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End of the Tour...The 2012 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House...

Well, it's the end of the tour from the 2012 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House!  Today I'll share some of the outdoor decorations!

Love the skis!

I love this rusty metal deer they were selling in the store...and bought a smaller size for myself!

So many wonderful ideas in this Ideas House...I hope you enjoyed it!  Remember you can visit posts from all of the previous Ideas Houses by clicking on the link under my header photo!
The Spring Ideas House will be April 4th- April 28th, 2013!  If any of you will be in town for Junk Bonanza, April 18-20, you might want to put the Ideas House on your schedule, will be available soon on the Bachmans site!

Until next time...


  1. Love the outdoor decorations, Linda. The deer is really cute, as is the old crate on the wagon wheels.

  2. Thanks for sharing ! Bachman's always has such good ideas, incorporating vintage into decor, love it!!

  3. Love these posts! Thanks for always sharing the Bachman house.

  4. Such good ideas.
    I love all the vintage ski wreaths and the wooden sled how cool is that!
    Now if I only lived in a backdrop of a midwest town to make it all look right :)

  5. This looks like the type of house my sister and I would visit. Love the decorations. Merry Christmas!

  6. I saved several of these ideas. It must be wonderful to see it in person with the nip of cold in the air and a friend to share it with. A perfect way to spend a day- xo Diana

  7. Wow, thanks for all the great pictures! Since I can't get up there to see it for myself, I live vicariously through your pictures. Especially love the skis and toboggan and the front porch arrangement in the canvas bag. I just feel ridiculous down here putting out my boughs and cedar garland when the temps are in the 70's. Not to mention my fake snow.....

  8. So pretty! Love those skis!!!
    xo Kris

  9. I love the rich orange and green foliage and especially the rusted metal deer in the all looks so pretty this time of year! Wishes for a lovely week. Sharon x

  10. Yup.... I love the toboggan, the skis, the crate with wheels, but I'd have to have a little rusty deer myself. Pinning, how cute would that be next year out of wood!


  11. Seasonal perfection!!!

    I love the skis with the house number on them.

    In the UK we don't have such high house numbers!

    How do they work?


  12. I did enjoy it, thanks so much. I loved the skis with the wreath, I wish I had an extra wreath, I'd do that with my skis.

  13. I love that sled! So nice to relax and look at these wonderful pictures. Thanks again for the tour. Ann

  14. I'd love to have them come to my house and fill my window boxes and urns. Gorgeous!

  15. BEAutiful decorations, all- so gorgeous, and the rheindeers Oh how sweet, both the metal one, and the wodden ones :-)
    Thankyou for this festive end of your tour, dear Linda.

  16. After they go to Vickie's I want them at my house! Fabulous!!!


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