/feed store. It's a no-mess mix, which means the pieces have been cut so they won't germinate into weeds in the spring. There are all different seeds and nuts. I don't mind driving in snow...but I hate ice...

  2. Beautiful winter photos..I love your arbor and how you made the gate..I am borrowing this idea for my yard in the spring..Thank You..Have a great New Year..

  3. I too LOVE the snow.
    I miss it terribly :(

    We have been skyping home so my mom can take the computer outside so we can see the snow pile up.
    Like it is snowing right here in our warm living room.
    Aaah the magic of technology.

    The cardinal is of course my favorite bird, being from St. Louis and all...and they are so beautiful against that lovely white background.
    Oh, enjoy it all for me Linda
    Happy New Year

  4. Winter usually wears out its welcome here in northern Minnesota.

  5. Why is it the winter always looks better in pictures than when you have to live in it! I was working 28 miles up the road on Thurs. and just went to the thrift store rather than sit on the freeway for two hours from 5-7!

  6. Beautiful winter pictures...although I am not a snow fan. We have around a foot here and I am always anxious for Spring once Christmas is over. I am jealous about your birds. For some reason ours have abandoned our feeders and we used to have a whole flock of them. We did see a huge hawk out in our yard though so I am thinking maybe he scared them away. Happy New Year to you- xo Diana

  7. Beautiful photos! I sure think I am a snow person, but I have never lived in it!! I just can't get over the amazing red cardinals. I have never lived anywhere that you can see them out in nature. It seems so exotic to me!!! Stunning against the white snow!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Linda. And, yes, I'm a snow lover. In fact, I much prefer winter to the scorching heat and humidity of summer. Happy New Year!

  9. Beautiful snow pictures Linda. I am not a winter gal, but I love to look at winter pictures:) Happy New Year!!


  10. I AM a snow lover too! I grew up in Michigan and I'm in Maryland and winters have never been the same. We've had two winter events so far this year. About an inch or two of snow in the morning and by late afternoon we're getting raina nd all the snow has been washed away.
    I hope we see something like you got really soon!
    My grandbabies got little snow shovels for Christmas and they REALLY want to use them!

    LOVE your photos Linda...especially the ones with the cardinal. So pretty!

  11. Well, I have to admit that I'm more of a summer girl than a winter one. It seems like the winters are so much milder than they used to be, which I kind of like. Your pictures look so nice, I should venture out and take a few photos. I wish you lived near me, then we could do that together :)

  12. Such gorgeous photos! Those cardinals...oh my!!! LOVE!!!
    xo Kris

  13. Your winter photos are wonderful! I love winter, too. The snow covering just makes everything look better. Even the drive to work is less painful with the snow covered pine trees lining the road!

  14. beautiful images linda. i am waiting for a snowfall like yours. we can only get a dusting here. happy new year.

  15. What beautiful shots, Linda! I'm not a winter person, but I do think the snow is pretty. Love the look of your snowy birdhouses. And that cardinal is gorgeous!

  16. I do love the snow and snuggling up to read a book or magazine on a winter day. But I don't like the bitter cold.

    Your photos are just lovely, especially the ones of the chubby cardinals.

    It's snowing here today and already the lawn is turning white. This gives me another reason to pull out my snowman plates again!

    Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  17. I think I'm a 72 degree lover, with no humidity. So if that could happen in Winter, then I'd love it.

    Happy New Year dear Linda.

  18. I am definitely a snow lover! unfortunately no snow has fallen where I live! Maybe next year...Lovely photos of the bird houses. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.x

  19. Beautiful pictures Linda. I love the snow, but then again I don't have to live in it or drive in it. I'm definitely a cooler weather lover. Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones:-)

  20. Sorry to say that as I have aged, I am no longer a snow lover. I remember being so excited at the first snowfall when I was a student at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Didn't think anything about walking to class in below zero temps and snow on the ground. Now I'm a desert dweller and snow and cold are not my favorites. Give me a warm winter day in the desert. I can enjoy snow by looking at your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi Linda,
    Beautiful winter pictures!! We got some snow today and it looks so pretty outside.
    Have a very Happy New Year!! I'm hoping to get to Minnesota sometime this year to visit old neighbors. I'll let you know if I do!

  22. Happiest of New Years to you Linda!
    Loved how you captured winter!

  23. Pretty Photos Linda! I'm a winter lover too! There is just nothing better than a fresh dusting of snow to keep everything looking so pretty.

  24. Snow is pretty and your pictures are lovely, but sorry, I don't like it nor winter. I'm a summer person!

  25. Dear Linda- yes I love snow, when it layes quiet and beautiful around me...
    Thankyou for this tour in your beautiful surroundings, the cardinals are stunning, and a bird I will never se in Denmark.
    Linda, all the best for you ,happiness ,and good health in 2013- than is my wishes for you.

  26. Hi Linda, my name is Claudia i am a new follower on your blog!!! Love it!!!
    I also did a little post on my new blog( i am a new blogger) before with my daughter about our first snow this year in Toronto(i have to admit i am not a big winter person lol) but your pictures are gorgeous!!!

  27. Oh my, you really
    "caught" some pretty
    birds, Linda!

    I have come to love
    the snow ~ the peace ~
    the restfulness of it.

    I am hoping to get out
    on my snowshoes or
    cross country skis this
    year. Do you participate
    in either of these? It
    would be fun to do, together!

    Happy 2013!!

    xo Suzanne

  28. What beautiful photos! The snow is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!


  29. Your comments on my blog always make me grin from ear to ear! :) I just love you! I'm glad you like my be honest, I was amazed they turned out that good. I was scared to death I was gonna mess em' up! lol
    Your snow pictures are so beautiful...there is NOTHING prettier than a cardinal against a snowy backdrop. My favorite! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend girlfriend! :)

  30. Happy New Year Linda!

    Your photographs are beautiful.

    Gosh cardinals are stunning aren't they? Ahh look at his sweet little tuft on his head. We don't get them over here!!!

    You have some very cute bird boxes.....

    We don't get that much snow ... but I do love how it changes everyday things and how it changes the sound too.... enjoy and keep warm :)


  31. Yes, dear Linda, I LOVE the snow! But, like you I am ready when Spring arrives, I welcome it with open arms.
    I adore the deer that you have on your mantel. It's great and so is your decor there, really nice!
    I love cardinals, i love all of the small birds, but the cardinal is my favourite. I enjoyed seeing all of your photos!
    Hugs, cindy


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