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Goodies for Junk Bonanza...

Well, Junk Bonanza starts this Thursday, and we have been hard at work getting things ready!  Thought I'd share some of our re-purposed creations for this sale!  I had a vintage scale which didn't work, but paired it with the enamelware bowl (below) I found and shared on the blog recently.  It makes a great decorative piece for holding a plant, bananas, etc!

Here's another fun marriage...

Starting with this old camp stool, we removed the fabric and attached a vintage metal box/suitcase!  Love the look of the metal with the rustic wood!

Maps were added for a great look!  It makes a great side table with storage!

Here we re-purposed a vintage laundry hanging system into a photo or art display!

Such a great tripod base...

We used vintage permanent wave clips to hold ephemera in these pictures, but it would also be a great photo display!  Did you see the great post over at Mamie Jane's using these clips?  She is wonderfully creative and has all kinds of fun ideas!

And the table under the display is a great re-use project, too!  We used a rustic old cedar door.  I sanded, used a wood restore product, and waxed...

then added it to wonderful vintage iron legs we had from an old patio set!  Turned out beautifully...hard to let this one go...

One last marriage to share...this lovely lady received a base made from an old parts mold...

If you are at Junk Bonanza, I hope you stop by to say hello!  It is this Thursday- Saturday, April 18-20th, at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota.  My daughter Liana and I share spaces 230-231, with our friend Kris of Cottage Dreams!

Until next time...I'll be in a world of junk!  See you next week!


  1. all of your new creations are would be hard to part with that gorgeous table!
    best of luck with the show...are you using the shopping cart you found over the weekend for hauling stuff?!

  2. Good luck this weekend! I hope the weather is good!

  3. Linda,
    Hope you have one awesome show...with what I will. LOVE that table and scale.


  4. Wow, you sure have been busy, Linda! I love all of your clever repurposed treasures, especially the scale. Best of luck at the show:)

  5. Beautiful items Linda. Love the scale. Have a great show. xo, Olive

  6. Good luck...have fun, and be safe!!!
    xo Kris

  7. It all looks great. I'm so envious. I would love to go to this some day.

  8. Have fun... I'll be living vicariously through your Junk Bonanza adventures!! :)

  9. You have so many great idea's. I love everything you've put together. Can't wait to see you booth. See you this weekend.

  10. Oh how I wish I could come to junk bonanza just to hug your neck! :) Some day we'll get to meet and hang out together!
    I love all your goodies! I bought that exact same dress dummy a few weeks ago, and I'm reworking her right now. she didn't come with a stand, so I'm trying to rig up the bottom of the dummy to work with a stand I found online. So far..not so good, but I'm determined! :)
    Thanks for your sweet words about my dining room...I just love my walls! They took some time, but honestly it wasn't very hard. The hardest thing was the math..the rest was just running back and forth to the saw. I got a lot of exercise with that project! :)

  11. The finish on that table is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful show and get to meet lots and lots of fabulous people. Oh, and sell all your stuff so you don't have to cart anything back home!

  12. I so wish I could jump in my car and head up your way!!! You have some fabulous pieces and I'm sure you will be a huge success!! Thanks for your kind words about me in your post :)

  13. Best wishes at Junk Bonanza Linda! I love all your marriages. The scale/bowl one is my favorite along with the wooden table top on the old wrought iron. Ann

  14. Well since I went galavanting off to AZ to see blogger buddies I spose I have no excuse to skip JB! I'm off on Friday so will be there to see you and find treasures too!

  15. Oh! Sounds like a fun time. Wish we had something on that scale here in coastal VA. :( ah well, have a great time! - Joanne S

  16. I will stop and say hi if I end up going. Can't decide right now, not in the mood for the shoulder to shoulder crowd and never being able to see inside peoples booths. I hope you have a great sale however and all those shoulder to shoulder folks stop to see what 'ya got.


  17. Oh, wow! That table is a pure labor of love....
    Good luck!!!

  18. Yes ,your table is so wonderful,Linda, love it !!! and so many other wonderful pieces you are bringing to the market- The scale is great with the enamal bowl- and love your other merriages,too ,dear .
    I wish you all the best tomorrow, and the next dayes- fingers crossed and good luck!!!

  19. Everything is so pretty. The table is gorgeous.

  20. Oh my, how I wish I lived closer to Minnesota, I live closer now than I used to, but alas, not close enough. you are going to have such fun! I love your creations, they will be popular, I'm sure.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Beautiful creations, Linda! You are so creative and it is always fun to see what you come up with! I love the scale and the gorgeous table! I have been looking for a dress form and that one is really great. The permanent wave clips are a great way to hold photo's and the laundry rack is perfect for that. I wish I lived nearby, I would be there and be 'broke' from buying everything. Good luck with the show! xoxo

  22. Oh wow, I love that table! That will go in a jiffy. I'm thinking that since I'm right here in Minnesota, I should actually go to Junk Bonanza just never seems to work out. Hope you have a great and successful weekend :)

  23. Love that manequin!:)
    Happy weekend Linda!
    Claudia P.

  24. Love it all! Wish I could attend! :)

  25. Hope everything has gone well....

    I would love to have visited!

    Karen x

  26. i do love the very special twist you put on things :)

    karen x


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