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The Fall Garden...and Still Time to Enter the Giveaway...

The perennial mums in my garden have begun to bloom...
I love the fall colors!

The old Handy Hauler has nearly disappeared behind the growth.  It's been such a busy year, this garden is 
a little neglected and wild...


Soon the fall leaf changes will be's predicted to be a brilliant autumn in Minnesota this year!

If you missed my last post, be sure to stop by 
and enter the wonderful banner
It's open until Wednesday, September 25th, 10 PM CST.

I'll be joining Debra at Common Ground for The Marketplace: Etsy and Online Boutique Showcase
with some recent finds!

Until next time...


  1. Your garden is still looking lovely, Linda! We've had a few heavy frosts, so my potted plants are done. Our fall colors are just starting, which is quite late for us. I hope the leaves don't fall before we see my favorite colors!

    I love the way you've displayed your banner! I didn't sign up because I've won too many giveaways this year and I want to give somebody else a chance. Thanks for the offer!

  2. Your garden is still looking wonderful. I love the sign!

  3. Oh my goodness, Linda, your garden looks so lush and overflowing! Those mums are beautiful. I bought some potted ones at Costco the other day and transferred them into the pots outside my front door. Other than a few hydrangeas the flowers in my yard are pretty faded.

  4. lookin' garden is looking toasted...

  5. Linda, I love your little bit wild, and very beautiful still have so many lovely flowers, and the mums looks wonderful in pink and yellow together. Also love your garden sign! Everything looks beautiful, with the sun dancing above!!
    Thankyou dear, again for your comment, it helps me to know !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. When are you going to the idea house, I have been waiting for what feels like forever!!!, please take lots of pics when you go.

  7. Your garden is lovely, Linda! I love all that fall color.


  8. Your garden is so pretty! Enjoy!

    xo Danielle

  9. The mums are lovely. Our mum garden here flowers in early July. My garden is pretty wild right now too. xo, olive

  10. Your garden is so serene and lovely. Makes me want to curl up out there and read a good book or two.

  11. your garden looks great.. love those mums!

  12. Love your garden, especially the boat of flowers. I can't wait until we buy a house next year and we can habe a cute garden.

  13. So much beautiful color!! We were back into the 90's today......

  14. We don't get beautiful Fall season color down here in Florida. Pretty Fall garden.


  15. Your garden is looking oh so pretty. I had no idea you had such a large garden. Love all the extra's you placed among the flowers. Makes it so interesting.

  16. Can you tell me how I know if I bought perennial mums? Someone told me not all mums are perennials.

  17. I kind of like a wild garden - gives the plants a chance to really do their thing! So much prettiness. Baby? Ann

  18. Your garden is very pretty, I love Fall colours!

  19. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms Linda. This is my favorite time of the year.

  20. Such pretty colours..... I'm a little sad that summer is over but I do LOVE autumn.

    Karen x


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