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Fun in the Mail and Fun Finds...

Disclaimer~ I received free product to review for this post.  All opinions and photos are my own!

I'm taking a little break from the Bachman Ideas House tours to share something fun with you!
Have you seen these yet?  I received these in the mail this week to review!  Ball has made these limited-edition Heritage Collection Pint Jars to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Ball brothers' Perfect Mason Jar!   If you have been lucky enough to find vintage Ball jars, you know they can be spendy.  These have beautiful blue color, are made in the USA, are BPA free, and are wonderful for home canning, crafts, and home decor uses!  At a suggested retail price of $9.99 for 6, these are so affordable for home use!

I use blue jars everywhere, and even have a soap dispenser I made for my kitchen!  They look so wonderful as a vase for hydrangea or for vanity storage in the bathroom...

We use them at the lake with some sand in the bottom and flameless candles for a pretty look on the patio...

Last week at the Gathering of Friends Antique Sale, I had a couple of fun finds!  I loved this vintage tin globe with its great color tones...

and this wonderful little lake painting, too!  Both pieces will be heading for our bedroom at the lake!

I love combining pieces like these with beautiful 
blue glass jars and shells...feels like summer, doesn't it?

Simply perfect...

The jars will be available at select retailers this spring!  You can visit Ball's website and they have a wonderful Pinterest page with fun idea boards that I follow... LOTS of beautiful inspiration there! 

As for me, I will be buying more of use as vases for flowers at my daughter's wedding reception this summer!  Thank you, Ball, for introducing these wonderful jars and allowing me to try them!

Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the tip Linda! I haven't seen these in the stores yet. I've never passed up a Ball jar in an antique store ...I say you can never have too many!

  2. They are fab jars. Wish we had them over here in UK. x

  3. I have seen these around, Linda- They are great, aren't they? What a perfect thing to use for a wedding. Love the little picture, too. xo Diana

  4. Oh, I love them! Blue is one of my favorite colors. I see you have a pretty new header too!

  5. Those are really nice! They are really smart to reproduce those blue jars, they should sell like crazy. I shall check out their pinterest page.

  6. Ball was brilliant to reintroduce this color for a short time. They are pretty.

  7. The Ball jars are so pretty! What a deal.
    Mary Alice

  8. How pretty! Those Ball people are ingenious for reissuing them!

  9. The new Ball jars are so pretty. I think the color may be a little brighter than the vintage ones.

  10. Love those jars colour and that vintage globe is really nice!!! Always so much fun to visit your blog Linda.
    Take care
    Claudia P.

  11. Very cool that you rec'd some of those Ball jars! They will be prefect for your daughters wedding!
    Might be fun to add to my vintage ones.

  12. Those jars are such a pretty color! They'll be beautiful at your daughter's wedding.

  13. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to find these! I collect the antique Ball jars too! How fun! Great finds for your lake house!

  14. I love the jars - I bet they are going to look so pretty at your daughters wedding :)

    Love the globe and picture.... I bet you can't wait to get to your lake house.

    Your post did make me feel summery... but I am still waiting hopefully for Spring!!! Its dull grey and drizzly here today. But nicer weather is coming soon - I just know it!

    In the meantime any more such summery posts are most welcome!!!!

    Karen x

  15. OOhhh now I have to have them! LOL I have several originals but I'd like some of these too... Thanks!

  16. Hi Linda,
    I have not seen the Ball jars yet but I will be looking for them! They look wonderful paired with the blues in the globe and the painting.
    I'm behind on my blog reading and need to go check out your Bachman posts!

  17. I have a whole BUNCH of the old blue heart goes pitter patter every time I see some in my local peddlers mall! I haven't seen these out in the stores yet, but I bet they won't stay on the shelves long! :)

  18. Argh! I just bought the clear jars yesterday to use as drink glasses at a graduation party. I must find these! Wish me luck and thanks for the heads up, Susanne.

  19. I love those blue jars! Something about the color that warms the home and the heart!

    Thanks for sharing!


  20. Dear Linda, that little painting is perfect and so lovely,- and the reproduction jars looks wonderful in that bright lovely colour, -goes so well with your globe,too :-) lucky you!!!

  21. Those jars used as vases for your daughter's wedding will be lovely!

  22. That Ball is on the ball... love these! When in the US a few years ago I found a giant mason jar they had made for the mason jar anniversary. Whomever is in marketing with them is brilliant! :)

  23. I've always loved the blue Ball jars. What a great idea to use them for your daughter's reception.

  24. Oh how fun! I love the both the clear jars and blue one. I'm clicking the link right after this to figure out where I can pick some up asap. Thanks.

  25. Since these jars are my obsession I can't wait to see where they might be selling. How wonderful and affordable! Thanks for sharing that info Linda. Ann

  26. I guess I'll have to look for the new Ball jars the next time I'm out! Thanks for showing them to us. I like that oil painting too.

  27. Hi girl, indeed they are wonderful, such fond memories of my mother canning everything that made it into the kitchen even stuff you would be surprised could can :)

    The ball jars look great in your mix of things, so wish Ball had come to me! Sooooooo! Jealous, in a good way for you.

    Thank you Linda for taking the time to visit me, perhaps you can find some colored shakers to mix with you new balls.

    Lots of weekend inspiration to you.

  28. These jars are amazing. I hear they are sold out everywhere! My absolute favorite use for ball jars is to hold hydrangeas. Just beautiful.

  29. So glad to hear about those blue ball jars. I know we'll all be taking home at least one set. I'm loving that Bachman house kitchen. Is there anything better than yellow in a kitchen? Mimi

  30. Love those blue jars Linda...perfect!

  31. Hi Linda
    What a great post on the ball jars I never knew you could buy the blue set. I love the way you put the vignette together.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  32. Oh Linda, great tip on the blue jars. I use clear ones as drinking glasses.

    I did giggle when I did a search for blu ball jars!

  33. Couldn't resist letting you know that I ordered mine online from Kmart. I had them shipped to the closest store for pickup so I did not have to pay shipping. Super fast and much cheaper than anywhere I could find on the Internet...including amazon!


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