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A Few Fun Finds...

Just a few fun finds to share this week...I love this little porcelain collie figurine from the thrift doesn't matter a bit to me that he's missing the tip of his ear!  He's found a home on my hutch.  The clock face is a Pinterest pin project that I actually did...printing downloaded clock faces and putting them on old cds...

I re-did a little corner of my living room recently...

The runner is a Homegoods find...its so long, I have it folded in half to use here... LOVE the black stripe!

and this little wood box is from a vintage backgammon set I found at the thrift store...I like the rustic patina and corduroy handle...

I've been needing a touch of spring around here...we had 2 more snowstorms roll through and I now have what must be my millionth cold of the season!  So I'm going to pretend it doesn't look like January outside and start bringing in some spring!

These beautiful begonias make me think it can't be long now...

Do you remember this photo I took at the Bachman's Ideas House?  Well, artist/designer Caroline Simas of Multiple Blessings~ she did the great pillows~ has a fun blog post out about this!  You can see more of her great designs, too!

You can click on the photo above, if you missed my original blog post...
Thanks to all of you for your kind comments about the memo board on my last post!

Until next time...I've got a date with a warm blanket 
and a stack of magazines!


  1. Linda, if you don't have spring there, Northern Minnesota is at least a month behind. Love your dog figurine. I collect them.

  2. I love your collie and your wonderful spring touches. Feel better!


  3. the collie is adorable...and I love your spring green header...

  4. Such pretty things Linda! I love the Pinterest thing with the CD's how clever! Very cool backgammon game too! Your flowers are pretty. It's chilly here, (compared to what I'm used to this time of year) but at least we can see spring flowers and trees budding all over the place! Stay warm!

  5. Love your spring decorating finds! Really like your runner, too. Hope you feel better soon! xx

  6. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and I am sitting here watching it snow..Go figure..Your photos are beautiful..Have a nice evening..

  7. I love your new Header pic. I LOVE green. Is the clock in that photo a CD too? Using the backgammon box is a great idea - love the age on it!

  8. I see a new header! COOL!
    I'm so wanting our SPIRNG weather...been too long of a winter!!! Not much at the sthrift stores and didn't go to any estate sales...hope your cold goes away quickly!
    Keep WARM,

  9. Great finds. I would have snatched up that collie, too.

  10. Love your green new header Linda!
    aww you are a rescuer of a mishandled doggy.
    I am sure it will find nothing but love in your home ;)
    I do remember those tire seats. I absolutely love the design of it all.

  11. The collie is precious. Love the vignette too.

  12. Absolutely love the table runner...and that the stripe is black...I gotta get to a Homegoods!!

  13. I love your new header, Linda! I think I have that same cup except in brown...I like yours better. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of spring, isn't it? It feels more like January! xo

  14. Your 're-do' looks so nice and I never mind a little chip on something like the doggy (actually I can't even see it). I wish spring would come to MN, I hear about the snow from the husband and I try not to tell him how nice the weather is here in AZ!

  15. Linda,
    What a sweet little nest. Now, you need to get well because that snow is going to be gone soon and then you can enjoy some warmer weather.


  16. I thought I was in the wrong place :) Love the new design. Your new dog is adorable. I like them a little beat up. Just means they've been loved a lot.

  17. First of all, I love your new blog header photo! The collie dog is a sweet addition to your shelf. Your new finds look fabulous on your dresser, and the lamp is something I'd like for my house. Love it!

    I hope a few hours of browsing through magazines makes you feel better. :)

  18. Hi Linda I love your mirror and lamp. Gorgeous!!!
    Can't wait for spring also.

  19. I love your new springy vignette and the new items in your header are nice too. Love the little green clock especially. Hope your spring arrives soon.


  20. Great finds Linda! I love the backgammon case!

  21. Love all of this! So fun! Can you share link to the pinterest clock faces? I would love to make those!

    1. If you type in "clock faces" on "Search" on Pinterest, it will bring up all kinds of pins...things you can download, and others have done them!

  22. great finds! that's a good idea to put clock faces on old CD's...the things people come up with, ahhh Pinterest - the best! it's so cold here in IL and it seems Spring will never arrive, so I feel your pain...stay warm and get well!

  23. Oh feel better! Magazines should do the trick! Love your header. And those vinegar and oil cruets belong on my table this week I think. Happy first day of spring! Take care.

  24. Dear Linda, wonderful finds, -I also don`t care about tiny damages on sweet finds like your doggie,- the display looks beautiful with the eggs nest and the wooden box- and I love your cup in your header.
    I hope you are not feeling,very bad , and wishes you warmer dayes,-to share winter with you, I can tell that here it has snowed for 3 dayes now!

  25. Your finds are always so lovely...I love the Collie dog and the vintage backgammon set.

  26. Your touches of spring are so pretty. I love the little dog and your table display. The girls and I were talking about how terrible it was to have such a cold, windy first day of spring. I'm craving sunshine and time playing in my garden.

  27. This year we all have to make our own spring. We had a storm come through today and it's moving your way. Sorry. Love that collie too. Mimi

  28. Hi Linda

    Sorry to hear you have another cold... hope you feel better soon.

    I love the sweet dog you have re homed.... and your cd/clock face. What a great idea! Love the runner and the sweet nest... I'm going to get out my Easter Decorations today!!!

    I am so ready for spring and some warm weather -
    it's grey, cold and wet here today but I don't have to go out again.

    Love Karen x

  29. Happy Spring is truly somewhere out there under all the snow. Such sweet always. Hope to see you at Junk Bonanza...bringing "first timers" to the spring show. Can't wait!

  30. Hey Linda ~ hope you are feeling better!
    Love the corner in your room and I LOVE your header!


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