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More From the 2012 Bachman's Holiday Ideas House...Part 2...

Well, I am back from the three-day Holiday Happening event we were in this weekend (we had lots of fun and I'll share more later!) and am ready for part two from the Bachman's  2012 Holiday Ideas House!   Thank you for all of your sweet comments about part one...makes it so fun to do the posts knowing you enjoy them!  Remember, you can visit the previous Ideas House posts using the link under my header photo!

This time we'll start with the wonderful kitchen!  I'd love to do some cookie baking here!

Wouldn't you love to find an old metal sign like this?

The lower level bathroom continues the feeling with a shuttered mirror...

and cheery linens...

On to the upper level of the house!  The stairway featured fun salvaged wood snowflakes!

First stop...the bathroom with sheet music covered walls...

A tool tote is hung on the wall as an organizer shelf...

and don't forget the laundry chute!

Next up...the cozy den!  I could sit right down...

I LOVE the wall mounted TV cabinet made of salvaged wood and an old photo enlarged for the cover!  What a decorative way to hide the big screen...

great ways to use old snowshoes...

So many great ideas!  Next time we'll visit the bedrooms!

I am joining Debra at the Marketplace at Common Ground

Until next time...


  1. I love these Bachman's tours Linda. Loads of inspiration.

  2. OH ,the snowflakes are great, and both kitchen and den ,-looks so very cosy and warm- a real treat to eat and cosy up there.
    Thankyou Linda, for inviting me inside the Bachmann`s cosynes ,this snowy and cold evening in Denmark.

  3. I love the fake fur look and that sweater deer head!

  4. love this Linda! They think of everything there at the Bachman House... the laundry shoot...adorable!
    I like the light in the kitchen, with the wooden forks and t-towels!!Very inventive.

    STILL... I want to paper a wall in my house with book pages. When I do...I'll become a trendsetter, I'm so far behind that trend it will be "IN" AGAIN!

    :) As always thanks for sharing BH with us! Pat

  5. Linda- It i so much fun to see the Bachman house through the eyes of you camera. I love it-Aren't those snowflakes cute!?! xo Diana

  6. Wow... loved the tour, thanks!! My fav' is the photo TV cover... love it! :)

  7. very pretty just so warm & cozy & comforting - thanks for sharing

  8. Loved every single frame!!!!!
    xo Kris

  9. Wow, what a beautiful kitchen. Even though the upper cabinets are open and everything is on display, it doesn't look the least bit cluttered. Love those snowflakes. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  10. Great ideas! I especially love the greens in the zinc in the last photo! :)

  11. Linda
    Thanks once again for the tour. I always love it! The house is just full of wonderful decorating ideas.

  12. WOW...look at all that fun inspiration!! LOVE those wood snowflakes!! Thanks for the peek...didn't make it this time :(

  13. Too much inspiration in one post! I want it all!

  14. Loved seeing it all,
    again! I am so happy
    that I got that reindeer
    pillow ~ makes me
    happy every time I
    see seeing
    YOU at the Holiday
    Happening : )

    Have a great week!

    xo Suzanne

  15. It's beautiful..
    A lot of wonderful ideas..

  16. Oh, those snowflakes are to die for!!!!!!!! What did they use for window treatments? The circle cut outs?

  17. I love the red scale in the kitchen and the sweater covered deer head.
    The den looks so cozy and I love the use of the snowshoes.
    Thanks for the tour, Linda!

  18. Brilliant ideas! LOVE that kitchen sink. Thanks for taking us along. Mimi

  19. I have to pin a few of those ideas, like the tool tote on the wall and the Santa sign about underwear!


  20. I want that kitchen! All that red & white goodness in the room has me swooning! And that metal sign? I've been kicking myself for years for passing up one just like that in a local antique store. It was there for years, but when I finally decided to buy it ($38) it was GONE!

    Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  21. Wow Linda, lots of great ideas here! I pinned several of them. I love the kitchen, the red and white is so cheery!
    Thanks once again, Cindy

  22. Love the northwoods themed decor & I've pinned many for my Lake Houses & Cabin pinboard!

  23. Ohhh all absolutely perfect!

    I'd love to snuggle up in the den with a book or just to have a nap!

    The kitchen is just beautiful...... you'd always want to be baking in there!

    Lovely lovely lovely!

    I nearly forgot.... the laundry shute!!!! I love it!!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed your Holiday Happening Event.... sounds fun!


  24. As always, fun and inspirational. I love that kitchen sink and the sweater covered deer head! Linda, what are the things that are hanging on the windows in the kitchen and the bathroom? Do you remember? And do they always use the same house? Thanks for bringing us along for the fun. Ann

  25. I didn't get to go to this one either but what fun to see your pictures! Thanks!

  26. Hi Linda! I'm lovin' the reds! And what a clever idea for the TV!

  27. Wow once again. I looked at both posts and love the buffet.


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