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The Arrow Points South...

Lately, I've been having some fun re-doing thrift store finds!  You can visit some of my recent posts to see some of those projects!  Today, I'm sharing another one!  I found this new arrow-shaped wood coffee sign at the thrift store last week, and while I thought it was cute, it was nothing I could use in my home.  But, I loved the arrow shape and decided to do a quick re-do.  I gave it a rustic coat of white paint~ a little thicker than I normally would, to cover the lettering.

It would look good just like this, but I wanted to make a sign reminiscent of old mile markers...and decided to make one pointing to a town that is meaningful to our family.  I reversed the arrow direction so it would be pointing the right way when hanging.  Making a pattern on the computer was next...this font is Orlando...and I transferred it onto the board.

Pencilling lightly over the transfer gave better visibility, and then I hand painted the letters with black craft paint.

When it was dry, I simply gave it a light sanding to distress the piece!  You could stain or wax over it, too, for an older look.

I love how it turned out...simple, graphic, and fun! 

You could also cut an arrow shape from wood, if you wanted to make one yourself!

I am joining Debra for 

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  1. Fabulous Linda. Whenever I see arrows like that they remind me of camping up my Hawyard when I was a kid. The area we went to used them everywhere.

    Its wonderful that you redid it to add a little personal touch to your home. I love the idea of adding the mileage too - it's a great touch.

  2. Oh I love that Linda!!!!! LOVE it!!
    xo Kris

  3. A very touching makeover for your family.

  4. Such a cool shape. I love what you did to it!! Looks great above the door!

  5. Your arrow is wonderful! I love it, and I'm going to pin it in DIY, I would enjoy making that. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Cindy

  6. Great idea. You have a good eye for finding things and making something else out of them.

  7. What a fun and sentimental project ... I love the shape of the arrow.

    Karen x

  8. It turned out beautifully Linda. I need no arrow for coffee:}

  9. Very cute Linda!! Love that was already in the arrow shape for you! :)

  10. I love it and the fact that you personalized it. Awesome transformation and very clever of you.

  11. I just love your idea and the way it turned out. Looks great! Pam :-)

  12. How sweet it is dear Linda,
    I love your writing on it,-I could use some here on my propperty, where turists alwayes wants to go to the private part--
    Should say ,Stop-Private :-)

  13. That was a great find Linda! I like what you did with it and think I know why your referenced that town!

  14. Fun sign, and you didn't have to go out to the cold garage to cut it out! I've been wanting to cut out a big key, but I don't think our saw would even work in this deep freeze!

    Stay warm!

  15. You always come up with great ideas!!

  16. What a great idea! I love it! Hum, I'll have to make a sign post for all the places I want to be or maybe I should just make a sign that points me north.

  17. I love it, so great that you can find an item and have a vision!


  18. I really want to try that sign making technique. I have a few little pickets from an old fence that need some words! Mimi

  19. This is really cute! I have an arrow sign similar to yours that I may just have to dig out & give her a little makeover ; )

  20. I love the idea of making it personal to your family...a meaningful transformation! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing...if I ever come across a wooden arrow in my travels....I might just have to purchase it...and I will always think of you, Linda.

    Ciao bella.
    Craetive Carmelina

  21. What a great makeover. I love it!

  22. Love this, especially
    the great font that
    you chose to hand-
    pencil, you talented
    girl, you!!!

    How lucky to have a
    cabin, especially in
    February when cabin
    fever sets in....and
    you can escape to yours : )

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  23. Linda, that's adorable! And how clever of you! I have found myself looking at things and wondering what they could become with a little bit of ingenuity. It never went beyond a thought but after seeing what you did, I just might take up the challenge!

  24. What an adorable little sign....and arrows are really HOT right now in decorating! :)
    Thanks for sharing Lucy's story...I pray she gets enough money for her new little ear!
    love you girlie

  25. I love signs! Even better,you made it all yourself with your own hands. Love handmade! Have a great Valentine's Day,
    xxx Liz


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