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End of the Tour- The Bachman's 2013 Spring Ideas House...

Today I'll share the rest of the 2013 Bachman's Spring Ideas House!  If you missed any of the tour, or want to visit posts from any of the previous houses since 2010, just click on the link under my header!  We'll start with some of the fun ideas in the downstairs powder room ...

Going up the stairs, the walls are decorated with large statement pieces...

the flowers are metal along with paper placemats!

The house is styled to be the home of an event planner...this is her office.

Greeting cards with great fashion prints are hung between two old posts...

and birds are everywhere...

How about this great wall calendar~ notepaper covered with plexiglass and molding!

A vintage card table becomes a bulletin board...

Here's the upstairs bathroom...

The girl's bedroom was colorful and fun!

Love these great paper flowers!

The master bedroom was calm and restful...

The final room is the event planner's workroom...

I love all the chalkboards painted on the walls, framed with molding, as well as the bedspring inspiration boards...

Lots of great ideas!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!  The house is open through April 28th!  The next Ideas House is September 12- October 6, 2013...always a great one!  Thank you for all of the wonderful comments you leave on these posts!

Until next time...I'll be working hard to get everything ready for Junk Bonanza, starting on Thursday!


  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks, once again, for taking us on the tour of the Bachman Idea House. I always enjoy soaking in all of the fabulous ideas!!

  2. Love how you got different pictures of the Ida House than what I did! I went there yesterday and loved it. My favorite rooms were the porch and the kitchen.

  3. So many good ideas! I would love to find one of the bed springs to hang goodies on.

  4. Fun stuff! I love the upside down picket fence at the window!!
    xo Kris

  5. I eish I could get to the cities for the junk bonanza. I've never been. Actually never heard of it until I started blogging. I love the Bachman house tours.

  6. It's amazing how they keep coming up with new ideas. Love the flower headboard in the girls room!

  7. This is awesome!! That you for sharing.

  8. I've gotta do a little pinning I see.


  9. So many fabulous ideas to pin and try for the next 5 years!!! Love the bird theme!

  10. Wonderful inspiration. Good luck at the junk bonanza! Take lots and lots of photos for us.

  11. Linda, this place inspires me so much, and there are so many amazing things...The ballustres ? in wood are BEAUTIFUL both- and all those sweet birds, the fence and-and-and-
    this part is the one (till now) I have loved the most-Thankyou dear for wonderful photoes ,and GOOD LUCK at Junk Bonanza!!

  12. I have to say, this really makes my heart race!!! I love the wall calendar out of plexi glass-sheer genius.
    The head board for the master bedroom might just make it into my well as the colored chalk board paint. Who knew?!!

  13. Thanks Linda! Birds and bedsprings, love them! So many great ideas as usual. It always inspires me... Ann

  14. Sooooo many good ideas! Love all the little birdies. Mimi

  15. So much eye candy! My favorite is that metal shelf over the sink in the bathroom. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it.

  16. Really fun ideas! I love the picket fence window valance and the crib spring message 'board'. I think I need one of those. Thanks for sharing! xx

  17. How do they come up with all these amazing ideas?

    So inspiring!

    Karen x

  18. I love the curtains in the downstairs powder room with clothespins? Could you please email how they were made?

    1. Isn't it cute? It is a simple fabric panel, attached to a thin rod (or wire) with clothespins.


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