A Naturalist Cabinet...and Hey Girl...

I've been making a few changes in our living room, moving and exchanging pieces, etc.  I found this cabinet about 20 years ago at a thrift store and painted it a deep aquamarine blue, at that time.  I have been considering changing this piece to a dark taupe-gray color, but haven't decided on that yet.  What do you think?  It has been used to hold books for many years, but I decided to use it now to hold some of the nature pieces I so enjoy.  Thought I'd share some of the little vignettes...

Old books, naturally shed antlers, small trophies, shell boxes, and coral all have a place here...

This very old box was my husband's grandmother's...

I love this vintage photo and placed it in a lab jar...

I scanned an old book plate and displayed it on a little clipboard...

Don't you love the marbleized cover?

I really love vintage nature inspired decorating, and am looking forward to doing more of it in the room!

great parties~ hope you'll join us!

and if you haven't seen the fun 
over at Bliss Ranch...my honey and I are joining up...
Hope the weather isn't too bad where you are!  We're just having a small snowstorm here with not too much clean up!

Until next time...


  1. I like the cabinet vignettes. You have some really neat looking books. The hey girl thing is fun!

  2. Love all the natural elements you used for display.

  3. Your cabinet looks gorgeous, Linda! I love all of your nature themed treasures, especially those beautiful shell boxes. And the books, egg print and trophies are perfect. I love the color of the cabinet as is, I think it really makes all of your treasures really pop!

  4. I love the way your collections pop off from the color of the cabinet. If you took it to more grey I am afraid you would lose the items in the cabinet and it all would become to similar.
    It looks great now but you are the one who knows how it goes with the whole look of your home.
    Ya gotta go with your gut :)

  5. beautiful piece of furniture filled with beautiful things; nice job on the refinishing.

  6. I absolutely love your vignettes...from the photo in the jar...to the image on the clipboard...to the old family heirloom box - all so wonderful...
    and yes, the "hey girl" take-offs are very funny...love yours!

  7. Waving hi to Mr. Itsy Bits for being such a good sport getting 'hey girl'd'. But seeing the picture sure makes me long for Winter to be over.

    And I vote YES taupe/grey.


  8. Linda, I love your nature inspired decor, and I think painting the cabinet a taupey-grey would be lovely. I also love the Hey Girl photo, too funny!


  9. What a gorgeous cabinet! You have it styled with all the things I love!

  10. First....LOVE the Hey Girl picture! Your hubby is a nice looking guy! Kind of reminds me of my hubby in fact!
    Love all of the natural elements you have in that cabinet!! So nice!!!!
    xo Kris

  11. Love your cupboard and the pieces diplayed inside, the coral and old books in particular. Sure the cupboard would look lovely whatever colour you painted it - a really nice piece of furniture. The dark aqua colour does make the pieces inside stand out beautifully though. Hope your week will be a good one, Pam :-)

  12. Bloggers have the best hubbies!!! hehehe

    Love all your vintage goodies in your cabinet, especially the old box that belonged to your husband's family.

  13. I like all of the pieces you have on there..
    The color sounds nice..
    Happy painting..

  14. Hi Linda,
    Very sweet corner cabinet! I think a lighter color would be nice! Great and fun treasure you have displayed in it!
    Have a duty day today and think it will be a very quiet day!

  15. Ahh your OH looks lovely :)

    I love your cabinet as it is but I am rather fond of the new colour you suggest - I think it would really suit your cabinet and lovely 'bits'

    Let us know what you decide!

    Karen x

  16. Love, love your nature cabinet and love the Hey Girl too!! :)

  17. Love your corner cabinet! I enjoyed all the vignettes and the photo in the jar was such a cute touch! Hugs, Linda

  18. Hi Linda, it's been way to long since my last visit, I am loving the rich history of a corner unit that holds your treasures with a perfect patina of old, so flea market savvy.

    Of course you antiquing pal is the best part of the post. Love those hey girls!! And you my friend have just that.

    Happy month of February hearts, hugs, and kisses.

  19. I love your corner cabinet just the way it is. Your treasure look so good displayed with the dark color of the paint. It'll be gorgeous no matter what color you decided to go with.

  20. The cabinet is beautiful! And what a guy you have! All that thrifting is exhausting. :) Thanks so much for linking up!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  21. What beautiful treasures your lovely cabinet hold, Linda! The color it is now looks perfect with all you are displaying, but if you paint it and don't like it as much you can try again. I think it would be impossible to make this look bad! xo Pam

  22. I love how your collection "pops" against the darker colour of the cabinet! I'm sure the cabinet will look fabulous whatever colour you decide to go with.

  23. I love the shell boxes ... I'm just a lover of shells. And boxes.

    Thanks for the peek ~ Mary

  24. Linda, I really like how the present color on this pretty cabinet shows off your vintage nature items and other fun items. So much goodness packed into that space, I especially like the photo in the jar, something unexpected. Ann

  25. Your cabinet is a great colour of blue, and your nature inspired pretties are wonderful. It looks really wonderful.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. Love your naturalist cabinet and everything in it. Love the way you styled it.

  27. I love it! The color of your cabinet really sets off the things you've displayed. It's gorgeous. Mimi

  28. Hi Linda, I love your cabinet of curiousities just the way it is. The dark blue really show off the contents nicely. You have some beautiful collections which give off some beautiful light, so personally I wouldn't paint it. Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing. Sharon

  29. Wow! Linda, your cabinet lloks amazing! It's a great piece...in any colour. Neutrals would be my choice...grey, black, cream or white...if you are in the mood to paint, that is. It's gorgeous in that colour too.

    Your nature display is so sweet, you've arranged everything perfeclty...and I love the sentimental old box. Thanks so much for sharing....you've put me in the mood to rearrage my shelf....again!

    Ciao Bella

  30. Dear Linda, I love your blue cabinet, and think the pieces shown off inside now, really are to be seen on the blue background,-
    I love your vignettes with nature items, that you have collected, ,together with the old books.

  31. What a gorgeous cabinet Linda!!! I wouldn't touch the colour I think it's perfect the way it is but if you decide to do it if it would be me I would probably will go more with white or even grey. But I think it's perfect like that now. Love the shells. I also have a few from evertime I go back home in Portugal, my mom has a house in the south of Portugal where I always love to go. The beach is like 10 min away.:) Anyways out of topic here. hehehe Take care Linda

  32. Love the trophies!! My sister and I have been out looking for some, those are gems!
    Happy ValentineS Day!

  33. Love the way you've styled all the vignettes in that gorgeous cabinet. The shell boxes and the vintage photo in the lab jar are just wonderful!

  34. Linda I really love the cabinet that color. It's unique and makes the lighter colored items in there pop. The shell boxes are great.

  35. This looks absolutely beautiful and everything goes really well together. I think the colour of the cabinet goes well with the items placed inside, so I wouldn't change it.

  36. Your nature display is just gorgeous! I love the coral and the color of the cabinet!

  37. Your cabinet looks so pretty filled with all the nature inspired objects. I love your old books too!

  38. What catches my eye are all your old books, I just love them.
    Thanks for your sweet comment too, just can't wait to get Monday over with!

  39. I sure love your decorating and the picture of the little girl looking for seashells priceless. I sure do love your "Hey Girl" lol Hugs, Diane


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