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A Simple Little Re-Do...

This week I found a preserved boxwood topiary at the thrift store!  Boxwood can be pretty pricey, so I was happy to find it!  While pretty, it wasn't quite my style and needed some refreshing.  First,  I removed the fruit picks and fluffed out the boxwood.   The fruit will be great for another project in the future...maybe I'll glitter some for the holidays...

Next, I painted over the planter base with white acrylic craft paint and wiped off the excess with a paper towel, to distress the finish.

Finally, I added some new moss...

I love the simpler look...and the subtle color variations 
the boxwood has developed...

I found this big basket that day, too!  I love getting the look I want for thrift store prices!  Always check out the area where the store has old silk arrangements...even if the arrangement is awful, it may have a wonderful planter or vase hidden under the mess, or a great wreath to use as a base.  I recently found a wonderful McCoy planter filled with a really bad old flower arrangement! 

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Until next time...


  1. Isn't it fun to find something at thrift store prices, and turn it into the perfect thing for your home! I love the boxwood! I missed your previous post too, and love those finds as well!!! You always find some great stuff!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I loved the pared down look of the topiary...great stuff!

  3. So much better Linda! Thanks for the reminder that we need to look past the "not so pretty" hidden treasures.

  4. What a great redo, Linda! I love how you were able to save the fruit for another use. I vote for glitter, too! The paint makes a huge improvement to the pot! You've inspired me to check out the floral area of thrift stores, a department that I usually pass by! Great find on the basket, too:)

  5. Great re-do. Love topiaries- I usually kill the real ones though.

  6. Dear Linda, the Boxwood looks beautiful now in its white pot, and without the fruit, -wer used to have a very bi boxwood bush in the garden, but my husbond took it away as it was so near the house, he could not paint it :-(
    The basket is wonderful,too- I also ofcourse love to get finds home for almost no money!

  7. Cute little "less is more" topiary! And the basket is wonderful, too. I saw an inexpensive basket at a shop recently and it's been niggling at my brain. I think that means I should go back and buy it. :)

  8. you did right by removing the fruit! good job!

  9. i have been looking and looking for some thrift store boxwood. :) when it comes to thrift stores, i have learned to think outside the box. you never know where the treasure is going to be; whether in a cool vase, overly decorated wreath or bad pic in a great frame. the good stuff is out there.

  10. Love this, clever

    On my way to meet
    my mom for our long
    weekend : ) Hope your
    will be wonderful, too!

    xo Suzanne

  11. Oh wow, you found some really nice things, that you showed in the last post as well as this one. You have made over the little boxwood beautifully!

  12. Great re-do; looks so much better now. Where are you going to put it?

  13. Love it now! Great finds! Love the little bird glass basket too. Mimi

  14. Glittered fruit! Love that idea! And with your touch, they would look amazing. Another job well done, Linda. Thanks for the tips on plowing through the dusty, ol' silk flower section. As you said, there could be diamonds in the rough! Enjoy your weekend...

  15. I'm not sure if I found that topiary I could have thought of turning it into something so lovely! You are so inspiring! I'll never look at an old flower arrangement the same way again! xoxo

  16. Pretty re-do Linda! I will definitely have to look more closely at those flower arrangements - I usually just walk right by them! Ann

  17. I love how this project turned out ... I prefer it so much better without the fruit. I know we will be seeing that again at some stage.... hmmm yes with the glitter that would be good!

    Karen x

  18. btw .... preserved box wood.... does that mean it was real but is now not alive?

    sorry that probably seems a really silly question to you!

    K x


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