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Fun Finds...

Isn't this a charming old tin?  I love the nasturtium design and fall colors.  It was a recent thrift store find...

Such a fun, crackled vintage patina...

And look at this lovely old half-doll pincushion I found at an antique store a while back... she is probably a German piece...

I love her mohair wig and ringlet hair...

and her lovely hand painted face...

And here's a little different find...look at these 60's era 
stiletto high heel shoes...

These have spiky heels, pointy toes and are very narrow...size 6 AAA/ way they would fit me!

These are all new arrivals in my etsy shops...
just click on a photo if you are interested!

I am joining the fun over at The Marketplace at Common Ground

Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda, hope you are doing great. Love those shoes!!! :)
    Take care

  2. linda those shoes are to die for!
    My whole family has a hard time finding shoes that are narrow. Those are just amazing!!

  3. Lovely items all of them. Particularly like the pincushion doll. Wonder what happened to her dress, and those shoes, wonder who wore them? Can just picture a young lady getting all dressed up to go out and meet her young man, high hair and all, pretty dress perhaps? Love things with a history and love making up my own. Pam xx

  4. Wonderful finds my dear Linda,- the pin cussion doll is lovely, such a beautiful wig she wears - and OH LALA, the shoes... I might be able to fit them, but wouldn`t dare to take more that one step with them,...that belongs to many years ago-LOL.
    The tin is lovely, too, with all its wear and crackles !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  5. Oh Linda, I remember wearing those shoes back in the 60's. My feet have never been the same. :0) If I would wear anything like that now, I would fall over forward.

  6. I love those shoes. It is so hard to find narrow shoes these days. However, I need a much larger size than those!!! Your pin cushion is lovely. Too pretty to stick pins in! Have a wonderful week.

  7. Cool things Linda! I LOVE that tin! Wow, those shoes look tiny for my big ol" size 10 feet! LOL guess they were made for Cinderella!

  8. That colorful tin sure catches the eye!

  9. Those shoes are something serious. Of course I am eyeing the funeral basket in the images. Love that. xo, olive

  10. Fun finds Linda. That pin cushion is so unique, love her face. My feet ache just thinking about those shoes.

  11. You sure deserved a little shopping therapy after all the work you put into the wedding! Love the pin cushion lady and oh my on the vintage shoes,,Who the heck has feet that size!


  12. Love your finds Linda...especially the doll!
    Oh, and I love your fall header!

  13. My mother was a AAA shoe wearer. Not me! I guess I've gone around in flip flops and barefoot too much. Now that I think back I was not allowed to go barefoot as a child - hmmm, well, at least my feet weren't bound! The pincushion doll is to die for! She is lovely. Great finds! Ann

  14. Oh those shoes reminds me of my maternal grandmother she liked Town & Country shoes,not that high though

    and the tin is sweet usually we just find christmas tins and the pin cushion dolls are always a treat to find at a reasonable price

  15. Great finds. Love the tin and the heels!

  16. I love all of your finds Linda, especially the old tin. You'll have to show us how to decorate with those I never know what to do with them. :)

  17. The tin is super adorable...always fun find to be found by Miss Linda. Have a great weekend.


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