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Some Vintage Dog Love...

As a vintage dealer, I sell most of what I find...but some things stay with me!  Last week I found this cute book at the thrift store!  I love dogs, and am a lover of old books, this wonderful old book had my name all over it!  I just love the graphic cover...

The dedication is so sweet...

The book was written by Eleanor Fairchild Pease, and this edition is a fourth publishing from 1933.  The illustrator is RJ Rice, and I thought I'd share some of the fun dog sketches from the book...

It's such a cute book, and I look forward to reading the stories, too! It makes a wonderful addition to my vintage dog collection!  When you're out treasure hunting, is there anything that has your name written all over it?

Until next time...have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your new found book, too-
    The drawings are so beautiful, so close to nature,-really amazing!-you are so lucky my dear Linda!

  2. That's a wonderful old book and the drawings are so life like! Rice was/is a very talented artist!
    I don't know what I look for, different things at different times, I guess, I love ladies clutches and gloves, to name two.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Linda, I loved all the dog drawings. What agreat book. Hope your weekends is wonderful.xoxo,Susie

  4. the dog sketches are really cute
    I am a dog lover also
    and want 2 dogs soon as I
    think I can afford them
    and quit taking trips , I am
    going to get me another dog or 2

  5. It's a very fun book! Do you have any vintage pugs?

  6. Wow, what a wonderful book. The illustrations are astounding!
    Anything blue and white calls to me when I'm out hunting. But I've also added children's books, wall paper and kitchen scales. Just a few more things!

  7. I would SO keep that book too! Love the pages you shared. I believe that one of them is a Jack Russell.
    Spring, FINALLY!

  8. Those illustrations are adorable!!!

  9. What a precious book! Love the illustrations. So cute.

    I have a bad habit of collecting salt and pepper shakers. They are just everywhere. I must get a hold on myself! LOL Probably not!


  10. Oh I can see why you are keeping that! I keep random things, sometimes I will redo something and well, it is just to cute to sell.


  11. I love your vintage dog book! The illustrations are wonderful! I collect hand illustrated books on birds, animals and flowers - especially flowers. They are little works of art! Hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  12. Linda what a great find! This inspires me to start a vintage dog book collection for my Gracie she would love it. Have a lovely week


  13. I love this post Linda! It's such a wonderful find and a treasure! Oh, I'm missing the opportunity to visit my favorite vintage shops. Working in Hartford keeps me from doing that!


  14. On a blog I follow there was a sign that said Customer Barking with a leash to use to keep the pooch in that spot. I'm gonna make one for my gate, I thought it was funny.


  15. I can see why this little book is a "keeper!" I love old books too, especially the colorful images. I've been distracted the last few months and haven't been thrifting much but I'm getting the itch again now that Spring is here. Your find has inspired me even more. Have a happy Mother's Day, Linda.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  16. What a great thrift store find Linda. I love it when there are such great books still left to be found on thrift store shelves. Score!


  17. Sweet book Linda! I seem to be drawn to all things children. Toys, furniture, books, clothing, I find them hard to pass up!

  18. Ahh this is just perfect!!!! I love the illustrations.. my favourite is a puppy called f. So sweet!

    I am attracted to all kinds of random things!

    I have a bit of a thing for hat pins and anything miniature!!!!


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