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Birds of a Feather...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  
Thank you so much for all of
your nice comments on my last post about our bathroom redecorating project!

Last week I had the chance to stop by my favorite thrift store...and I found the most wonderful vintage bird art....looks like a watercolor.  I love naturalist style pieces and this one is perfect for our home...

It now is part of a simple vignette in our entryway...

A little nest in an alabaster urn is cloched 
with an old metal light cover, 
and a cloche on an antique column base.

The yellowware pitcher is filled with pinky green dried hydrangea and the gray and white gingham runner was used at 
our daughter's recent wedding...

I just love this just never know 
what treasure you will find...

I'll be joining The Marketplace over at Common Ground 
with some fun etsy goodies...
Until next time...


  1. The whole vignette is so pretty! I always love bird things and look for ways to incorporate them. The alabaster urn with cloche is wonderful!

  2. A pretty autumn welcome vignette! I love that you repurposed the gingham runner from your daughter's wedding. :)

    I've got the day off today, and I better get myself outside to cut some hydrangeas for my baskets before they turn brown. It's freeeeezing up north! Have a good day!

  3. How pretty, Linda! Your vignette is just gorgeous, I love birds too! And the metal light cover is such a neat and unexpected find. Love the way it looks under the cloche:)

  4. What a lovely vignette, and that print is beautiful. My mother had several similar prints, they hung in her dining room for years and I wish now that I had kept them.

    xo Kat

  5. That is a splendid bird print. I also love the cloche. Your bathroom revamp was great. Love the black touches.

  6. Linda, The bird print looks so good in your vignette, especially with the nest of eggs. xoxo,Susie

  7. love that print - what a great find! and it looks so perfect in your vignette...

  8. What a wonderful find Linda and it's a perfect addition to your vignette. Love the cloche!

  9. Yes, I admit it, I'm
    drooling just a little
    bit here, Linda! My
    favorite kind of print ~
    lucky, lucky you! And
    I love how you styled
    it, you talented girl!!!

    xo Suzanne

  10. Nice vignette! Love the bird theme.
    LOVE your bathroom facelift! Mine needs one, come on over! I have chocolate!!! LOL!

  11. Great find. It looks perfect in your little vignette. Now I'm off to see your bathroom. I must have missed that one.

  12. Wow- What a really great find! Love the whole bird theme, Linda- xo Diana

  13. Awesome bird prints Linda! You should tweet them ;-) ha ha! xxoo

  14. That is a nice picture and the little cloche over the urn is lovely. You created a very nice little vignette. I am going to "pin" it!

  15. That is a beautiful print and the entire vignette is just gorgeous!!

  16. What a great print! I really like decorating with naturalist elements too. That little urn is so nice...alabaster is so pretty!

  17. What a great find! I looks perfect on the small table and surrounded by such lovely items. it's prefect.

  18. That is a beautiful display! Great find on the bird print!

  19. So special.... I love the look of your vignette.

    Karen x


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