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A Modern Marriage...

Thanks so much for all of your nice comments on my last fun finds post!  I so appreciate your visits!  Recently, I found this lovely vintage Italian tole lamp at an antique store.  I've always loved the look of tole and decided to use it in our porch.  The colors and flowers are so great looking...

While I love vintage, I love the look of modern design, as well... and when I found this newer lampshade at the thrift store, I knew it was a perfect solution for the look I wanted!

I love the pattern and the aqua color tone...

 a modern marriage...

A silverplate tray piled high with thrift store softballs 
is wonderful whimsy...

and some baskets provide much needed storage...

A great antique cow print hangs on the shutters and screen backdrop (sorry for the reflections in the last photo which
 blurred the print)...

I love the architectural detail and textures provided by 
the shutters and screen...

We are enjoying the new look of this space!

I am joining Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Until next time... 


  1. Linda,
    As much as I loved your previous banner, your new one looks great too! Love the lamp and mix of old and New. Very fresh for a new season :)
    Thanks for sharing your crafty ideas.
    Have a great week my Friend :)
    xo Liz

  2. Oh Linda i love the tray of baseballs. It really is a unique way to celebrate summer. So nostalgic of a more simple time.

  3. Wow that lamp is beautiful Linda!!!
    Love it! BTW love your new beautiful banner. :)
    Claudia P.

  4. More wonderful finds ,dear Linda!
    That lamp is a fantastic find, and with the new finished touch, it is very beautiful- The softballs are great in that old tray, and I -like you- love baskets:.. So why was I not there -lol.

  5. You never disappoint Linda, and I might just steal that tole lamp if I ever get the chance to visit! :)

    xo Kat

  6. I like it! Especially the lamp and the shade that goes so well together!

  7. Hi Linda!love the little tole lamp.
    the baseballs and the picnic baskets!
    all adorable...

    have a great day!

  8. The cows hanging from the screen is awesome. Love that idea.

  9. The thrift store shade looks great on that pretty tole lamp! I love your new header and the cow picture too.
    Would you email me the name and address of your shop in Mankato. I am going to be there on Sat.

  10. That lamp and shade married beautifully! Loving your new header! Love the cow hanging from the screen- xo Diana

  11. That lamp is sweet. I like the tray full of softballs too. xoxo,Susie

  12. I love how you mix and match :)

    Karen x

  13. I like the way you've added a window with the screen and shutters. You've accessorized the whole area beautifully with your vintage finds!

  14. Love the lilac header! Shutters are always FUN!
    It so much fun to redo things in our homes!

  15. Great job Linda, You do some really fun things with your finds. I have never seena lamp stand like that. and I LOVE the picture of the cows.

  16. I've been on the hunt for shutters to 'frame' the print hanging over the mantel. We're going to What Cheer for the big flea market in August, maybe Iowa will be my lucky spot to find them!

  17. I love your style Linda. That lamp is gorgeous. The flowers look almost real. What a fabulous find. A real keeper for sure.

    xo Danielle

  18. OMG, it all looks fabulous together!! I love the tole lamp, I have seen them as chandeliers, but not table lamps!


  19. That looks so pretty Linda. You created the cutest vignette ever.

  20. I love that modern marriage. Cool lamp. The whole vignette is fun.

  21. What a pretty lamp! I think the the look of modern and vintage looks so good together too. xo

  22. what great treasures the balls and all
    love the lamp

  23. I like the stacked balls too. Clever and cute.


  24. Shutters, beautiful lamp, cow pictures - I love it.

  25. Looks great Linda! Everything compliments each other very well. Trying to catch up and I like your new header! Ann

  26. That tole lamp is so pretty! Love the shade with it too. Mimi

  27. What a fun and creative vignette! I love the look of all those baseballs and the modern shade combined with the vintage tole lamp is perfect.

  28. What a gorgeous lamp - you got a great find! I like your new blog header, too. :-)

  29. It all looks great, Linda! I love those old baskets and the cow print - so vintage! Love all those softballs, too! My dog would go crazy! He loves to fetch! The lamp came out wonderful. Happy weekend! xo

  30. LOVE this vignette-so fun and unique!! :)

  31. Like you, I enjoy the
    "marriage" of vintage
    and modern, mixed
    together. This looks
    so darn pretty. I always
    say this, but you've got
    the most discerning eye,
    sweet friend!!!

    xo Suzanne

  32. What a darling vignette! Different elements that combined into such a pleasing look! I have old croquet balls .. not the ones with the colored bands.. and you have inspired me as to how to sweetly display them. Thanks for nudge in the right direction!!

  33. Love the vignette, and the lamp is wonderful!

  34. That looks great and I love it! The screen door looks great with the shutters. Your lamp is gorgeous and I love the picture with the cattle in it. Nice vignette!


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